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  1. Apparently its okay to scam someone 25 GBs according to him I have asked Mr Nikos (GM not archer) if this was the case, I await the reply.
  2. thats a great idea, not a huge fuss to change weapons/gear then
  3. hmm midnight, not sure if thats better or worse lol
  4. she may have been on her knees so much with Mr Ngn that she lost them
  5. What time was it before, it used to be 4am for me, what has it changed too?
  6. indeed, but I believe its Karus
  7. Just when you think they can't make anymore Mr Ngn, BAM Dramas !
  8. You are most welcome Mr Shagala
  9. I believe he has changed his mind is now a orc https://professionalko.com/?page=char&id=Recone
  10. is this Mr Recone? if so, NOES !!!!!!!!!!!! you can't go, we can't loose another priest... but GL in RL my friend
  11. You should come back Mr Myrella, CSW was fun
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