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  1. Hey man, just pm me ingame when you can. Will be online with the server restart. You are welcome to hop on discord for a chat aswell if you want! Discord
  2. If you can't even realise I'm trolling you every single time you PM me (I lost track of how many pms you send to me calling me a scammer, talking about dignity, demanding you get 10gb or you will post on ko4life and whatnot....) you are dumber then I thought. 😉
  3. Lol you're too dumb to even take a shit are you. He's saying that he's posting the shit your great "king" was telling him in PMs.... I'm glad the orcs voted for a player in APEX... bunch of lurers and children....
  4. Think the reason he posted is the poll, wondering why people tend to vote no and yes. It seems a there's a lot of votes for yes and a lot of votes for no.
  5. Updated... still looking for buyers for the following: 1h Javana Axe +7 (Ice) 2h Giga Axe +8 (Ice) 2x Shio Rings +1 1x Warrior Earring
  6. Why even start such a poll.. you can just move the characters around every five minutes so what is the point. That you’re frustrated with something that’s allowed shouldn’t result in a change of rules. There’s lots who multiclient and lots who use multiple pc’s. It is something you’ll have to deal with. Somehow most KO players nowadays can only whine and cry cause they dont step their game up, cant keep up with the way people play or aren’t good enough in a 1vs1 and report the player. Its just dumb behaviour... grow up and play the game.. its 2019 not 2002.. technology has changed a ton and there’s not a lot you can do about it.
  7. Doesn’t matter... luring isn’t allowed period.. and we’re not AFK... might want to read up what it means.. Sitting still on a character doesn’t mean we’re AFK, we’re all still actively playing the game. So your argument is invalid.
  8. Blood is recruiting! As the title says we're currently in the process of recruiting new members for the main Blood clan. Blood is a mix of active players from all over the world, who communicate in English and are actively using Discord as a way for fast and solid communication during PK, farming or just having a good laugh with eachother. We consider ourselves a dedicated clan with dedicated members willing to push themselves during PK, and helping out clan members whenever we can. As long as you put in the effort that shows us you are trying and willing to participate in PK, farming, waiting for boss spawns et cetera we will definitely see to it that whenever you need some help, we will be there for you. We strive to help clan members out as equally as we can, this goes for boss drops aswell. What we are looking for in new members is the following: - English speaking, having a mic is a big plus but not required, as long as you can listen in and understand what is being said during PK. - You're a teamplayer, you help out your fellow clan members when you can and you play with the focus of helping out the clan and yourself. This goes for PK, farming and doing Eslant bosses. - You're an active player, this speaks for itself. - You have decent gear, we dont expect full iron sets but we expect you to carry your own weight in PK. So do you think you have what it takes to join us and be apart of a dedicated, friendly and active community in KO then do not hesitate to PM myself, SinisterWar of Relvie. We can answer any question that you still might have and you're always free to join us on Discord for a chat and ask questions there. Discord link click here! If you think you dont quite yet meet the requirements for the main clan, then dont worry! We have plenty of room in the sub clan, we actively talk in Ally chat and we farm and PK quite often with those in the ally clan whenever there is a slot available. Its a pretty decent community right now and we hope you will be apart of it to make it even bigger! If you have any questions, feel free to Pm SinisterWar, Starl1ght or myself ingame!
  9. Well, it is what it is, and multi client is allowed... so your opinion doesn't matter and its not allowed to lure... its the rules. So if you want, keep luring and we all will keep posting the screenshots so in the end people get banned for it, its dumb and people should just follow the rules instead of this pathetic behaviour. Interference with users (i.e. spamming trade/party/clan requests, luring mobs, being AFK in event zones) Jail GM Discretion up to and including Permanent Ban Follow the rules or get reported and jailed/banned. It's not my problem and we will keep posting screenshots of it until people learn that there are rules you should follow even though you might not like them.
  10. And another one... I honestly couldn't care less, its against the rules to lure and its pathetic behaviour... Please deal with him accordingly GM's.... FeelMyFear luring
  11. As the title says... we are all fed up with his behaviour in Eslant... So here is the proof with lots of screenshots showing he's constantly luring on characters.... Screenshots showing TheBiladerrr luring in Eslant Please ban or jail him for awhile so he knows what he's doing is wrong... I pmed him, he just laughs and continues to lure even though its against the rules.
  12. Bump.. selling some more decent items!
  13. Bump.. looking for a lot of Shio Rings, a 1h Javana Axe +7 (Ice) and selling a lot of Knight Cash aswell, pm me ingame.
  14. I'm glad you know your shit dude! The knower of all things... just cause he has an american flag by his name doesnt mean its the same guy lol... Nice try through. I play with the guy daily, the banned character has nothing to do with him nor has Blood ever played with the banned character.
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