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  1. i only burn 3 itens and 3 md +7 in row to make it without trina https://ibb.co/TBQ1DVh
  2. this is fuck delay of server bro on their screen, you are always close, but in yours you are far away, this is very ridiculous, so much to me that I could not take it anymore, they told me it could be my computer or my internet, but my internet is 300mb and my computer is a corei7, 2tb HD, 8gb RAM, 2gb video , they're not to blame it, it's a problem on the server itself, i guess..
  3. oooh we have one perfecf dude here, yeah, edit? its video only for show CR EVENT and how this server is good no if i good in editing or no, and why i will lost time for make onde good edit ? u will pay me ? nutella dumbass next video i send to u make Playstyle? u know about class Assasin? cant tank vs much players is CR EVENT FULL ENEMYS, better play in suport+SPIKE, go learn play this game before talk shit but if u are pro, make one video in next cr tanking the enemys parties witth ASSASIN without die. Clan shit? what name of ur clan ? u are only one idiot warrior of keyboard, in real life, it's just a failure, stop talk shit in all topics, u need know ur opinion is useless
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