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  1. Wondering what the price is for this ring? Thanks. !
  2. Someone eles got a share of the money who wasn't even in the party !
  3. I'm from that clan and I've never scammed anyone in my long history of Knight online.
  4. When the CS dropped dank, you should of kept a posted screen shot and gave the money out as noted. Regardless of how old or new you were. You have to do this stuff to avoid this situation. Being on the outside looking in from when it started, I figured this would break the clan up. This situation could of been handled so much better. The fact that some people were missed on pay outs well others who were not in the party got gold seemed really weird. This sadly seems to fall back to dank. No massive privet message was set out to the clan via discord or anything to the best of my knowledge how to handle this sort of stuff It's a shame because we lost some great players from the server. Dank you are not a greedy person at all. In fact yo are extremely generous when it comes to Knights Online... Just could of handled the issue better to avoid ko drama and making yourself look like a greedy person. Cheers
  5. Just need to add t he ability not afk somehow outside of town in eslant.. lol! Multi clients is good for the game via moradon to keep it active though.
  6. 1 Correct!!! 5. Have a monster that drops high class scrolls near 100% like Harungas do with bus in CZ! High class are great for using when making paper armor ect.
  7. I sold it in merchant today for 999!
  8. I'm selling mine too! i was just offered 8 gb lol !
  9. Hey guys, I've been wondering about a few things that I would help the game move forward in small ways! 1. Include in the premiums title that you get 2np instead of 1 and get 50% more coins per tick. A nice bonus that you don't tell the public! 2. Maybe include the gold premium to have a trina and or something else to make it worth buying. Right now people are only buying bronze because it's the best deal! 3. If possible add the buying merchant. Now I'm not sure if you guys have the ability to currently add that in this version. If not, is that something that can be coded in ? 4. Add the ability to turn in all of 1 item at once like abyss gems or merchant rewards. For example you turn in 30 abyss gems but it only excepts 15 because your inventory becomes full. Would work great for frags and merchant rewards! 5. Increase a drop on a monster that drops near 100% on upgrade scroll high class.
  10. too bad! we need more humans! Brazilion clan too
  11. Clearly the current way the guard towers work is failing hard. Both sides just camp inside the base and keep dying over and over but still kill people as they spawn in. People don't care about exp anymore since the rates are so high. Why not change it to NPS lost instead?? The whole point of the towers is to keep people from spawn killing!!!!! Losing NPS will make the nubs rethink their abusing ways!
  12. I'm in the clan and I wasn't even their when u say all this bullshit about our clan. Also from what I'm reading, nothing was really wrong by what happend...
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