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  1. man you should learn meaning of " boost" and "fix" seperately from a translator or take 2 hours of lesson for these words...
  2. This is not a BOOST this is just a FIX skill is not working as INTENDED. u just dont understand this my dear fella. boost is adding,increasing something. there is no increase or addition to damage community ask for. just a fix thats all. also rogues are strong enough. "Rogue" class is tanky as hell doing very good damage if you set up right. 5 main attribute accessories are not BIS for any kind of damage focused characters. in out of knight online world rogues are fragile as fuvk. as it should be... try some other mmorpgs or different kind of games. ull get what i mean
  3. U put 208 dex and get 0 dex bonus from belt/amulet and only 6 bonus from your earrings and say "DAMAGE SUCKS" sorry ... man you should better learn how to scale your damage. and then say single target i mean DP damage sucks. with shower+multi combo you add ele bonus from rings to every single arrow. elemental damage is a flat damage added to your calculated end hit. its something like bonus 100 damage for every hit added from dual shios,imirs,frs. but anyways guy is RIGHT about this hitbox issue. it needs to be fixed. everyone has a style this guy likes to shotgun ppl in pk.(its enjoying for me too) i cant say anything about it. but it forces you to have black chitins lots of hp bonus for tankiness and SUCK with single arrow hits.
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