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  1. @nikos32 as he said, he sold his +8 raptor to NPC nearly 2-3 weeks ago and he needs your help
  3. You can ask to nikos why binweezy get banned. You will get your answer. I just followed that way and i banned him. Thats simple. And please stop talking about my neutrality. I'm equal to everyone on this server.
  4. There is a big difference between us. I never abuse my GM powers and always i was equal to everyone. Even you blamed me with about "having friends in game" i never done anything to you. Even i made mistakes here and always i accept that and i said "sorry" to players. How can you ban Geek without giving him strikes? Did you check his strikes about offsensive language? No. You just abused your GM power and ban that guy for nothing. Even you you threatened on forum chat and i banned your GM account. Even at the first day you became a GM when you made a mistake we tried to solve that together. I'm really bored about that drama and i wont do any more explanation. Sinisterwar has been banned for telling "Profko is dead, and i'm going to play on real one"
  5. I thought he was sinisterwar on forum. Thats why i said i banned him on forum for 3 days. but i never said to you i banned sinister at ingame for his offensive language. Because we are giving strikes to players before banning them and again im telling same thing "he did not get ban about his bad words and i never said to you like that". He said profko is dead and he wants to play a real game and i helped to him find his way easily.
  6. I dont know is he sinister or not, i just banned a guy who was talking really offensive on forum chat. Even i dont care is he sinister or not. Again i'm telling same thing again. Sinisterwar get ingame ban for his words about Profko. Rules rules rules. Ok tell me rules about baning a player for 3 days. Did you even read rules on panel before being a GM or after being GM? We already banned a few guys who were talking about Profko "badly".
  7. Who is Huan then? I just banned that guy from forum and thats proof about that. I am still waiting your proofs about our chatlog.
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