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  1. There is on orc side mate Shoot me a pm in ur intersted in the orc nation!
  2. https://ibb.co/jzcvMcp These noobs always doing something stupid in order to halt the fun for other players... Pls ban this guy
  3. Only gained 3/6 items back, 4x people that run as a group left together, 2/4 returned items, the other 2/4 still have 3 items, (dual warrior earring & Glass belt), They can keep the warrior earrings as far as im concerned but the glass belt is a different story.
  4. @Old Professional im not ganna sit here and cap with you, everyone is entitled to their own opinion but nikos told me to create a poll and he'd go from there. No threats being made, simply stating facts. u cant tank the isiloon here, u dont have 32 people online to do it, and if u did your own nation would log mages and lure it away 🤣🤣
  5. The isiloon luring is a major problem. The last active orc clan standing is getting fed up with killing the isiloon and either Humans log orcs and pull the isiloon away, or orcs log their mages and pull isiloon away to prevent them from killing it. 4 nights in a row this has happened. I opened a poll on whether it should be legal or not to lure isiloon. If there will be no repercussions added, this server has a limited time left, atleast for the last active orc clan... Please place your votes as this is what nikos wanted me to do. Thanks for your time.
  6. thanks i will test it and make sure it worked properly in 40 minutes. Thanks. you can close this to prevent people like the guy above. update: R damage is now working. thanks nikos.
  7. you need new internet or something cause even clowney watched. PS: Nikos is welcome to view my Knight online folder, or my whole pc really via teamviewer... nothing to hide from you.. 2nd time u reported after visualize ask u too.. funny man
  8. okay ill try that now. Maybe i lost my internet when patch was released.. the hurricane was approaching when the patch was released so was quite laggy, but i lucked out and it missed me. I will try the redownload now. ps: any way i can test if it worked right? or only with DM R attack?
  9. Ive been wondering why my kills have been lagging and lots of newer people have been beating me at vs in deathmatch in the past few days, turns out my R attack isnt doing damage. I dont know if its due to king or what but something is working properly in order to give me the R damage from my attack.. Video uploading now give me about 30 mins and ill post it. https://streamable.com/vuqbi
  10. This visualize guy reported me saying i tbl and macro also, I invited nikos to check me out via teamviewer and is still an option for vizualize, and i have also never been jailed for macroing as i have a 2$ keyboard from the dollar store that doesnt do the things that a more expensive keyboard can do, Tuke, just give them no mind and keep playing, most of their goal is to get you to say something offensive since you have 2 strikes already... Dont let these guys get to your head, ur a gg warrior mate.
  11. I initially thought his report was for range, but he is indeed talking about the speed. my combo is too pro i guess. Ive invited nikos to view my pc via teamviewer so this guy is literally just cappin trash information about other players.. should be a punishable offense if u ask me.. like false 911 call
  12. maybe a nice tip but not a cheater report... Insufficient evidence... My clan member uses pp +1 & judicious belt +1, whats thats supposed to mean for you? PS: I do not know this guy, nor do i know if he looks suspicious or not. Im just stating a fact.
  13. 0.o strange Ill see if the other players also took screenshots then, im on discord right now with buff me pls, ill see if any1 else has ksc's.
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