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  1. camels supporting kebabs, bring me clinex im about to cum or cry ¡¡¡¡¡
  2. I understand everything, even those things u're not mentioning. let me make a short resumen so you dont get lost, gm's shouldnt vote and never will, even less with 10 points, pls dont suggest such a thing like that on future. About behaviour of players i guess everybody can agree with u, but tbh its nothing we can handle...1 person 1 world.
  3. So if u dont believe on the person behind a GM char how da hell you agree with em being able to vote for kings with 10 points ?
  4. En el server de flegy se podia jugar con el antivirus on, cierra el tuyo antes de usar el launcher e intentalo de nuevo. igual con los firewalls etc
  5. i played against BenMarwen on others servers, items difference was the key there to he kills me, yet those were some fair vs. What im talking is anything absolutly different , some1 spamming minor on max speed ( if no program, 3x minors are needed for that speed ) and mana seens to be unlimited. I agree at year 2019 k.o players turned deficients and need some macros to do what we did on past, ok times changed, lets deal with it, but this isnt a simply macro. Apreciate your comments, im also bored on work and spam trash on forums , but avoid to comment again if isnt anything relevant about the case pls @Devo.
  6. Lordos, assasin, just tanked 1100 1000 950 1000 etc,( no reduction applied ) constantly and his hp bar wont even move, Im not a cameraman or a nation geo worker to run a record program or keep screen shooting like crazy since it proves nothing. Apreciate if some1 can check his logs, if results clean ( i wont believe it anyway ) i would apologize the player by myself for a false report.
  7. All combos are failing bud, helish its a skill with zero chance of failure..yet hitting 50 time to time like a spike. Warriors combo get stopped suddenly by no reason, same about assasins while minoring. The issue of combo its anything that needs a deep research by nikos but isnt only related to archers mate.
  8. Sadly soda i agree with you but those changes shouldnt be made, the problem here are the players , themselves, a single archer skilled playing like a normal person its not a problem, a bunch of asholes afraid of be touched would make archers partys in order to free ks everything around and ruin the server in weeks.
  9. There are a lot of countrys with his own cash devalued a lot compared to euro/dollar, even more than tl ,Yet no1 of those got so many k.o players.
  10. Im nothing related to this warrior, i dont give a fuk if he gets ip banned permanently, what pisses me off is kids with 25 years+ crying 24/7 because in a lot of years of this game they could not grow up as player as some others did and they start to create useless dramas eveywhere unless accept they are a piece of sht who cant dress himself unless he receives an order from ts/discord or w/e.
  11. 90% of k.o players knew this game after the american release, my wonders are how it got so populated on turk region since it was more publicited on malaysia , EEUU.
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