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  1. Title say it all..Looking to buy warrior Shell +7 pm or in game junki3
  2. The only thing I have noticed with him is the ability to hit me from behind, Haha, from a very large distance..It has happened many times..Speed glitch or something..He isn't on the up and up at all..But about 40 to 50% of the players arent.I have mentioned it to the admins to no avail. So I just keep playing and try to ignore it.
  3. He thinks the population is dropping now..Do this and watch what happens..I dont camp eslant anyway.But muilty clients always made the population look larger and that brings in players..
  4. Out of 8 times I have upgraded a personal weapon to +5 it has burnt 5 times with a trina..Its 80%..I call bullshit....until that bs is fixed you will get 0 support from me in the future..There is no way that is set at 80%.
  5. I have never got any drops..And I dont care..that's not what motivates me to stick with a clan.If that's what takes to BUY your LOYALTY..Kick fricken rocks.Your not worth a s$%# anyway..
  6. Yeah what the heck are you talking about eternal. That ring of Courage dropped on me. I gave it straight to you because I heard you been such a baby about the last ordeal. And now you come on the Forum crying because something else. I guess they should have just given you the drop to shut your mouth. I'm glad you're gone you little cry baby b****.
  7. Just wondering everybody's opinion about having tradable personal weapons? I am personally open to the idea . Why do some people think it's bad and other people think it's good.
  8. I agree 100%,even with magic shield the stun is very high....but that could just be my bad luck lol..
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