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  1. first of all nice video mix with the 300 Movies, but i gotta say you guy's won CSW not because your PRO but because you all using Bug abuse to get the Monument and sitting outside like an AFK CHAR not to fight us till the last 2minutes. which is fair enough on how your tactics to play the game, we all don't care who win or who lose but problems is problems GM_Nikos need to Solve , he just won't fix the Buggs and HP monument which is totally wasting real game fun and people frustrations on playing it clean. not by mentioning your 60/60 priest skill Bar is retarded and party cure standing still like a statue of liberty" doing nothing but pressing 1 skill. and surely you guy's are using the wrong clan name, disrespecting the maturity of the actual movie" should change it to (Persian) when you guys only fight with nothing but (NUMBERS) so good luck to all of you on dreaming what so call SKILLS have fun
  2. nice one , i have said most of this even from the pass 5years, fingers cross he would listen to this post this year. i would like to add a little more also, make Atross, Riots, ISI, Chaos bosses having a chance to drop VALK(Accessories), Knight cash or Buss items, so people would kill everything rather then leaving it walking around, which now a days counted as noob boss! Allowing middle-class+8 items able to burn(because it cannot be sold) Allowing characters National points could exchange something really great and special, rather then sitting there like a join Bank" make a daily quest in CZ on both nation Town" with kill counts or Mob counts to exchange either 5 or 10 (Brimstone, Leather or Leather strips) make 50-100x PK Stone able to exchange shell+6 or Boost it up a different level with 3000 or 4000PK stones to exchange 1x VALK+0?
  3. Hey @GM_Thanos now i have played Professional ever since 1st released, and with this update i only started less then 2months" while all the rest of the player's are almost max out gear" it is very hard for new comers and main INT priest player's to keep both nation game alive. my suggestions is: 1, because this is a elemental damage server, not much people are willing or wanna kill other bosses but mini isi/ isi,Talos,SQ and now + Forlanker, for that it is such a waste of KO concept" so why not make all bosses that could also drop something special like ( 350KC,700KC,5xIngot,GB,Prem pack,350ac/2k Scrolls?) that way there never will be lefted over of bosses and surely it can bring a little more action. 2,add extra JM for time zone problems. perhaps normal people would have to work and have a little freshen up off game with there real life style, so pretty much is hard for us to attend JM at very late time and very early time or even maybe move the early time later, and the late time earlier would help a lot. 3,BDW" LNS" instead of giving 99% junk green chest" why not make 1 blue chest or 2x or 3x ingot or even leather. I've opened for more then thousands of them and nothing but chitin, junk weapons and the worst of all all parts are+1, like come on bro we work hard in combat to win an event at least you would do chitin/shell to+6 that way people could trade in for making Valk items. i am sure this would make it seems establishing for everyone with a smile even though it was just shell. 4, Legendary" make it repeatable Twice? for most clan and other's would always have there own team listed with classes, some main Warrior, some not and most of the time me personally would have to stay on priest to keep team strong and of course to make action for opponents. For that particular reason if INT priest player's wanna change class it will only means party may have an issue to find another priest player. this goes the same way with Warrior or Mage. i understand right now you can do it 3x in 1 account if you really play hardcore PK' but truth is there isn't enough player's participating as much as it should be, so is extremely hardcore to resolve this issue when all we want is to have as much fun as possible, 5, Make Legendary 75kills also available with LNS/Lunar War/CSW, because during week days not so much action in different time zone, and when there's action people can't seems to get the quest done by the time it wipes , if you can added to this extra events, this way can at least give and help player's having a better chance to get the quest finish. please take a minutes and think about it, only trying to help and make a better server. GL all
  4. take your belongings and your bullshit with you. is wasting my in host space when i have been trying to coordinate with you for a week, no respond and then come and talk bullshit. just like your clan problems can't run a clan 0 coordination come in-game and take your items. https://ibb.co/VVrGSm9 https://ibb.co/wCTqfkN https://ibb.co/Qph4qYD https://ibb.co/1G3KxQX https://ibb.co/4MwCRg5 https://ibb.co/mvPV5gt
  5. you know me for more then 4years, and then you follow this trash player's then made yourself turn in to like one of them, you really should be shame on yourself for following trash ppl talking trash, this was never like you before till you follow this Remember " shame on you as a friend and as an mature grown-up" not by mentioning ask your clan priest, a week ago your what so call (SKY) friend randomly msg me with full Offensive racism words" GL following them. won't hear me replying waste my time.
  6. your rite it was FUN" and we were happy someone else won for castle for the week, but nobody is crying here we just want the game to be fair and as clean as possible, no matter if is a private server or real server I" personally played with nothing but skills, but seems like in all your head your telling me you rather win by taking the advantage of BUGs and Macro to win over something? i mean you have the NUMBERS i give you that, and we love challenging/ NPs but if i have to play a game and get something by using Bugs or Macro i rather go out and watch a movie and eat popcorns
  7. i don't care about winning or losing, what I care is my component winning with Natural skin system all class, last night my priest was being far attacked, Macro the shit out of me with long Range hellBreaker, when it was impossible, 1.5 range can attack further then a raptor as always (Tuke), i only name him because most people on ORC side got tired of him the most. @GM_Thanos this Warrior have been looked at for decade in Professional but yet his still having all the fun. while other's are getting shit on" i also agree with the CSW monument should not be as easy as it should be to take it down. the game system is totally broken as it should've been, 3x Drainer could take down almost 70% of it plus Mage being able to nova from out side giving damage on it was totally bullshit! not by mentioning (300) was Bug Abuse standing out side being able to Drain it aswell. Please fix it" another thing i would like to add is, the 75kills quest per day please change the system to all zone rather then just PK zone" it is almost impossible to deal with such a small amount of people during both time zone period. you have actions only when isi,Forlanker,mini isi are up then that it goes the PK zone dead. i mean please at least make the 75kill quest for this pacific events ( ClanWar, CSW,WAR) BOOZED up the blue Sword by another 3% or something" so hard to get, Difficult is a must but you gotta look at the server isn't active as it should be for that is very very hard to match your new quest being life active. (JM) there's not much of a chance for this even to get PK with while this has the most ppl register and take actions with, because it is all about speed and damage, if you have more attacker and SIN on your nation while you join then your chances of winning is almost 100% can we make it harder to take nation tower down? so at least you give it a little extra time for the weak side to get in the last room for a chance of action rather then just waiting to be kicked out with a bad party lol
  8. for this BDW event once you win you get 2x Green chest. could you just totally wipe that off and give something else instead? like give 1 blue, or sliver ingot or add a Trina? Reasons: i join server 24days, when at least 24 BDWs all Green chest give nothing but +1 Junks Junks Junks, what a waste of an green chest, i mean if the normal items was least +4+5+6 i can still understand, but no all +1s what's the point of it
  9. Buy War/Rouge Black+7,2H Light Giga+7,II+8,Ex DeepScar+8,Howling Rooster,PE+1>>
  10. everyone knows that (Class) Rouge SIN with full Handling skill set has to play with 2Hands on the KeyBoard, if his using Mouse as Right (Click) Minor I here to Apologies# but lmao if that's so then his got no idea the real Power of a SIN.
  11. Marco user lmao, and don't even talk back about it, your screenshot shows the truth of your 10 Fingers that you selling. LIKE# WTF is that skillbar lmfao
  12. I don't need to, your ban simple. learn the real skills your skill bar is Ridiculously setup byebye, people who use your combo must either be a dumb fck or 6 years old.
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