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  1. oh KO will crash as well if you are watching anything on Youtube that says KOXP or similar, was watching a youtube post on ko4life : http://www.gamers4life.com/forums/f20/stko-usko-nutshell-2020-a-362046/ and it crashed my prof ko because it said KOXP in the title or similar, the video is about lots of bots playing usko,
  2. I get the same thing if I have VLC open, or sometimes a torrent program other then utorrent.
  3. yes it is somewhat annoying, i normally use 3 shot and it hits most of the time
  4. that seems a little rough Mr Sculpy, some things are better left untranslated, also things can be lost in translation, it may be easier to convey feelings in your mother tongue.
  5. I got that when I was watching a video with VLC or listerning to music in the background, make sure your not running anything other then a internet browser in the background, might also be your AV ( anti virus ) for the most part Windows Defender is good enought and comes with Wiindows for free, however its called windows essentials in Windows 7, also Windows 7 has run out of service, ie no more updates/security patches are being pushed out for the OS, might be a good idea to upgrade to 10
  6. any reason you like to upgrade with no pants on ? I must try this it seems to bring good luck
  7. I've found when opening Video files in the background with VLC it closes KO, check what else you have running in the background if that doesn't work, make a new account in Windows then log the game. This will make sure its not your windows profile make it a local administrator account, since Ive done this I can have KO logged for days on end instructions here
  8. your Photoshopping skills are unmatched Mr Nikos
  9. end of the day, you scammed the IN, you said you would share the money but you didn't you changed your character's name... its only now that you have been proven to be a scammer you come on here...
  10. Yes, that's what innocent people do, they change their characters name... check screenshot you said you would scam, either way the truth is known
  11. Okay so the IN is lost, so be it, lesson learnt, is it possible to find out the person that stole it? Not asking for real name, just the other accounts played with the same IP address so no one else gets burnt by this despicable person.
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