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  1. Thats not true @nikos32 , because this one phone is mine... and few hours ago it wasnt this...
  2. frist ss of saller the number is , " +306981981599 " and on second ....whattapp phone is " +306981891599 "
  3. Yoyoyoyo , Good evening to everyone.. Is that all because u lost CS while u was trying to scam it from us ? Still mad because i show you that scammers doesnt exit here or what ? Lovely lerroy.. Could u check ur two post about me , once ur icon once ur video ? Could u see any different bettewn those two things ? Because i can.... Or is that still for items that i payed tons of gbs to take ? Like story from HB +8....
  4. The HB +8 , bought also for gb's and it got cancel by ADMIN. Also for CHD +7 , you can pm the guy who sold it to me.. He playing very well.. so kinda change ur theory for CHD Why you are trying to ban me , that much u hate me or you hate the items i got ? Whats next now ?
  5. Told you long time ago , and ill tell you again.. Im not stupid to risk my acount for 10 or 100 gb you try to say , this MrCOMBO is not me take it or bring there PROOFS of what u writing about me.... other wish is kinda usless to flame me
  6. Lovely haters... Thank you imma fix it cuz a lot of ppl keep crying about CHD +7 or HB +8 I hope you are happy cuz HB +8 is delete because it was bought for USD ! About CHD +7 now... This " TomatoDePotato " has the CHD +7. I bought if full gb's , and nikos32 can check data base for the number of gbs i have give to this guy T_T whitch one was the seller for CHD +7. About Shio +1 , im not the only one who have shio +1 and maded ! Before you flame , RESPECT the other.
  7. Dude , if i wanted to sell for usd.. you think i would use this name or even the country ? How dare can you be about that ?
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