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  1. Updated, looking for the rogue shell pads & gauntlets +8, if you have them, pm me ingame and I will buy them from you!
  2. Current offers are already way higher so no thanks.
  3. Preferably 2x rof light + rogue shell pads/gaunts+8 or gbs.
  4. As title states, selling & buying some items: Selling:2x Flame Ring +1 2x Imir Ring +1 Warrior Earring +0 Buying: Rogue Chitin Shell Pads +8 Rogue Chitin Shell Gauntlets +8 PM me on Discord (Mesypher#1313) or ingame I won't reply on forum PMs as I dont read them.
  5. Dude's crazy, but thats a known fact... he's just trying to cry to get some GBs.. pathetic.. Ignore him Bozo like Shagala said and move on. No need to waste replies on this guy lol.
  6. Funny how only the Turks from Gamblers seem to negatively reply with zero logic behind it as usual while their behaviour is far from decent the last couple of days weeks.... 🤔🤔 on topic: Sinister is still an idiot in my opinion, but he definitely deserves another shot, a perma ban should not be for insulting, cursing or whatever.
  7. Well I certainly had a good laugh reading this topic. Gamblers trying to justify their dumb scammy actions....
  8. Welp... I tried asking ingame not to do it but they outright denied it so here we go.. PKing is fun and all but this shit is just weak... abusing walls to push your way through and make sure your mages survive. I honestly don't care what the opinions are of everyone or what kind of flaming war this will start.. I'll let the GM's decide. Let the flame/arguments commence! Click here for the screenshot
  9. With GM’s behaving like this its no wonder people keep leaving or taking breaks... GM’s should act neutral, mature and professional following the rules and guidelines in every situation instead of throwing their opinions on the table as soon as someone pops their head up you dont like as much.. just my two cents. On topic: I think he calmed down enough, a perma mute might be a good middle ground for the time being. Keeping him perma banned is just too much in my opinion. Dude has never cheated, used macro’s or anything else and some flaming and cursing should never be a perma ban.
  10. That still doesn't explain the reasoning behind it, can you tell us why and how with some good arguments behind that? How does this once again justify a permanent ban Majesty? Everyone makes mistakes as you just said aswell, some make more mistakes then others however this isn't a grave crime that was committed... It's just the frustration of a player, you should know that most players here have been here since day 1 and absolutely love playing here, myself included, I just do not see any reason to make this a permanent ban instead of a 3 day ban. Can you please try to add some arguments behind this ban? As most of us are clueless as how this deserves such a heavy punishment.
  11. HOW does this part exactly deserve a permanent ban? I am truly interested in your reasoning behind this as I see ZERO valid points for a permanent ban for just this single thing you perma banned him for. Nobody deserves a perma ban for flaming, or saying stuff about maybe playing elsewhere, that 2nd part is pretty much censorship and leans towards a dicatorship in which you cannot do or say anything unless the leader says you can.... Outright ridiculous if that is the reason you perma banned him for. I think you are going in the wrong way the way you act as a GM Majesty, no offense obviously, but a GM should always be neutral and look at the facts and circumstances that are at hand, and judge accordingly. I do not believe anyone would throw a permanent ban for this situation.
  12. Like I said, cant even talk logic with you guys... just wait out on @nikos32 his reaction instead of constantly yelling, be patient, its only a couple of days. There’s probably quite a few unknowns that Majesty and Relvie haven’t said or posted... so its hard to look at the matter and give your opinion on it without knowing everything.
  13. As Relvie said, both are incredibly toxic and stubborn with short tempers, a cooldown for both is what should be the reward. it is very clear that everyone sides with Geek as you are all fellow countrymen and whatever... but when that flag pops up all logic goes out of the window with you guys... there’s zero valid arguments behind everything you say afterwards. flaming and being toxic has sadly always been part of the game, but perma bans for this behaviour never has. People should just cooldown for a couple of days and get back to their senses. you should all know perma bans for flaming never happend.. it was always temporary bans and temporary mutes... koxp and botting is a different story. try to look at it from a neutral point of view for once instead of always jumping ship and defending your friend without even looking at what happend. Everyone in this situation made a mistake here and every single one should be rewarded for it, that goes for Sinister, Geek, Majesty and Relvie however a permanent ban is not something I think is justified answer to people flaming and being toxic. As I said before, perma bans should be for exploiting, bug abuse, koxp, botting etc...
  14. As I stated in some other topics I believe there's a huge problem when it comes to the economy that is currently running in this server. Prices are huge, the amount of GBs people have in the inn hostess is ridiculous and new players won't stand a chance to buy some proper uniques. How do you start a bit of money flowing out of the economy? By gambling some money away. How? A gambling NPC. Throw in a set amount of coins (like 250mil or 500mil) and get random rewards, for example, you throw in 250mil and you get a random set of frags/gems, it can be any type and any amount, but obviously the more rare the frags/gems, the lower the chance you can get them. I wouldn't mind seeing this at various price ranges ranging from 1GB up to 10GB, I'm sure plenty of people will take the risk knowing there is a slight chance of getting a good and solid reward. Let me know what you guys think!
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