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  1. server maintance in progress mate. be patient and wait for 13:00 server time ( 48 min left for now )
  2. +7 sherion for hb +7 thank you good luck ( PM in game ____________ or Loody
  3. thats not a bug mate. it was same from the first day of knightonline. keep calm and enjoy Best Regards. Leeroy.
  4. Pm with your offers >> Maritza -Leeroy or TheSt0rm
  5. SELL > DARK VANE +8 SHERION +7 pm ingame > ____________ (12x) - TheSt0rm - Leeroy with your offer. GL ALL
  6. karakter seçme ekranında üst baş gözükmüyor. sadece karakterın kafası gözüküyor. oyuna giriyorum karakterin üstü başı bomboş kasa bomboş. daha sonra relog attıgımda düzeldi. bilginiz olsun. yasadıgım adrenalin paha biçilemez karakter soyuldu zannettım 1 coin bile yoktu üzerinde 1 tane item bile gözükmüyordu. ve char cıplaktı
  7. birsürü item alıp lr karakter yaptık ztn magenin defansı linenle 750 adam sana 1.5k vuruyor sen 700 kitlemeden nasıl kesceksin ki ? %20 kitliyordu şimdi hiç kitlemiyor. şimdi kendinize sorun insanlar neden serveri bırakıyor diye. çok iyi iş çıkartmışsınız tebrikler.
  8. https://mega.nz/#!arJHAaAD!dtt6nMqHkaRw4gBoBCmJOBn_l0EVs5iPBVxQwAT03Lw https://mega.nz/#!ijYHkKZR!9qfFBKZd2YbBbUC8vGpkkUeBPGA2t5cW8i_PKH0adNE https://mega.nz/#!yvRjXKJY!ybvIg8KMOmv_iFBxX0ksiCqmQa3PD01jysm6EJKDo9g https://mega.nz/#!a2Z1nKQZ!JS6Gy6QpUqLIQEbBu7HjHRlwHlaDrFtUjEGtuVlF1xw From Rules Of Conduct, RULE 15 Interference with users (i.e. spamming trade/party/clan requests, luring mobs, being AFK in event zones)
  9. @nikos32 that language shows everything. imagine all the ppl living life in peace. ❤️ love you all best regards Leeroy.
  10. https://ibb.co/3ByNCTQ i wont be in same place with that racist toxic player anymore. i dont know its a ban issue or not. but all the ppl needs to know that guy dont like turks. imagine all the ppl living life in peace love you all ❤️ best regards. Leeroy.
  11. look just 5 second its enough for unsderstand that guy using macro. for sure %100
  12. this post for only give information to @nikos32 At that topic, http://www.gamers4life.com/forums/f135/selling-items-gb-s-professionalko-360825/index2.html this guy totally SOLD that items for usd. 131 GBS ( each 2usd ) 1X W.E 1X LEGO 2X FR 1X HB +7 Best regards. Love You All ❤️ imagine all the people living life in peace.
  13. if that number is he did not typed and he did not accepted for use ( ve have talked before from 1891599 ) why 1981599 number is inactive and not working ? i tried to call before 3x and added whatsapp & tango % Viber that number and all checked. all inactive and i create that topic. if that number is 1981599 for really how that items sold ? how ppl communicate with him ? how its still not inactive? my phone opened for call international calls and i tried to call it many times now too.. and im remembering . at this selling order he was typed WHATSAPP :1981599 what it means, if ppl not communicate they can direct message from ko4life. and he can reply "ahhh its my bad its not 189 its 198 " name is same that shit items is same, number is directly same . all photos and proofs shown that lier guy like a fox always trying find a way for escape enjoy it. in next level way he is gonna try to convince us, his twin brother that he sold these items and gbs.and trying sell chitin shield. love you all ❤️ imagine all the people living life in peace.
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