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  1. is actually funny, after you get reported for GM check, you haven't played your Rouge seens. something wrong? you login once with GRRRRRRRRRR then name change to (19xR) as soon as you find out you been asked to be checked you haven't played your Rouge lol whys that?
  2. WRONG! I was watching him while I was running at him, I care less about a Drop.
  3. I hope this maintenance will fix this issue is getting way over the top! I must have log 100x today just to actually login 9x
  4. First of all, i have to say this Poll shouldn've been done from 1st month of server, Getting a chance to kill a Boss in Eslant was like "Finding Nemo"🤣 2nd, Closing Multiclient will not solve any problems, because nowadays it is a very common thing to have an Extra PC. from day 1 i seen people walking as a team running around putting merch on in eslant with 10 Accounts or more, is like seeing characters Repeatedly every (50 Steps) lmao, it is such an Addiction way just to play a game and for items, or even perhaps selling it for USD" i also know there's clan doing this shit on bothside, because this is all they have in life (KO)" there's no stopping it> also (Admin) you have to think for the server now, server isn't as smooth as it was and people are slowly dying, you got to ask if your willing to take even more risk by doing this Poll will lose even more people to login, or lets say 1 player login 5+ account, will no longer be existing" so that your server will look even more less players online. The Idea of a Suggestion should be more lethal then just getting Teleported out of Eslant, because you have to understand this people mindset are (Selfish,Ego,ignoring,Scammers, Macro Multiple clients.) this is how most of them get there items and play, while normal Behaviour won't even stand a chance to check a single Boss. they should get (Jail) now Forgotten Temple, and with out killing all the Mobs they will never be able to get out of it. if they wanna farm like that let them have a tough time, and if they still able to do so, I guess I have to give them a 👍lol
  5. while you attacking a Mob or Boss, there's no way you can stand at the same spot using (Rouge) SIN skill (Hide) with out being attacked right under a Boss when you were still attacking it am I right? if you were attacking a Mob or Boss if your using the skill (hide) right on top of it your (Hidden) would either get cancelled or fail am I right? ( as I am not sure with this because even I get cancelled myself on Sin) it is sad that people only can play a game with Dirty Tricks just so they can make it easier for them self to win over Skills and being able to kill Boss with out Dying. This dude was killing a Samma in CZ right under it while have 30% lefted he (Hide) right under it, with out getting cancel or fail! (It is so Ridiculous with just a simple game but the amount of Dirty players are Running in such a Huge (Number) https://ibb.co/gJ06BYC Also Niko: I am not sure what happen with the server but, Bugs are getting more and more, I Response from Death, and my HP/MP was 60% Full only. it happen to me 2x today, also the items Bug are getting Affected more often then before. also like everyone been saying, the loading page is a big concern, now I'm not sure if you did it on purpose for the environment of saving a better chance from people multiple Logins, if that's so I am cool with it. but it is a Hassle just to play a game and you have to login 10X or more just to get in. and read my private msg please.
  6. I have made 8x personal, and only 2 was burn going +5, never use Trina, out of 6 x personal I made 4x +6. I don't think is the problem, is (Luck also with a bit of timing,method) if you did them singerly then you should've been patient enough to wait for more then 3 personal at a time. if you still burn like you say, then sorry mate is just you.
  7. this already show me how sad a person you really are, GL with the way how you play, takecare (I am out of this silly topic) and where you from oh I see (Turkey) once again lol
  8. LOSE? WTF are you talking about kid, we won the KING for Shady# stupid! Your chitchat is nothing but full of shit, you go and say get a life because you have a Job" while you hardly play Nikos server yet you come and complain about some fxxking STUN Rate when you hardly even play. I think the person should GTFO is you. I play in the server pretty active for both time zone yet I don't go cry over about a paper/INT Mage killing people with a STUN. and yes I don't need to work like you do then go and BaBa some Shit just to play a game. because I know is a waste of time to put money in a Game while all you need is Skill, sorry you wouldn't understand because all you have time is Baba. and when Baba doesn't go the way you expected then come cry to the Admin when his done a good job. how do I know you don't have skills? Easy, by looking at your CRAZY items yet you come and complain with the STUN RATE already Proof that your just another 👶with out skills but BaBa, this is you dude inside your head :OHHHH Nikos, I put in so much PUS Cash and supported the server then saved up lots of GBs to get items. now that I am geared I get killed by Noob STUN Mage wtf! lmao SAD.....
  9. once again your wrong, 1st of all you know nothing about me, or who I am. I run 3 Companies in business, so don't try an act like you know anything about me at all.( Also I will not Repeat myself with my privacy) your crying over a stun just because you don't have much time to play with skills but Items, yet you get killed by weak ass Mages with High STUN Rate then you cry about it over to Admin.
  10. you know me right? then who am I in-game? I know your the one who merch in the top right corner upper Moradon everyday, then once you play an hour or 2 then crying about it lol Bunch of BaBa's crying over a Stun rate lmfao, funny as hell. Ohhhh I have Red Priest set+7, Dual ROL+1,IronNeck. no one can ever kill me, ohhhhhhh Damn Stun is killing me because I have no skills, then Cry Cry Cry ;LMFAO
  11. another player who know shit about me, I play in both time zone, and one of the most active player on human side. stop acting like any of you know who I am, Grow up. and play with skills, stop crying over some freaking STUN# just Because you getting killed by Mage then you go complain about the Class. concentrate with your team play rather then crying about it, is what got you killed by STUN Rate in the first place. getting STUN won't get you killed if you have a team who actually knows how to play with there own class, 9 out of 10 players are nothing but (Marco/TBL/BaBa) just because you have so much gear then all of you go cry about a STUNNING problems then makes the Admin has to fix something that isn't Necessary with, ignorant with selfishness is what got you killed. No skill but Baba, items But no skills, out number but no skills, is the face of problems with you all.
  12. and who would that be then? if you know me right lol, useless is the people like you only go interfere with aggressive words. also read it right, I haven't type a word(REMOVE), can't read then stfu, your crying over a freaking STUN because BaBa didn't help you? having all that gear yet skill cancelling, then you go cry about a class being able to STUN/ Cancel skills, lmao I have nothing more to say. @nikos32 the skil cancelling = nova/Stun it is also only a short amount of time, once the Stun Nova is over mage is either #Die trying or has to Run away. I don't really see was the Fuss is all about a Light mage class behavior supposed to have aggressive stunning rate, with out this = Free NPs and waste of time to even be a mage, Mage damage could be notched down a little with the advantage of stun rate. but I really don't see any problems with Being Stun, is all about timing and team work.(Play Smart)
  13. my main is priest and I don't have problems with the Stun, I mean yes the stun is mad CRAZY! but that don't mean is a problem, (SIMPLE)you need to play smart, if Mage can't stun the way it is then I can tell you personally Light mage would be a waste of time to play with. it is just a fair use for light mage to play as a class to get this STUN# Chances are your not putting the right stat or enough items to tank. once they Duffed Booom dead, so what do you want mage to do? no STUN RATE and free NPs?
  14. don't make shit up if you don't no shit, it was a clan party and was a EGO farming party for clan members, was being nice to add just 2-3 noobs so people could farm aswell, rather then miss treating people, I did the right way to share a party space to let outsider to farm. so don't act like you know me!
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