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  1. http://prntscr.com/polyq4 i tried to check what that means, but something relate to mothers and sisters xDDD well
  2. S> ROC +1 | CHD +6 | ROGUE BLACK CHITING BOOTS +7 B> SHERION +6/+7 | ~Trade the CHD +6 + GBS for Sherion +7 Pm me in game or reply here with ur nick thanks | miRaa
  3. Hello everyone, i was thiking that this server should add new effects, for 10k heal, torment visual on the ground, CC, and Lupin Eyes, thats was the effects that in my opinion should be added in the server
  4. Selling HB +7 Warrior Red Chitin set +7 pm miRaa in game or leave offers down here Thanks
  5. If u dont get it, we didnt sell the item, so how do u want a share lol
  6. Btw sexyspeedy that is not a robbery, he was ain 6 member blood pt, so the items got in the clan not a big deal lol, like i saied he is beging for items
  7. @SinisterWar can prove that u just beg for items and get mad about it Just like @Recone he begs for items, he is nice to u, when u dont give him the items, he start to offend u ahahah
  8. Still m8, u act like u are the best
  9. I had some motives to be rude... ur acts werent the best, thats why... If u still think u are correct well u have to get some help.
  10. After a DM event this guy "SexySpeedyZ" pm say i should go play mario and i suck at vs, well im a preist, and i rarely play warrior or assasin, so this guy insted to be shut he preffer to offend me with that shit. Well i dont get it. I get mad sometimes i rrly do, but some people just want to start a fight like this dude. http://prntscr.com/p19grh http://prntscr.com/p19h20
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