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  1. 2) reason people doesn't kill is because is stupid to kill something that doesn't even drop like normal Rate, when is way to OP to even try kill it. it puts everyone off, I already mentioned before they should've made it response in every 5mins, and not just on 1 spot but it Pops up randomly in Bowl, then they wouldn't have to change to Stat from it.
  2. Dragon Tooth has always dropped Skeleton Belt, in a extreme low Rate, also Bronze Belt if i remember
  3. the rewards should not be changed till you can actually make sure the event is a clean play, Clan vs other people, group up team gang 1 as a group, and cheat so on and on, because this event is already stupid enough to have no fairness in it, so there's no point to even make any bigger rewards then what it's already
  4. I can only say the Slow effect is Bugged, I cure myself yet Icon is still effecting me on top screen, which means cure doesn't take off the slow
  5. I agree with No,2 pretty much don't care about No,1 too many cheaters in it
  6. seems to me you don't have a brain at all, when you copy a Char Link it means nothing, by the time GM get the chance to either read this report or done something about it, he could've traded his real char items to this char already. then the prove would be useless, use your Brain Kid.
  7. this dude logs for JM, when we all when to last room, he walks around, did nothing and when AFK, as you can see clearly this must be somebody 2nd account, login with more then 1 account, is nothing but an empty character. https://ibb.co/NtXFWPF https://ibb.co/86gZ7ZG https://ibb.co/2PmpM8L https://ibb.co/yk4VM9w https://ibb.co/fCP9ZnP https://ibb.co/Z1y015m https://ibb.co/MVLpVY9 https://ibb.co/tBD6nZS https://ibb.co/R7kqd5J
  8. the Cape is getting too boring with out having more chance to have more opportunities to pick a color, there should be a way to pick self color once reach to top grade, and long Cape, + more special Capes to choose from with extra symbols to allow people having something to look forward in. I am sure many people would like this to happen, it will cost more National Points from" Donation points of a Clan, but this is one way to put the National Points in use, rather then sitting there like nothing but numbers. and by saying this meaning" it can only be used to pay a better Cape/Long Cape/Self Chosen Color by Clan Donation Points, and not by the Character's, you could use Clan members to Donate extra Points with there own will" but it will only means once they Quit clan it will only Recover 50% of what ever they Donated. this is a good way to make the game to be more active, 1, people will not always Nation Transfer to mess up the Balance.( Because of what they have worked so hard with by Donating) 2, it will Motivate people to be more active to play/PK ( Because peoples mindset always want to look good and be the best in all kind of server to stay in 1st place) 3, you would put the National Points in a good use. 4, do not use Personal characters to get this done" because it will only means you will give extra Opportunities for people to sell High National Points account in USD ( that's the reason why I say it can only be done by Donation Points) 5, in every kill from PK Zone or War Zone should have a system of Receiving automatic clan Donation with 2-5 Points. ( Depends with the Clan Leader)
  9. this will only be complicated to reach out more Bugs may appear, but I do agree there should be a better solution to deal with AFKers, and people register 3+ character inside it and all character do nothing but AFK, I won't call out Names.
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