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  1. And all problem is foverin 20 deff + 5 str more ? is it possible to make same stat with other elemental rings ? 20 deff and 30 poison
  2. man then raptor +8 =80 +30+30 = 140 poison damage Lugias +7 = 70 flame damage Tooth +7 =90 flame damage with dual fr 220 flame damage and even those + things ong lugias and tooth it should be 30 poison damage on foverin
  3. All elemental rings have 30 damage except Foverin its making high class items garbage all ppl using Hell breaker for damage diffrent even Raptor +8 worst than Hell breaker +7 ,Unique items have more Elemental damage , we already losing stats when we wear high class items. So Foverin should be give 30 like other elemental rings thanks
  4. you can see our warriors why you cant see that noob drain chars your party killed many time ? and we couldnt killed Frenzy clan help us Gm_Majesty was there and we tried to kill it like 1 hour maybe more
  5. Visual bug olduğu açıkca belli , Magenin tp yaptığı zamanlarda olabiliyor böyle buglar
  6. i think that guy bugged on ur screen its happen sometimes i dont even see where he attacking
  7. Man all party member can do same time not like 1 person loot all
  8. its mean like usko all party members can do same time
  9. Bencede eventler zaten arka arkaya cz ye çıkıp pk atacak zaman bile olmuyor
  10. There is no ring for poison weapons its gonna make poison items garbage Can you add poison damage on Foverin or you can create new ring same stat with other elemental rings thanks
  11. Mini bosses should remove from farm spots , it should be only way to get those items turn bowl
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