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  1. @nikos32 have we got any update about the cancel rate? can it even be changed?
  2. also voted no, its a personal weapon
  3. making the server elemental based was a mistake from the beginning
  4. as i said my problem isnt the stun rate, its the fact that light nova and even thundercloud are canceling casts (party 10k, torment, malice, para) nearly 100% it makes playing priest a very lack luster experience in this server, the stun rate is ok the cancel rate is the problem.
  5. The way i see it, it was a LOYALTY clan drop the drama should be between LOYALTY clan members only the fact everyone is giving their 2 pence is out of the question, if i dropped a CS no i wouldnt sell it but if i did sell it, the only people to get a SPLIT of that item would be my clan members, maybe i would give 1gb from the box to the clan that helped but nothing more. I dont understand why everyone has to get involved in drama in a 18 year old game. Are we not all adults here? Is this not just a game?
  6. when he says he needs $$$ he could just mean gold lol, who guna pay actual dollars for DV+6?
  7. my main problem with mages is as notsobad says, when i get nova'd even if it doesnt stun me it still cancels my party 10k or my torment or anything im trying to do and it makes playing priest almost completely useless, also yes the stun rate is way to high.. in short mages are dumb op
  8. When will the 1st CSW be? We have been waiting almost 6 weeks to fight for the castle.
  9. went to a ko item building site, and found that lycaon hammer should have a health bonus but it doesnt in this server for some reason? proof here --> https://imgur.com/a/pthY9eY site used --> https://www.kobugda.com/Calculator/Calculator EDIT : it is also missing a 7 int bonus
  10. Exactly as devo said, the iron sets and cs being low is fine but organizing and killing it for nothing is not fine it should drop all those uniqs at a good rate, iron and cs being low is fine.
  11. Well.. so far ive killed 12 isiloons in your server and every single one has dropped 2 gold bars. in other servers she would drop Rol, Roc, Rom atleast every 2nd isi and better drops after. They drop rate is WAY TO LOW to make the boss worth killing for an organised clan. Please add an Isiloon to hell abyss with a higher drop rate or buff this isiloon in bowl. The drop rate was better in USKO.
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