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  1. step 1 go to u pc step 2 look u pc step 3 burn u pc step 4 cry all day step 5 go buy new pc step 6 be happy
  2. BUY LIST: Chitin Shield Voucher Chitin Shield SELL LIST: Sherion +6 Helenid +6 PM in game Sky or PM FORUM Sky
  3. how much pay each day.?
  4. @BigHuntermy clan dont go CSW cos all busy sunday and is bad time to us, 10 am sunday all latins breakfast with family, but if i want CSW i just call friends and win CSW but for moment we only enjoy game at nights latin time. Kiss in u ass
  5. so easy fight 1 hour, last 5 min hard fight wait last minute push and stay monu, kill monu easy win hahaha pd: @BigHunteridk why u talk about me
  6. if anyone wants to know a curious fact, only I was the cumpable to beat the CSW to the gamblers in the old DB
  7. How much dual HR, Fove and chitin helmet +8
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