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  1. I agree with this, but KC is bad as reward in my opinion, should be something better and more value, to make people motivated to get rank 1-10
  2. fragments for the moment only drops shells +4 and thats bad, i would love to see fragments shell drop to +6 would be much easier and more valuable to farm them aswell, but now they drop only shit / HARUNGA
  3. i agree with you, but when they cursing "fuck my mother and shit" i will report
  4. they were saying "fuck ur mother" and cursing alot to me, FNL / Leeroy and NGN https://imgur.com/4BqgKkV
  5. TAKEN IS SPAMM TRADING ME IN CZ! https://imgur.com/beN1BhA
  6. i stacked them at the end i relogged but was only 1 left lol, no idea what happned can you check it up please? need the gbs bro need to buy shit
  7. with stacking them, i just didnt make a topic before about it
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