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  1. Quiet guys, they are deviating from the topic, hurry up a bowl, that will look better This topic is almost solved, wait for our answer. thanks
  2. Ok gracias por la informacion ya reporte el inconveniente el día que me escribió y ayer estamos viendo eso y que otras cosas hacer el cambio de ante mano muchas gracias por la informacion 😎
  3. I've been a little busy guys but always seeing the movement and everything that is happening, I already have something in mind but I need time ... T_T staff to be able to be 100% concentrated here but improvements are coming I would like to see the total users of that EU zone to be able to do good things as we do in Latin time. as I said once and a thousand more ProfessionalKO in good times and bad 😎
  4. Miracle coming soon 😁 really thank all for support a server 😉. We will continue working on improving some details and do not worry the miracle hahaha 😊 I will call it calculation and everything you say is correct friends, be assured that until the end we will be as always, the old players already know how we are ProfessionalKO In good and bad 😋
  5. Friends, we are here to give positive and non-negative ideas to stop arguing and offending others. peace and love 🙃
  6. Ich spreche auf Deutsch zu dir, Elf, jetzt ist es gelöst 🙆
  7. I will be back in a few hours, all the reports will be made today thank you very much for info. Estaré de vuelta en unas horas , todos sus reportes están notificados y hoy se hará efectivo 😎 muchas gracias por sus reportes.
  8. Now I see you guys n.n Estaré revisando todo entro de unas horas 🤓
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