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  1. oh im mixed dude but im gucci, i stay my ass in my own country, no reason to leave whatsoever so i guess ill keep on going with my ways, Good luck in the world wakanda
  2. What. LMFAO bro i didnt say nothing to do with all of that. I simply gave u reasoning behind his name, its not racist. Im a white guy and i call my black friends "nigga", and its not offensive to them in any way shape or form... welcome to central & south florida baby, i love it here. (For example, ill be like: "My nigga, you need to pass the blunt" etc) I dont see it as racist personally until the ER is added to it but i guess its all personal opinion on the matter. I didnt ask for a history lesson though, prefessor.
  3. realniggarollcall is american ps: Let me elaborate on his name if i may, Its not racist in any way shape or farm.. Being a "real nigga" in florida is actually a compliment if u beleive it or not. and ironically, he is from central florida not far from me. The name isnt racist at all... hard to explain but its like the saying "10-4", its a southern usa thing.
  4. well its possible to use hide before ur hit again by a mob but if he attacks it will come off obviously.
  5. if you time it just right after the first hit you can use hide in between the hits and successfully use the skill without taking damage, and the agro is thrown to the kser and the kser dies.. Sounds like u tried to ks his boss, he used hide, the samma killed you, and now ur salty.. Im just giving my opinion.
  6. I dont owe you a penny. Technically after leaving the clan i hope they dont pay you anyways after this. But its not my problem, you can take it up with vindictive. and i also have screenshots to proove the above message in every specific detail. I ksc everything. Also, i didnt ban you. So if my assist took the time to do it, then it was deserved and i trust what he said. answer this; why do you not like vindictive? Nikos word in the above quotes are: "Considering that it was a clan drop, we believe that the clan leader has the right to do w/e they want with this drop. But on the other hand he also said that he'll pay the party members who helped." Im not sure who has been paid and who hasnt, vindictive is the one who was purchasing the belt from the clan bank with the money required in order to make the people wanting a share happy(even tho i disagree with it, i personally told him not to pay anybody and keep it for himself as soon as he went preist) with that being said, take it how you want but ive said all of what ive need to say and i dont have any further need to post on here. I gave crystal clear details and i also have the ksc' to back every single thing.
  7. its our priest who got it in the clan and still was willing to pay the clannies who wanted a share, out of the whole party it was 6/7 blood members. Neither me nor the person who has it was in the party, true. But it was given to me via eternal, and with a specific note to not give it to vindictive. It just so happens that vindictive was the only person in the clan that was willing to back to priest, after already transferring to warrior for us once. He also was the only person with the gbs to pay the people who wanted to receive a share(3/6 wanted a share, 3/6 voted to give it to a priest or starlight), So we did what was right and vindictive decided to pay 9gbs to each(not sure why it went from 10 to 9, i admit that) but its still paying off the 3 members who stated that they wanted a share. And eternal being impatient decided to leave the clan because he saw that vindictive, who is now int priest, wearing it, instead of doing what a normal clan member would do and ask him about it. Maybe i loaned it out to him since he was priest, maybe he bought it. You dont know if you dont ask, or log discord. We are always on discord incase some1 needs to discuss something and if im not on discord im definitely in game. Eternal left and then realized he had money coming to him, and to be truthful im still not sure if eternal was paid or not as he left the clan and made this post instead of logging discord while 12 of us were in discord today and asking. And theres the truth @eternal so you can get rid of this trash title.. Even put two different clan names in the title and its very misleading. Sidenote: Booooo and eternal were the main 2 people we were having a problem with via voice communication, and as most humans know, eternal would veer off from the party and get caught out being alone because he was not on discord. I think booo logged two, MAYBE three times. But as soon as we asked to borrow the cs he logged off. @Ragnar now as for you, i didnt ask to keep the cs, we simply asked to borrow for the specific pk party while doing the cr and you instantly logged off ingame, and atleast left the channel at discord cause you definitely weren't there. as soon as the pt was over you woulda got cs back from clowney, we weren't asking you to loan it for days or anything, just that specific party as clowney is currently the only priest not using a more "advanced" belt. Theres the whole scoop for the flock of forum doves who want to see and hear the truth as they eat their popcorn. Thanks for reading guys. edit 1: On a side note, I dont believe in this paying people in the clan who were in the party system. I soloed dropped a glass belt healing myself on my laptop, and i chose to give it to pasghet rather than selling it and gearing myself further. I believe any of our most active pkers could have received it, but due to the 3 people wanted a share and it being a 50/50 split, not one of those people had 30-40 gold bars laying around to pay the people who were even in the clan, much less than the 1 oddball out of the clan. we did the most logical thing in order to keep peace the best way we could.
  8. could care less about a kingship, or a punishment. I just want to show everyone their great king!
  9. https://prnt.sc/otmw7k oh yes, my reaction to the above ss. Mute us both and go on with it.
  10. https://prnt.sc/otmw7k ps: I dont care about king like you guys, buying votes with ft coupon LOL
  11. https://prnt.sc/otmw7k first day as a king and all i did was ask him price of iron neck and got told to fuck off in turkish.. Nice community we have here... People wonder why server is slowly losing players and people like this guy is the reason.. I have never done anything to this guy in any way shape or form to offend him or anybody in apex and this is the result.. GG, mute this mf pls.
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