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  1. To be honest. I think its a visual issue. If I'm far away the gate looks closed, but up close its open.
  2. I love the way Dragon shell looks.
  3. Let me start off by saying that I appreciate you taking the time to reply to everything I listed. I did not expect you to reply. It was refreshing when I checked the forums today. I'll mainly reply back to the ones you wanted more information. 2. Bifrost monument nerf - I understand it was nerfed Friday, but after playing this weekend during bifrost event time. I think its fine that way it is. It brings some good pk the way it is. 3. Ardream/Boss Land - After I suggested this. I realized shortly after that LNS is basically the same thing. 15. Abyss gems - Can you add an o
  4. With the latest updates and player feedback. The server is doing pretty well. The kill the GM event was fun and brought some much needed action to CZ. Having said that. Hearing the player suggestions for the GMs will keep the server fresh and going strong. 1. Can the server vote on keeping Ronark Land the permanent map? 2. Bifrost monument needs a slight debuff. Maybe 5%-10%? 3. Can we add Ardream map with Boss Land? 4. Allow more multi clients in Moradon only? (If its possible) 5. Update the rewards for merchant tokens by 5%-10%? 6. For every hour player is onlin
  5. Deleted bdw coupon by accident around 3:20 server time. Can GM help please? In-game name is mindkrash.
  6. 1. Increasing drop rate of rol,roc, rom didn't matter as elemental rings would take over regardless. 2. Starter sets were needed for new players.
  7. Drop rates should be better considering the current amount of players. Booro farm seems kinda useless considering you can kill egos very fast and get 50 MoC. I would also suggest lowering the kill count for farm CR. Some random events during peak times for euro/peru timezone would be nice as well. Doesn't have to be much, but it keeps players coming back and maybe they will call there friends. Add more multi clients and increase the rewards from merchant tokens. This gives players more reasons to stay online. One more idea. Maybe you could add sometype of lotto event to the event schedul
  8. Butterfly wings are from Rainbow Goblin which can be found in bowl. Wings of War have not been added yet and will come from a later update.
  9. Server is still a lot of fun and the PK can be fun too. For example. Lunar War was Saturday and the humans lost. We were invaded and it was the most fun PK I've had since the start of the server. My party made over 10k nps. There is still more updates coming. I would suggest to stay on this server and keep playing. Our clan will stay as well.
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