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  1. I would be very surprised if you actually ran that hardware for KO, either your full of shit or very stupid
  2. I find Deruvish or Apostle drop frequently also Harpies (they are out of the way and you will get raided less)
  3. Mr OxiJean said this Chief, did they have you sign a document so that you would be in character while entering this game? This is the game, those who do this have done it to make people interrupt each other, we are juggling characters, but obviously you got it very wrong. Even I laugh at what you are talking about, and I am sending you this. Mr Abett said this Master laughed, but this is how things work in Usko. Even in the middle of the PK, when the man does sit and stand, they do not dive. There are tons of people who don't touch farmers. There is a hunger here due to the la
  4. For all of yous that would like to know what this is about - its essentially a pissing match -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mr Wasabi is upset someone swore at him as you can see by the below translation Even if I did not write a message that contains 1 descriptive message, the cursing made by a friend who dries up should be done properly , even though it is not his own char. The Mr NSB said lets take this outside (in a 8 on 8 match) - although I am unsure why someone would sit in their fathers lap (must be los
  5. Aussie


    @GM_Thanos My goal is not to complain, we know that most of the wands on the server play with macros.
  6. Aussie


    Mr Geek !!! We miss you, come back... well to be fair I don't play much, but you are well missed by myself and Mr Email
  7. Aussie


    Mr Thanos wrote: Hello there, I did not fully understand the purpose of the visual and the subject. If your aim is to complain about the person you think is a macro, the first is the location of the subject is wrong, the second is not enough evidence for the macro. Instead, even the video may at times be insufficient to provide evidence for the macro.
  8. I Miss My Mr Gamblers !!!
  9. noes that was mine !!!
  10. Can't buy anything from the power up store. I am having this problem although I have KC installed, can you help me?
  11. You are correct Mr Majesty this is indeed Mr Big Hunters word I had translated, so others could read what he said Also Mr Shagala indeed if you and Mr Magical Ngn Ktn can work out your differences anything is indeed possible
  12. I do believe you are Mr Hard Gay Mr Rital... if not brothers from another mother perhaps
  13. they are the same Fictional men Mr Acura same as Santa and the Tooth Fairy but if it gives peopel hope so be it, I am happy you were unbanned its good that people can look past the sillyness and see some people need second chances if you know whats in their hearts
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