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  1. @Old Professional before u call macro other clan, u should look at ur warriors of ur clan, that ppl that talk so much after lose, if smile lose was cos all was out castle thinking that nobody can enter, 1 mistake min 10 of csw and all 300 was inside castle kill doors, good luck next time and stop cry (skills is that u havent) Ps: when u gonna back items.? Or u gonna be quiet in forum too
  2. @elProfessori try a lot times with 2 pts meles + other clan meles too attack during 10 seconds + while 4-6 priest heal monument and monu was 30% and never die plus i see that when die havent blink so auto desc or open novas so fair to owner, i hope soon someone make a poll about heal monument and we can see really strategies to win
  3. Maybe monu el moradn and karus more hp cos if make monu like crystal delos this never die if u heal with 2-3 priest
  4. Sell List: x1 Chitin Shield x1 Valk Pauldron +7 x2 Warrior Earring x3 Skeleton Belt x1 Chitin Shield Voucher Buy List: Valk Pads +7 Valk Helmet +7 Valk Boots +7 x20 CHD +1 Foverin +1
  5. Buy list: Valk Pauld +7 Sell list: x1 Chitin Shield x1 Holy Deflector Dread Shield +7 Howling Rooster
  6. idk nothing about griff banned and i never talk about that, u talk about why i get unbanned.? they report me for nps transfer, so i get 7 days of banned, u can check that in panel in rules of conduct, i was banned for 7 days and my nps was reduced to 100, my case is different cos i want kill him, is conoly zone i only can kill someone 1-2 times.? is my choise if i want kill him more that 10 times, plus he was in party mages, for that he die and die, cos mages tp him a lot times, and not only me kill him, my party kill him too, lightzero who report me was in that party, after that he go ego orc and farm and film that video, he was in party mages with other 4 mages +, u see the difference now.? 2 differents cases, 2 different banneds
  7. Si no sabes ingles es mejor no comentar que lo que haces es el ridiculo, si no sabes el asunto fueron 100 kc, que el dijo que eran 2k, le dije que eran solo 100 en su momento, luego dijo que eran 2k, le dije que el iba pagar los 2k que el decia, el dijo que no necesitaba y bloqueo pm, eso paso hace mas de 3 meses.
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