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  1. I don't think Juraid Mountain should be level 60# this is a strong standing chance for a strong fight in the last room, and don't foget the Mobs from each room isn't a easy thing to kill with, also Mobs attack damage are very strong, if your letting level 60 in this event, is like saying there their to get 1shoot or free NPs to the opposite. I would really recommend to change that either 68 or 70, or you will ruining for the people who fight are to get in the last room, (Juraid Mountain)= Speed (Speed for moving as fast to get to the next room)(also if your class warrior
  2. you think we could have a image of both looks on this post with 3. and 4.? so some of us would have an idea of it
  3. BURN 28x items with Trina 1st day? why don't you just say it more clear mate, you mean to be able make +7,+8 you need to *BaBa the shit out of the server in all ways to make items. that's the right way to explain your words lol
  4. everyone knows that (Class) Rouge SIN with full Handling skill set has to play with 2Hands on the KeyBoard, if his using Mouse as Right (Click) Minor I here to Apologies# but lmao if that's so then his got no idea the real Power of a SIN.
  5. Marco user lmao, and don't even talk back about it, your screenshot shows the truth of your 10 Fingers that you selling. LIKE# WTF is that skillbar lmfao
  6. I don't need to, your ban simple. learn the real skills your skill bar is Ridiculously setup byebye, people who use your combo must either be a dumb fck or 6 years old.
  7. 1st ____ Video is clean. 2nd_____ Marco, you can tell easily at (1:12) by looking at his attack while he Clicking MP pot, LMAO like WTF is with you and your clicking pot lmao, 13years ever since a warrior have to click pot
  8. but it doesn't tell you when you could do cape quest, (grade 4) can do cape quest?
  9. lol we do more mate don't worry we missing a lot of ppl anyway lmao
  10. https://ibb.co/KmWSVTK https://ibb.co/JqfDRNT https://ibb.co/8j98BTr https://ibb.co/KjFdzXx
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