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  1. even if i go with ur lies , lets say i finish the job . im not busy now . give me back my items .
  2. + heres a vid from last night , we were raiding and saw this priest afk and auto heal when he gets hit and ofc cant cancel the skill . https://gyazo.com/5346a9fc5a8cb373075f7399e1cf3c4b https://gyazo.com/ffc1ea2b4fa85c2b2eb1e7c2e74b8e10 u said that you will open a topic about it at night which didnt happen . and then u joined thier clan with my items in ur INN , lol. why didnt u use em if i gifted it to you ? why u use raptor +7 and +9 ring ? we were playing hours and days together all day long and thats what u doing ? 34 years old that act like a 15 year kid .
  3. and u didnt help me , u sold it to me . for 8.5gb
  4. I cant beleive u doing it . lol u can check my total acitvity to prove u worng . if so , why didnt i give u my IN also ? lol . thats lame . you should be ashame of your self .
  5. Thanks for quick response on game !!
  6. ok,thank you nikos! i g2g work now but i availabe on forums.
  7. my nick is MisterK/Eyol on game i played with _guinear_ /// geniarvozman like since the begining of server i trusted him . last night i went to sleep and i let him use my HB +7 and 2x flame rings . yeah im naive but i realy trusted him >.< now i cant find him , please find a way to help me out ..
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