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  1. I know , It was at the time of today, that passes the moments of no pk, the imbalance was almost 1pt of human but it was regulated with the minutes, until the clan gamblers , they retired little by little and I am more than balanced. Anyway I invite you to connect at 06:00 server time, The beginning of the FT will arrive and after that continue the hard pk in bowl 💪 accompanied with the cr pk 😬
  2. what time, there are no orcs from the server, please. my schedule is different 😓
  3. If you continue to do the same, the Auto-jail system will be activated, but if you continue to abuse it (AFK) all the time, please have images or video, that will be feasible to proceed with your order🙄 thanks, you must have evidence to make a report, let's not forget that ( SS or Video ) 👻
  4. Guys stop arguing and let's try to find solutions, if you mean you should enter more time and not when you want for me? , well the mentioned schedule belongs to majesty I think, for which I am working at that time and studying, for my part I can say that the pk improving, I could invite you to enter at 06:00 time server so we can make a good pk, what I try to do with this issue is that we help each other and see in the best way, give options on how to improve the pk in those schedules, as mentioned by GMs can not force anyone to do something against their will, the NT It is the solution of the server balance, when we have people willing to change voluntarily (clan), now what is happening in this schedule, I passed it a long time ago and I could say that the Latin schedules are balanced. I repeat it peace and love, and let's agree to give solutions, questions and answers that are constructive and not negative. To improve the community beforehand my apologies for some who still do not know me and will know more about me I will come to see this topic to help improve the pk movement at these times.🤯
  5. I support their efforts to improve the pk in the bowl.We will be informing you about your request, hopefully it is feasible , personally I would like you to inform me or inbox images of the moment of imbalance thank you very much😎
  6. Thanks for the info mate. These data will be helpful, let's try to support ourselves in finding constructive solutions with which we are online and not create problems, peace and love friends ❤️ . We all want to make a good pk before or after work or study. As I repeat friends peace and love <3, you can send me inbox and give me ideas to improve ideas, the community is our priority the changes that are made is thanks to your comments, suggestions and ideas. all together let's make the server better and fair for everyone.
  7. Como es posible eso? podrías decirme a qué hora paso eso time server. Su nación y nombre , todo fue en bowl ? para asi poder ayudarlo .
  8. Cual es su nick ? si a entrado con otra cuenta puede enviarme /PM GM_Observer o inbox aqui en el foro. para poder ayudarlo ok.
  9. Se pueden calmar ??? 😣 veo aquí mucho spam & insultos por demás todos . calmense que se están desviando del tema. 😕
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