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  2. @nikos32 at that shared video that guy trying " 100 x Spike with elf belt" and "100 x Spike without elf belt but in same attack power " and 100x R damages with / Without Elf belt. finally it shows that increase attack power issue %20 from elf belt is not works for sure. record results. 100x Spike with ELF BELT Average DMG = 595 100 x Spike without ELF BELT Average DMG = 596 100 x R Dmg with ELF BELT Average DMG = 120 100 x R Dmg without ELF BELT Average DMG = 120 * missing hits not counting at all ** attack power and defense is same with that 2 characters for all record time. ( he is using 2x dex 5 ring when he removes elf belt ) if we are talking about our server a random assasin with FT SET + +7 Shards +7 red/black armors and +0 elemental rings can kill a best gear warrior in our server. and rogues already overpowered here. thats the only one truth. Best Regards.
  3. UPDATED 455 GB CURRENT OFFER >>> Pm ingame Leeroy / MrsLies ❤️
  4. Bro i have 42 mins FANTASY video about you, max u are making my hp 3.6k with your full item hb 8 + dual rof warrior.... lets think on it and go learn how to play. 42 min video inside 19x VS with warrior 18x won 1 x lose 1500/300 sc - 4x with rogue i beated 1 x i lose im sorry for that all mate u are just easy target. u need learn how to play KO...... ( im talking about all characters u have been tried and all characters u lose bro )
  5. 👏👏❤️ u need to learn how to play warrior first. but i have good news for u guys im starting live stream on TWITCH u guys can learn to play warrior with this in this week ❤️
  6. bro in that european PK time ( 20:00 - 01:00 ) we have enough ppl for kill it, in other times u guys always killing it 1 or 2 times. why still crying about it ? and 2 days before i helped you guys with my 1 pt both ALLSTARS and Empire and u guys told to @Sculpy we'll come pk after Felankors. when we let you guys kill and /helped after all orcs quitted CZ . like the all times what u guys did. orc's the biggest problem is no PKing. when the bosses up orcs can organizing with 3 PT but if no bosses in CZ no1 comes to CZ. if you have problems about the resisting. find another ways to BEAT us. for expample 3 priest or etc.. you guys already Good Geared. ! LETS GO CZ AND PK, WE DONT WANT ANOTHER THING ANYWAY ENJOY IT best regards ❤️ love you all
  7. i think no reason with this and enjoy it and please dont do it again bro ! pm me ingame when u need help. i just want fair game..
  8. Hi All thx for report first. ( because i told u 2 times "MAKE A TOPIC ABOUT IT IM SURE OF MYSELF FOR %100" and thank you for showin my GREAT COMBO to me from enemy side. really i was afraid of myself with that combo ❤️ thats far distance attack issues is always we are watchin in game and it makes us mad too i can understand you and really I agree you about that crying. Because, sometimes ppl attacking me or my party/clan members 2x distance as from your video shown. and that 1st video in my screen i saw SinisterCRY stopped and i catched it. and started using skill with non-stop. but i saw at your video SinisterCRY not stopping and just keeping run its a clue for find that visual bug WHY THAT CHARACTER STOPPED RUN 2 TIMES IN MY SCREEN and why i saw it stopped if he dont stopped ? And that you are talking about BUG if u know a bug u should open a post at [Bug/Error Reports] section at our forum. for all players safety and satisfaction. (that link i put it to below ) really i dont have technical information about the KO like you and i never tried any bug abuse like you confessed http://forums.professionalko.com/index.php?/forum/7-bugerror-reports-reportes-de-error-bughata-bildirimi/ i think nikos can check all of my keystrokes i was did only W-R-SKILL combo like all the times what i did. if you wanna learn "HOW TO PLAY WITH A WARRIOR" its a good news for you here, i will start LIVE STREAMING at TWITCH in this week im just waiting for my new 34" screen and new 1080p camera for my ON AIR ROOM... STAY TUNED and Enjoy IT !! XD ❤️ -----------------------------------------------------------------------------FOR ADMIN OR GMS ONLY----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- P.S that attachment u can find at down of my post information about my INband-OUTband network connection graph inside. maybe it helps for check. ( ping / Delay around 160-320 it means 1,6-3,2 second delay ) @Fluvius @Majesty @Observer @nikos32 Love you All ❤️ Best Regards
  10. RESPECT FOR KING GROWMASTER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GROWMASTER IS NOT A EXHAUST BRAND !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. bro that you dont understanding that shit. if you make side characters for drain mobs / Chatos stone is gonna be legal maybe. but if that characters dies and that issue affetcs the winning result thats forbidden. maybe 2 character logins forbidden too.. i never did it before and i dont know. really., and im telling that issue and it sets a precedent for %100 1 month before, i just gave my side character psw to my clan friend for login CLAN WAR ( because no1 clan registering when Empire clan registers CW ) and that guy logged my different clan character and died 1 times only and that character was not naked. after 1 minute a gay ( sinisterUSD ) opened topic, After 1.5 minute Nikos closed that CLAN WAR ROOM WITH NO REWARD ( ISILOON OR KCS no1 GOT REWARD ) after 3 minute my rogue Tiny BANNED FOR THAT USSE WITH PERMANTLY after 5 minute that logged guy's real character JrAcura Banned with 3 Days. .. if we are coming that our issue, ALL ORC NATION REWARDED AND 6 HOUR 15 NATIONAL POINTS REWARDED FOR PER KILLS FOR ORC SIDE. WITH THAT SHIT DIES, and 12 HUMAN ALL THAT GUYS TOLD U BAD WORDS IN THEIR MIND. AND YOU STEAL OUR ALL LABOR if you are still telling "im clear" thats ok i dont want anything. and im stopping to complaining you anyway. GOOD LUCK. with your wrong mentality
  12. priest job have many bugs about that Patch 1299. R damages so high miss. skill casting failed with chasing enemy. and heal skill fails ( shown used but not using ) really play bp/int priest is really hard for that server GL with that all bugs. / problems. i lalready eaved and changed warrior within 3 months aboıt that all bugs but already i have got BP characer that R skills always missing. ( hits 1/3 dmg ) %80 and that my warrior it miss only like %20...... ( with same gear HB +8 / DUAL ROF ) that difference is so high. that priest skill is stronger than wariror we can accept it but that skill miss rate is %80 is so high %50 or 40 will be fair i think. best regards.
  13. Lee


    GG can i join with VAY_GAVAT_VAY ?
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