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  1. Good afternoon peeps. So I'm starting to think we need to add Antares to a few locations in CZ. All of the spots in EMC and assuming Luferson are usually camped with merchants. Perhaps it's time to add him to each nations side in far back places... Maybe trolls or by Apos or something. Would give more of a reason for the opposite nations to go hunting ..! Or heck add him into the bowl.
  2. yah they all just stopped login in.. I had no idea were they went..
  3. LOL noobs were caught hacking and banned. And they still cry. Man I love this community..
  4. I freaken new it!!!! Stop abusing hacks. I thought you were hacking when I was fighting you. Learn to play legit bro. Only reason you kept beating me.
  5. Clan has died from the looks of it. I'm back to looking for a new one.
  6. wipe their NP from the war they gained and ban them all 1 day for bug abuse. Then again people were perm banned for having work arounds for the ANTI macro. So maybe a 7 day ban.. Then they all quit the server.. Good luck with the options i guess lol..!
  7. I'm sure a simple fix can be added to give solo and new players some help in the war to actually get something!
  8. Congrats on the drop! Very nice now gogogo + 7!!!
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