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  1. i thought its luis, my clan member.I just joked
  2. Joshit kanki,You know the real king is ThomasFuckingShelby
  3. And Luis can find a clan easily.I havent seen a better priest than luis for healer
  4. 06.00-21.00 my work time not like u kerkenez ^^
  5. Narco we wont play here,can u delete us ?We left ko till the september cause of all my clan full works.Good luck others i love u
  6. Nickos did you ask this question really?This is mage item.Other classes cant use,mustnt use.And if you decrease this fucking damage you have to decrease melee items.Im only the mage who writes under this topic.Fuck all meles these are our items.Someone writes make it 15 20 and for all classes.Really mage is stepchild?Go to hell
  7. If we start we will be human as a TURK MAGES
  8. In 1299 version servers laptop's Nvdia graphic cards doesnt see knightonline.exe.In profko,you solved this problem with .dll like yourko?
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