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  1. I cannot believe is shit is still going. @Eternal, after telling you that we were going to decide what to do with the IB, and after I made clear several times that I don't agree to sell such items to anyone not only ingame chat, but on Discord as well, you've ended up pming me saying that I was a liar and whatever shit you wanted to say about me. Once I got back from AFK and tried to reply you that we've ended up deciding to keep it for clan, right before answering you and right after telling you that I did not deserved to be a liar, you blocked pms and you know this is true. Despite all this, I don't deserve to be called a liar and whatever, i may not even be in the top 100 players, I pretty much suck as a player, but I know I'm a nice mf who helps everyone, always, and the only thing I care about is ppl; not items, nor nps, just ppl. You used to be nice to everyone; I really don't know wth is going on with you behaving like crap to us, but that's you problem, and I wont care any more about this post. Get on with your life, and don't lay your frustrations over us.
  2. Currently selling: - HB+6 broke going to +7 - Glacier Erenion +7 - Lighting Erenion +7 - White-Silver Earring Buying: - SSE+1 - ROL+1 PM StarL1ght ingame
  3. I'm currently looking for: * Mage Red Crimson Pads +7 * Elemental Pendant +1 GOT IT And I'm selling: * Warrior Shell Pauldron +7 SOLD * Mage Complete Boots +7 * Shard +7 SOLD * Glacier Erenion +7 * Lighting Erenion +7 * White-Silver Earring * Forgotten Necklace SOLD PM StarL1ght or Lucille ingame. Thanks
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