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  1. 1) Patch güncellendi ve giriş problemleri düzeltildi. 2) Clan War etkinliğinde aynı ırktan birbirini kesen kullanıcılara gelen ve giden NP hatası düzeltildi. 3) Krallık seçimleri başladı. crazy_boy secret mate 🖐️
  2. Yea i know but you know OsmanX he has everything we Turkish Owners can't get an answer we have to complete most deficiencies this way rankboard notice etc. , he only updating your server bro Osman dediğim adam bu server dosyalarını yazan kişi bütün her şey onda bitiyor
  3. I made this system with the help of the program 6 months ago, but the money and exp rates in my database is based on when the jackpot explodes. The working logic of the monster every time the monster is cut randomly gives the numbers to the setting file matches the numbers I have added to the setting file jackpot again x times added to the setting file is bursting. If you meet Osman, ask him to add a tab to the lair like this and it will work more efficiently. (Even Lightning Stun doesn't work on our files. 😂) Plugin Sections [Jackpot] Type=0;Type 0 EXP-GOLD | 1 EXP | 2 GOLD NumberRangeMin=1;Every dead monster minumum number generator NumberRangeMax=1000;Every dead monster maximum number generator Numbers=1,2,3,10,50,100,150,200,250,500,750,777,666,999;Luckiest Jackpot Numbers NoticeType=1;Notice color Jackpots=1,10,50,100,500,100;Jackpot X; Maybe for you unnecessary because Osmanx added Client Side Effect have nice day good update
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