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  1. If you're talking about real money trading, that's correct. Selling of Knight Cash, Accounts, and all out-of-game transfers Warning, 1 day mute Permanent Ban (in all accounts belonging to the seller)
  2. Forum rules can be found here Game rules can be found here https://professionalko.com/?page=rules_of_conduct Keep in mind that we'll be updating it soon to make it clear about some more cases, for example: 1. clan drops 2. macro farm/xp 3. offensive language about family/religion/racism
  3. Nation transfers done after the release of the statues will not be taken into consideration.
  4. Another ProfessionalKO server that lasted for over a year and to be more specific, 1 year and 3 months, has come to an end. In a poll that was held between 06/09/2020 and 14/09/2020, after manually checking all the votes to avoid corruption (multiple votes per player, "no" votes from inactive players etc), the final results for a full server wipe are: Yes (67) - No (22). A big thanks to everyone who supported us. Together, we've shown to the PSKO community that we're still the only ones around who can run stable, active and long-proven v1298 MYKO servers. It's an honor and a privil
  5. Poll is still open and based on the votes it's still unclear if there should be a server wipe or not. So it would be nice if you stop provoking and stop forcing other people to vote for what you want. Calm down and accept that not everyone plays for the PK and not everyone likes 100 vs 100.
  6. I've just checked launcher myself and patch has been downloaded successfully. If the issue persists, download and apply the patch manually, or run Teamviewer and PM me the info.
  7. This is now in effect.
  8. Not sure why you think that this is an issue. I could send you a special patch if that really bothers you.
  9. How about letting them know about the existence of this poll and ask them to vote too. Because, if they want the server to remain as is, then they should start voting and share their main char name in here.
  10. Not that it really matters, but just for the record CZ is closed right now due to CSW.
  11. First of all, all of you who are still playing on our server, do not let this poll to affect your gaming experience (read below). I have no problem with leaving the server how it is, and I have no problem with giving it a fresh start either, so I'm going to leave it up to the community to vote on this, since it is you guys who use the server. if 50+ users vote "No" (and post the name of your main char. below, otherwise your vote will not be counted), then this poll will be automatically closed and no changes will be made. even if the above limit is not reached, we will not make
  12. From what I'm aware of, there are no bugs that needs fixing. The only area where our rule "Abusing bugs (including speed/wall glitching) for individual or team advantage" doesn't apply, is the CZ's central castle (and... that's just temporary until we fully disable the possibility of users walking upstairs). Also, there's a reason we've added anti-wallhack protection for all zones in our latest patch.
  13. This hasn't occurred again since last patch was applied, right ?
  14. NP, but it was automatically restored, all that you have to do in this case is to relog We are going to prevent such skin changes in next maintenance to avoid such confusion in the future.
  15. Added anti-wallhack protection in all zones (there won't be auto-bans because it's not 100% accurate yet, but it will be hella easy for us to analyze the data -daily or weekly- and punish the cheaters). Fixed an issue where warders and keepers were getting bugged when they were attacked by enemy nation's lured guards. The waiting period between each wave in FT event has been readjust. The waiting period for harder-to-beat waves shall be longer. Reworked Collection Race to support multiple races running at the same time. The area which can increase your nation's progress
  16. It doesn't matter if you try it from another drive, if you run both clients from the same folder then same issue may occur. Can you both tell me what's your OS and GPU ?
  17. A new feature, called Gold Premium Auto Loot, has been implemented. A character who stays online for 60 minutes and has Gold Premium Service active will be receiving 60 Gold Premium Points (capacity: 120). You can turn it on/off anytime by typing ".premloot". Auto loot duration is 1 minute per Gold Premium Point. An option to mute the merchant chat is now available. You can mute/unmute the merchant chat by typing ".mutemerchant". Negative-coins issue when selling stackable Gold/Platinum Bars or Rhodium to NPCs has been fixed. Rhodium can now be stacked and if no other bugs occur th
  18. It must be a recent Windows issue due to update or smth. Please try running the clients from different folders and let me know if this happen again.
  19. hey there, did you use 2 different client folders or launched the game twice from the same folder ?
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