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  1. Name : Ganamos don't Exactly know what his problem is, maybe in his real life is fxxked or something. he Randomly MSG me asking for 25mil, I told him in reply, he could make 100mil with in An hour or so by Cardinals. his Response was 👎 https://ibb.co/34vKJjq https://ibb.co/9gysg9N
  2. not by mentioning he did also try and scam me 3days ago in a trade, but he didn't succeed.
  3. this is exactly what I am trying to say, we helped him" by inviting him right as he asking for a party, when we didn't need to do so, then turns out we get fxxked over by him, people played since server open and most people in that party has always been supporting and sharing drops and farming with other's everyday. He know from day 1 this kind of drops cannot be kept by one solo party member, yet he Looted and left party right as soon as I say it isn't yours to keep while this was clearly (Braveheart) Party . Also just to make it even more clear, he MSG in party Chat and everyone saw he wrote: ( I WILL PAY FOR IT), then he quit party. tell me @nikos32 it was Flag event, Flag event= Bosses Time, why would we be stupid enough to invite him if we know he was gonna Scam the party? the reason we added him to party only because WE play your server, we see new names we help new names, also we're not GMs or you, we cannot tell who's who, as long as there's new names we take it as your new incoming server player. we help your server players to get some action in with them being able to participate in your event when nobody would've added him to party, Blood / RememberMe / or any other Clan on ORC nation definitely would not. because we all know it was Boss time. so we was being friendly for you , if you think people who join your server and play for this long supporting your server with clean action 24/7, then right as soon as we help your own server to let other's to take some action and (YOU) won't help the normal player's whos been playing your server since day one also all the way being Clean, then I am here to say It isn't for me. people like this are nothing but Toxic which Ruin the concept of enjoyable for a FUN game, just like most of the Trash that talks shit and laugh about it while was off the topic, also being selfish like most of the people in this. Now I know his nothing but a Scammer, why would a normal player Clan himself Singerly? Goodluck being a Trash" also goodluck on playing the game because I am sure no one will ever add you to party ever again, and till you (NameChange) https://ibb.co/J5tRnRs He also NT all his character today, how funny is that, @nikos32 if somebody isn't that dirty/Toxic/Trash, why he need to NT?
  4. this wasn't a random party, everyone knows everyone in party, and the only odd member was me but because everyone knows me so Braveheart added me to take place in event and PK with them, such as CR, Flag event. it was 7 of us, while there was a Warrior asking for party saying ( if we could add him to PK with us, I say ok and his name was (Warrior) Martin. in the party we all know everything what we get we share, also it wasn't a random party, because 6 players was all Braveheart, only reason they added me was because they know me very well. https://ibb.co/j47hDv8 this was the party. and everyone know each other Except (Martin). https://ibb.co/nMqh49x https://ibb.co/w4r4rqw https://ibb.co/PTvGvPy https://ibb.co/VL0Bxmk https://ibb.co/q7rtx3q right after he toke the (IronNeck) drop, he quit the party and left, also he was a old member of Clan: RememberMe just before a day of this post, maybe he will (Name Change) I don't no. https://ibb.co/pntB9f4 https://ibb.co/KbbZKrF @nikos32@Majesty @Observer@Fluvius I hope we get some support here, we all been playing for such a long time in your server, sharing out with people all the time, then all over sudden we get fxxked over by a selfish Trash Scammer who ask for a party to play the game, while we were being nice and randomly add him, he go and scam the Whole party, just like saying when you have incoming new server players we also support and add them to play and farm, if we get scam like this with out having support then there's no point to even support the server to help new players right?
  5. I would suggest you not to make updates During the weekends, this days are more people being active to play in server, such as work days are off, more Free time to login a Game. also it isn't right to made an update while you only have CSW on a Sunday, just like last one you kept it to the clan which to me also shows your Supporting them in our eyes. u're or not don't matter to me, I only help other clan to deal with the Event making it more active to Fight. but least don't do update while people login the most. you should've totally shut down the Castle for both nation since last week server was shutdown. then I am sure this wouldn't have happened.
  6. Dominus Tuke SKYLINE this are the only 3 names I see on the list in-game. other's I don't see it either
  7. @nikos32 Apart from the weapons " Weapons are back in place with the normal effects. but for the Anvil it isn't wokring like it should be. Effects are only for some Angles with the anvil, you still have to search for it to see the effects, also Sadly when you change the ExtendedVisibility from 1 to 0, you also lose your sight of WINGS being visible....... it also changes auto, you had to re-change it back for the WINGs
  8. I told you more then 10x that (0blvioNx) was cheating, now you say he use macro while your answer to me was, learn to play his clean lmfao. over a month later you only to realise I was right AGAIN!!!!! Like I say no (THANK YOU) from you GJ also your missing one name on this list for more then 3months, (BlackPride) and more & more still need to be looked at.
  9. https://ibb.co/BL99kD3 https://ibb.co/12K0DHr when we farm we hide but we never Abuse location, so once human find the TP Mage they can always kill it. but when it comes to there turn they don't , they just wanna Bug Abuse!
  10. @DeathI've told the GMs for over a month , Niko reply is I am wrong lmfao
  11. 1) to be able to save it in inn Hostess is more then enough. that's all we asking at least👍 2)it has got better since the last update, so let's hope it will stay this way. 3)you have your point, i also do understand what your saying, but you got to know only weekends can be used + if War is active, which it isn't. on the other end you can use this for eslant as you say am i right? dieing from a Boss is almost 0 Chance, the only time i've die from Boss is trash player's trading me for trying to steal the boss. the time you can use this scroll is limited, all i am saying is if you can use this scroll for some other thing special or make the best of it in some point.
  12. @nikos32 you do know some of this names are same player's right? it comes from both nation account playing by the same person.
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