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  1. Lol, I simply wanted to pk with my friend on this server, instead he'll come to mine in the meantime which means this server not only loses one, but two active players in a time of need. This server is dieing, its no secret. And baba? I have a screenshot of every item ive obtained on that character via drop, farm, or clan drop(which was only 1 item ever, a rof). I have geared over 30 players myself on this server and which to most are all still active on this server. I led one of the longest leading orc nation clan all started on my own behalf. I dont want to hear misery when i was perma banned for cursing in 2020, We're all FUCKING adults, and if someone cant take a few curse words then he doesnt need to be on knight online. Its a shame to see some of these people's opinion's, yet my 1v1 videos would proove why most people wouldnt like me ;). 8500 kills 5000 deaths doesnt lie, it creates hate. imagine this; 8500 different times somebody has died to sinisterwar and as not happy, of course there will be a few butt hurt players. Good luck.
  2. https://streamable.com/pkuku https://streamable.com/iumde If any gm says this is a visual bug, pm me in game and i can explain how to do it, show you how it works, tell how to prevent it, and give you a demonstration on how hes doing it. I have lupine up, no rogues around for him to descent. He claims his r damage is hitting, its due to the fact that the w+click speed glitch provides a jump with everytime u do it, therefore u can get close enough on ur screen yet on my screen ur a mile away. Any gm that wants to test this shoot me a pm ingame, i can proove to you exactly what hes doing, and yes it is bug abuse. @nikos32 @Majesty @Fluvius
  3. Pm relvie, drunken, or vindictive.
  4. not saying this char is cheating, but i believe this character does not have good intentions. I am not Affiliated with this character in any way shape or form.. Get this butthurt gambler on his boat so he can row it down the river of his tears.
  5. https://streamable.com/32qx4 Which item would u like to see the screenshot of me purchasing, or upgrading? I have every screenshot of every transaction ive ever done on this server. Can i help you, Numerosucko?
  6. Gamblers clan logged 1 char from suicidesquad and killed it in order to win the clan war... Thats bug abusing, right? @nikos32
  7. @nikos32 Im still waiting on a fair response as this was the same exact situation me and omGorgeous got into, Nikos, I think you should do the fair thing and i shouldnt have to elaborate any further as you are well aware of that situation, im sure you remember. BUMP BUMP BUMP. ps: Hellblade you are funny to call me racist.. to this day, one of my favorite players i have ever met is a human turkish player, and their name is Pasghet. really nice guy couldnt ask for a cooler guy, but dont you dare try to accuse me of racism when ive had a plethora of turkish friends, and clan members. @TheWolverine
  8. obviously but if you can read, he clearly stated forgotten temple weapons, this topic isnt only about your dark vanes. note: You really want warriors with hb7's to be even stronger? Im all for it
  9. This lelogupgris(HELLBLADE) just starts flame wars with everybody, most people have stopped responding to him but some people are still going to be triggered when this guy is randomly pming people and cussing them out etc. I have a few ksc's i can do dig through until i find them where hes cursing and other words at me in my ksc folder of almost 5,000 kscs as i ksc everything.. @nikos32 is this a 3 day ban? This appears to be the same situation that me and omgorgeous got into in the past, Id say the only fair way to do it is to also 3 day ban or mute ( depending on current strike count ) for the other player, not just binweezy?
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