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  1. Bump..... Selling: RIng of Courage +1 FT Belt +1 2x FT Necklace +1 B> 1x Shio Ring +1! Warrior Chitins +8
  2. Bump..... Selling: RIng of Courage +1 FT Belt +1 3x FT Necklace +1 2x Imir Ring +1 (TRADING FOR Shio Rings +1 with some gold bars!) B> Iron Necklace! 2x Shio Ring +1!
  3. Bump..... Selling: RIng of Courage +1 FT Belt +1 3x FT Necklace +1 2x Imir Ring +1 (TRADING FOR Shio Rings +1 with some gold bars!) B>Iron Necklace! 1H Javana Axe +7!!!
  4. Small bump... selling extra items aswell: Ring of Courage +1String of Skulls +1FT Belt +1
  5. BUMP! Selling the following the item:Rogue REd Chitin Gauntlets +8 (50gb!) Ring of Courage +1 String of Skulls +1 FT Belt +1 And buying an Iron Necklace (in GBs) pm me ingame and we will sort out a good price.
  6. BUMP! Selling the following the items: Personal +7 (GBs only)Rogue RC Gauntlets +8 (50gb!) And looking for an Iron Necklace! (I can offer enough GBs, just pm me ingame)
  7. Bump... Selling lots of KC, Rogue Red Chitin Gauntlets+8 (65GBs) and looking for an Iron Necklace (offering 150 gb!) pm me ingame so we can talk!
  8. Bump, still looking for offers for the rogue red chitin gauntlets +8
  9. I agree, people keep wanting to change stuff that has been a vital part of the game for years.... no reason to change it.
  10. Not really, I'm just asking who you are ingame. I am repeating myself as all of you refuse to acknowledge the fact you ignored our rules which all of you knew damn well. The Iron belt drop was way later, the iron belt drop I currently use is the first one we decided that was going to be a clan item as would the rest that dropped, EVERYONE knew that, Pasghet aswell. Nobody forced you to join Blood, nobody forced you and your friends to do anything. You got the freedom to do anything you want, it was just a rule that any big drop that drops in a CLAN PARTY gets turned into a clan item and voted on by the loot council. We are not going to trade anything as you guys are trying to steal an item that rightfully belongs to Blood as it is a clan item and the leader, together with his assistants, decided that all big drops get turned into a clan item. IF any of you disagreed with it you could've left the clan at any point, nobody was stopping you. YET you all stayed willingly and knowingly how we use the system of big drops. It all started with the first iron belt, which was not the drop from Pashet and HELLBROTH and you know that aswell as you were in the loot council and helped decide on it. Stop acting like you all never knew the rules and act all ignorant about it. EVERYONE knows the rules, You and your whole group knows them too. You all stayed with us long enough to know the rules really well. And I'm not talking about your skeleton belt drop, I'm talking about two Skeleton belts I dropped myself and put forward in the clan as its better to gear everyone up. You can ask anyone in the Blood clan about this issue and they all agree that you need to give the Glass Belt back as it was decided on discord that you all agreed to Jews using it while he is within the clan. It was posted there and there was ZERO objections to it thus you all agreed to that statement. Saying now it was unfair and and never mentioned it a straight up lie and an attempt to scam away a glass belt. That's all I'm going to say about it. so TL;DR: 1. The Iron Belt drop from Pasghet and HELLBROTH came way after the first iron belt, when it was decided that all big drops go through the loot council and the items stay clan items. YOU were apart of that Loot Council aswell and YOU knew damn well how the system worked. 2. I was talking about the skeleton belts I dropped myself, not the one you got in a group. 3. On Discord it was clearly stated that he was voted on to use it while he was within the clan, NOBODY stepped forward and had any objections. NOBODY PM'ed myself or SinisterWar about it. Which clearly shows its a rule everyone knew about and agrees on it. (The link once again right here on the statement: DISCORD SCREENSHOT) The summary above is straight facts that everyone can vouch for, you guys ended up leaving due to an argument with some members thus revoking your right on the usage of that Glass Belt, which is why it needs to be returned. Please keep out of a topic you don't know anything about. Ask anyone about our system and they will tell you its fair and works just fine. But I'm glad you decide to throw around your "facts" based upon 1 situation, that definitely proves it all....
  11. And who are you exactly ingame? Never heard of you before. The rule specifically about big clan drops were always talked about. Even when you guys were around. He wasn't forced, it was a rule, that goes for every single big item. We never handed out any rule after that argument, we just put it out there once more to remind everyone we use that rule. That is why we posted it on discord aswell when we decided to give the Glass Belt to Jews. Check the screenshot, CLICK HERE FOR THE SCREENSHOT OF DISCORD, it clearly states him being given the GB by the loot council to use for the time he stays in the clan. EVERYONE was able to read that and EVERYONE understood it damn well. If you had any objections with that rule, you guys had plenty of time to say so which none of you brought up to the table. I'm very reasonable Geek, and you know that. Even all the fall out I talked to you about it to see if we could resolve it. Pasghet and HELLBROTH might've dropped that Iron Belt but all of you know the rule we use, we decide it with the loot council for someone to use during his or her time in the clan. Pasghet has been in the clan longer than ANY of you and he knows that aswell. That goes for several skeleton belts I dropped myself aswell as its a rule I agreed with when I joined. And on top of that, we decided that every big drop that was within the clan, was going to be a clan item from now on. You were on the loot council aswell Geek, you even agreed to it.
  12. The rules have been mentioned vocally to everyone in the clan. It just wasn’t written down at the start, doesn’t change the fact that it was a known rule to everyone. I was the first person to get a “big drop” item before everyone else in this clan and the rule applies to this item aswell. if I leave I have to and will return my belt as it is not mine. And this item I currently have goes way before Geek and everyone else involved were getting any items. Blood always works hard to gear their players, that goes for everyone involved in this discussion. We helped Pasghet, Hellbroth and Jews a lot with cheap or free stuff, uniques, gear, you name it. The same goes for Geek, selling my dual personals for a really cheap deal and giving you the option to pay it back over several weeks/months. This is why this feels like quite a stab in the back as an argument arises within the clan which apparently could not be resolved and we don’t get the items back that belongs to the clan. So I ask once again to return an item that belongs to Blood. You all were aware of the rules which were always discussed vocally on Discord and talked about in clan chat. If you say it only was said in Discord after the drop it is not true. @nikos32 I hope you can make an official decision on this as your decision will affect our clan rules. We might have to change our rules and the system we use to give out clan items for people to use while within the clan depending on your decision. But do look at the screenshots I provided. It was even stated in Discord as soon as the decision was made that Jews could use the clan item during his time in the clan which he read and acknowledged.
  13. Glad to see everyone spills their opinions in a topic you have zero say in.... Stop spamming a thread you don't belong in. We decided to use these clan rules to make it as fair as possible for everyone when it comes to item distribution. We have used these rules since the start... people join thus read and agree with them, if you don't like the rules... you know where to find the door... But there's no need to become a immature prick and belittle the rules just because you don't agree with them. They work fine for us.
  14. What a way to twist things around.. I'm not even going to bother against all of the above. These are just straight up lies... And I dont think you can speak for others like Pasghet.. I'll await Nikos his decision and see what he thinks about the clan drop and the rules we have had since the start of Blood, way before you guys even joined....
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