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  1. Sell : LE+7 (sold) 2x LKP ( i have only 1lkp) ROM+1 LupusStaff+7 (sold) Personal +6 Buy : KC PM me here in forum Atte : IvanaYturbe
  2. BrhNegative


    Good afternoon with everyone, just to remind you not to forget that DankGaming never approached me to solve the problem of the CS drop clan LOYALTY, for all this I told Nikos and he told me to give him time to solve it thing until the day of today I did not do maybe I want to forget and look like this as if it had not happened, unfortunately I ask nothing but at this point as I could wait, we Latinos do not receive help from the support of the ko to solve things as simple as the one that happened to me, that is why the Frenzy and Incas withdrew because they did not receive the slightest help, I say it with all the respect in the world, I donor more and not even support me. Atte : IvanYturbe
  3. your comment is a bit stupid I was in the pt and I thought they would keep it Harunga did nothing for him was not in the pt when the cs fell, dankgaming was so pathetic and angry and be a warrior and change to priest to be able to use it until there I did not say or ask for something in return, any change when he sold it because he did not claim anything at all just ask if they had sold it and when the amount was why I did PM to ragnar, based on that I asked harunga if he distributed to all of us who were in the isi drop pt, and he answered me with a yes, well then I let him know that I was also there when that happened then who was the problem if dankgaming could not take a picture of those We were in the pt, and as he said he distributed to all who were without knowing who were in the pt ?, is something illogical.
  4. As I told you, in particular they didn't give me anything about blackpride, I wouldn't know how to tell you, but I think I'm used to doing that kind of stupid things and leaving nothing to others.
  5. of course he has the right to do whatever he wants with the cs, what I am going to do is that the cs was sold and left me, I asked him as much as to harunga and scootap and they replied that he had already distributed all those who were in the pt and that is what bothers me since he has no photo of those who were, because we were only the ones who saw in pt.
  6. I am an adult and I do not make problems with anyone nor do I have problems with anyone, the fact is that he sold and according to the distribution to all those who were in the pt and I did not receive anything in spite of having helped, I thought he would keep it clan but the very stupid sold the item and not even thanked me that is what bothers me most. PD: You can clearly see in the photo that I was in the pt, help and go blind I received nothing.
  7. I don't give a damn if you sold it or not, I am a drop clan and when I fell or asked for something in return or asked to give it to me I only assumed that I was going to stay in the clan, I realized that you sold it through the forum and Now you realize that I do not use the forum much so that I understand and when I told Harunga that if I had sold it then I played a part like everyone equally, greedy? You are abnormal, I am not, you just want to keep the things of others, period
  8. I am not greedy when you asked in the clan I was not connected because what work do you understand that? , and if you did not know I told Scootap and Harunga that if they had sold because I thought they were going to stay in the clan I am not a child nor do I want to take advantage of the situation, you simply said that you gave away everything you had and that is worse because you do not know how things were or who was in the pt and distributed to distribute without knowing anything about who was in the pt P.S: 1-I am not crying 2- I am not greedy I claim what seems fair to me
  9. I was with the loyalty clan when we killed Isilion and dropped the cs that I just came to find out 2 days after they sold it and that they distributed everything that was sold, DankGaming boasts that it distributed everything to those who were in the pt and that I had nothing else, this image says the opposite to my LOYALTY did not give me anything of what they sold and that belonged to me like everyone else, I know that it is not bannable but I make this post to explain a little of my discomfort that I have they who after helping me in something in that clan did not even thank me for helping them Att : IvanaYturbe https://ibb.co/vxPtDH2
  10. still the same has not I can not see the pus :( @nikos32 help me please. https://ibb.co/Ykt80K8
  11. I always have the same problem please someone who can help me, I already have the ie11 help installed please. https://ibb.co/4K35cZ7
  12. joke with something so serious saying scammer to a sorry that you do not know? , is something illogical, Niko I demand that you take some action against these guys who spoke ill of me.
  13. I'm the real BrhNegative, he's just a fan boy of mine when copying my nick on all the servers, I played on usko a lot of time and private servers and I was never a scammer. PD: before talking shit about a person at least take the time to see who is the target they are going to.
  14. In no server told me what u Say , u are wrong persón and o demand proof of what u slander me.
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