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  1. You know macro doesn't increase the speed of attacks right...? It just does it automatically, and as a warrior macro does not work because it will try to r too fast and cancel the attack.
  2. Sooo... how is Loyalty scamming ?
  3. I feel that it may make the use of personals go up and market on other items drop, but it is still an item and I feel should be trade-able/sold
  4. Loyalty is still here...just weeding out the unloyal players right now .
  5. There was no actual saying that we would share until after the fact, and when dank offered he said he will wait for nikos to log on and do it fairly, but they kept asking for cs "let me borrow it" "let me test it" trying to steal so he distributed the GBs between clan players who were involved.
  6. Its none of your business why he left and rejoined, Dev, there was never a deal set to split the cs with futility, and why would we distribute the gbs to outside clans after two players tried to scam the cs anyways?
  7. All gbs involved were distributed within the players in the party, drama caused problems within the clan and it is all being resolved, people are just jealous they don't have a cs lol. None of the rumors are true.
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