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  1. that's the way he is same reason why his bigger brother stopped playing, it doesn't matter the result still ends the same. if you take a look at the pass Mute and Ban, also for the same thing
  2. to me or not to me, the fact is nobody has the right to even talk like this from a game to anyone, maybe your new, let GM_Nikos take a look then he will remember from before.
  3. do you really think he should even be in this server at all<? this is he's 3d strike he randomly shouting that with no reason, I am not sure to who but I Assume it was to me, because at the time, i was the only one in CZ town base. https://ibb.co/b7FmrX5
  4. This is almost the same resort that you told me GM_Nikos, if this can be fixed then there's really something wrong about your action. last time we had 1 party with 6 clan Member's with the same clan name, yet you told me is a random party. I hope you can remind yourself that. in the end nothing to do with me , and I don't care who's getting what, but what I don't understand is why people always scam this person and scam that person when is just a game.
  5. there's no such as thing as right or wrong, but by GM_Niko this is almost the same problem that I have had many times with Clans doing Bosses and all that. in the end Niko has to make a choice to fix this and either way whatever he does is gonna be his own rules to make and get on with it. Dankgaming is one of the worst back when I was active also, Martin also the same, at the end of the day is just something that made by IP code, don't look at it too deep and just enjoy playing the game.
  6. lmfao that guy has been playing dirty from day 1, Macro / auto Multiple account farming Bosses., Spam trading people.
  7. I didn't leave but also not been playing, reason is because I am still trying to see rather server can get any better, right now there's no action. no point to even be active to login. 1, upgrading rate for +6+7+8 is mad CRAZY while this is only a PVP 2, drop rate over all is bad for new in-game player's to even try compare to make a quick balance against long-term player's ( or even for old player's) 3, GM is ridiculously in-active even since the beginning 4, too much Macro and cheat that cannot be caught in time (also by saying this I know 90% player's can never play with out it, so goes both ways) 5, power up store should never have nation transfer for people to NT mad CRAZY ( one big reason Ruining many action in server events) 6, no boss summon scrolls 7, National points have 0 worth in server, while they should've able to use on something good 8, Multiple login system for people to hide and play with 2faces for items to join all clan at the same time 9, ROF should never have been released
  8. https://ibb.co/L9sp5Qn https://ibb.co/7y3xR21 https://ibb.co/s5KtWNk
  9. nth will change dude, is been more then 4months, ever since most of the point been repeated out many post over & over again. ANSWER is the same ( We're working on it) just enjoy your real life more & happy new year😃😃
  10. First of all" my ever 1st day playing KO history has never seen this to work, Secondly the only server I've seen it actually Functional was at a Japanese server, and it was only working randomly in attacks not Rapidly effected for an on-going system throughout the attacks. also there Unique items was all Individual for a character Class rather then being able to put on for any class.
  11. your words has been said thousands and thousands of time, yet the reply is the same, I gave up already
  12. are you sure he only called me a (Weird eye)?😂 you guy's have no respect for anyone but yourself in another word (KID-ISH) then when you get your Punishment you try and define the truth while all of you know from the beginning where I was from. 1st I was farming EGO solo, then you add me when I didn't ask for an add. Just because you guy's were killing EGO too slow, I wouldn't talk to you guy's while all of you keep on talking in party Chat: with your own Language which I didn't understand with, then you type in party chat Hongkonger", that only means you checked the website just because I didn't reply a single MSG while I actually was trying to farm rather then Chit-chatting, and Finally I call (Shit INT) because your priest was taking the advantage of me doing everything while he stand and only to throw one full heal for the party, when human comes he when totally AFK' and got everyone killed. this isn't the first time how you guy's Disrespect other's, by all means your Clan leader also has been doing the same shit for the pass 4days, even I did not post any of that.
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