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  1. I believe this poll was several months ago and no changes in latest patch. the majority of the responders said yes, why have polls if you don't implement the findings? Question: Do you want CTRL minor heal to be blocked ? Yes 51,22% No 48,78% Total Votes: 617
  2. Macro is different to a bot or K0XP, I dare say you got banned for using a 3rd party program to do your Buss Farming
  3. Sounds like ProKO to me, don't respond to the people, just respond to the language one uses...
  4. Hopefully this doesn't make CSW less interesting, not sure ill be waking up now though. Also side note, I also don't remember seeing a poll for those changes, but saw one for minor healing that nothing has been done about... Question: Do you want CTRL minor heal to be blocked ? Yes 51,22% No 48,78% Total Votes: 617 Any idea when this will be implemented?
  5. Aussie

    Mr is recruiting

    I made some Full plate pads +8 for you https://professionalko.com/?page=char&id=Bae
  6. Aussie

    Last,Hi Guys

    Mr TREX got caught cheating and Mr Nikos banned him for sed cheating, some say most people cheat so it should be okay... Gamblers clan mentioned - Gamblers members responded ... the end
  7. Aussie

    Last,Hi Guys

    For all that didn't want to use Google Translate on each sentence, I have done it for you ---------------------------------------------------------------- Mr 4CooLRio/AsasRio/MrsRio Said Hello I'm not very good at speaking English, I would appreciate it if anyone can translate for me I am not as old a player as TREX on this server. But I couldn't play the Asas job on this server, which I played for years and even got sick while playing. Even some of the archers on the server can't even be told that even wands whose items are worse than me can cut them. Not going to the top of all of this, not seeing the cashiers with afk olug macro in the farm. Bypassing the warriors who left afk in the hobgoblim. Weeding out with tweezers showed us the truth more clearly. Yes, TREX is completely wrong about this, but if you ignore the cheat and play to ban some players, it will be clearly seen that you are doing business with instructions from certain places. That's why I'm leaving the server by leaving the logic of a thousand long live the snake to touch me. Maybe even the owner of the server will benefit from our departure. But I will not break my line, which I have not broken until now, for 3-day pvp. That's why I seek the forgiveness of people I know and respect here. I wish to see you in other days and I leave you like TREX. I wish you all a happy life. ---------------------------------------------------------------- Mr Poreda Said While the cheating "LaughingGorr" is banned for only 10 days, banning TREX, one of the oldest players of the server, is completely ridiculous because of the 'macro' used by the entire server. Sorry, but you do not know and cannot manage your server. Again, you're the most unfair manager I've ever met. ---------------------------------------------------------------- Mr MematiBAS Said Dear TREX I support you in everything and you are right until the end. We have been in profko for many years. They really cooled this server and these players. They turned a blind eye to the GAMBLERS clan, and the clan did not make any noise, and 300 400 users left because of that clan, because they were GM supporters. Although they denied it in so many forums, they became obvious like a pumpkin, unfortunately, the Professional KO love in us is over.Dear TREX ---------------------------------------------------------------- Mr Big Hunter Said My brother, who knows me, knows, knows. Those who don't know me, at least respect. I don't insult anyone easily. But you are a person who really deserves the curse. Did the Gamblers do weird things with a 1st degree female acquaintance of yours, bro? What is this resentment? What is this rage? What is this greed? Here we were people who played the game for a few hours from night to night. We tried to survive by playing melee from start to finish without breaking our line for months in an environment dominated by mages. We stayed from time to time and from time to time we couldn't. Since we were GM-supported, look at the topics we opened in the forum, which one was accepted? When did something that we suggested was accepted? If we opened 100 topics, only 1 or 2 of them. You keep circling and voicing your obsession with Gamblers. Whatever you have, say it plainly man. Let's solve it somehow Otherwise, your psychology, which was previously broken due to the pandemic period, seems to have been greatly affected. My very close friend is a good psychologist. I can guide you if you want. We can arrange the first session for free, at least we will find out the cause of the problem. It is up to you to get treatment afterward ---------------------------------------------------------------- Mr Marv Said I do not agree with you, Mr. Gamblers have been playing with me for years, and I haven't received any support other than psychological support. Best regards. marv. ---------------------------------------------------------------- Mr Oxijean Said Mr. Marv, rumor has it that you are responsible for all those who quit the game. It is obvious what your attitude is on this issue, but there are rumors that the psychological support received may also be GM-supported, I want you to know. Thanks, Oxijeans ---------------------------------------------------------------- Mr MaDxQ Said Sorry for revealing all the k0xpers. ..... you are not. MaDxQ
  8. I believe you will find the word Magic in the anvil means its not exact but Magic if you want to practice burning things you can always do it here : https://knightanvil.com/ enjoy
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    Mr Aussie is a good lad
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