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  1. Hi Guys, The new Autoloot bugged. He does not loot everything, because the range is very small. If I farm with the Mage Beasts, then mostly those who are not that close to me are not looted. I always have to do that manually
  2. A little bit late with Autoloot. Now leave so much PPL the Server and now come the Personal Restoration Scroll and AutoLoot
  3. Now we see many Priests with Destruction Armor
  4. Lets go Guys. We play now all BP They have no Leg Cut/Scream/Light Stun/ Ice Slow And we dont play Assasin or Archer, they use all Macro
  5. Yesterday I wrote to Nikos32 that he wants to check RealNiggaRollCall because RealNiggaRollCall definitely uses macros. 2 Warrior and 1 Mage hit him and he does not even lose HP. In addition, he still manages to kill one of the Warrior. Sorry but I wonder if anyone is checked. At my request, I did not even get an "ok" or any other answer
  6. Then the stun rate does not have to be reduced but the elementary stress has to be increased
  7. Nice with Monthly Ranking Symbol. But i have a little Question. Does the server get an NPC for the monthly NP?
  8. Many Items burn from 4 to 5. Yesterday I tried to make Mage Hard Leather Boots on +7. I needed 80 shoes to get 2 shoes on +7
  9. The stun rate is not too high. I'm often met by Warrior with Scream and Leg Cut. As a Warrior, you should just buy the Light Ressi Stones from the NPC so that your Ressi is higher. Mages are not just there for support. So that means soon nobody will play Mage anymore?
  10. Hi all, I do not know what's better for a Mage. Dual Imir or Dual ROM. ROM has more Defense and HP. But Imir has 60 Light Damage. And I would be interested in whether the magic power bonus works only on monsters or in the PK
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