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  1. Firstly I think you have created a great server that is a lot of fun to play! But with a few tweaks I really think it could be something special. Older systems need an update asap, even as a newer player that started a little over a month ago I can see them sticking out sorely. Most urgently would be the Ladder system, I've seen players ask for this to be looked at already but those Knight medals and above rewards need updating. Next would be 500 kill reward in cz, adding the 75 kill for the legendary token was an awesome addition! But I think the 500 kill reward could definitely use a huge buff to the reward. Reward ideas for these 2 would be, Silver ingots, Ebony ingots, Brimestone, KC, FT Weapons, Bf rings / weapons. The loot pool needs to be good as these are hard to achieve and should be interesting to the players! Another idea just for quality of life would be adding an npc to exchange valk in cz, going all the way to the back of moradon is a thing of the past right? Also a possibility to help newer players would be allowing valk +6 to be changed also? Moving away from the pk side, I think questing could use a slight buff also, the dark mare, titan, boroo quests could all use a buff on the reward, or maybe cut the kill count in half and leave the reward as it is. Green & Red chest exchange could also use a slight buff, maybe remove chitins and give them a higher chance at high class weapons with a low chance at getting shells. Forgotten item exchange rate wouldn't need to change as blue chest is 100%. Another idea my clan had was changing the rainbow goblin and making it another hard boss for people to be interested in and fight for. Instead of being an instance you teleport into make it regular loot with a good chance at butterfly wings and maybe 2 gold bars. Also as blue treasure chest is not a reward from FT and is fairly hard to obtain, maybe you could put and option in the ft manager where players could trade X amout of FT coupons for a blue treasure chest. Another idea is changing the end of juraid because the monuments are very squishy and its rare to get pk at the event, maybe add deva and give her good loot so everyone in the party of 8 has a chance at getting the loot, keeping it random. An idea to help keep pk alive that could be tied to ronark land is adding a npc with random items that cost 150k-200k monthly nps to buy. Anything from random valk pieces +1 / legendary weapons +1 - down to ROCs / ROLS +0, utilizing everything inbetween, essence, bf rings / weapons, forgotten weapons, keeping the price the same for all of them and keeping them random. Possibly making it 5 random items 2 in an upper tier and 3 in a lower tier or something like that. To make things more interesting with bosses maybe give Chaos Stone in regular colony zone a buff, make better bosses spawn, Talos, Snake Queen, Harpy Queen, chance at Mini isiloon, people would come and fight for it, also a notice when it spawns would be perfect Again i think you've made a great server and im having a lot of fun playing! Thanks for your time
  2. Hi, im a noob and deleted my Holy Animor +7 thinkin it was a priest impact or something whilst handing in bifrost fragments. I generally dont collect weapons and tend to delete them and made a big mistake Happened sep 15th around 12:00 gmt+0
  3. you dont need a new server, with help from my friends i farmed full gear in less than 1 month lol. the server is not hard to play. need to bring more new players that are willing to farm
  4. Gamblers you need mage team to defend castle? 80$ each csw i will come play for you EDIT : Nikos im joking dont ban me please.
  5. Did nikos every reply to my comment? i dont wana filter through all this crying and drama
  6. If this isn't considered a bug abuse or black listed action you could maybe consider using the new delos map that allows this to happen, many other servers fixed this problem due to their player base complaining about it because it shouldn't happen on this myko map. Especially when there is no ladders to climb the walls or catapults to attack them on the battlements. My personal suggestion would be to use the new delos map if you want this to be allowed. Just a guy that came for the PK.
  7. Do shell pauldrons drop from any mob or just dm / servants?
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