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  1. Okay, found issue. Buff skills along with an issue of commanders' target mark shall be fixed on Tuesday or Wednesday with a server restart.
  2. Clan Message of the Day / Clan Notice has been implemented. Clan leaders have the ability to leave a message for the clan, which can be seen instantly if the member is online, or, upon login. You need to type .clanmsg and then the message you want to leave. You can remove the message just by typing .clanmsg Buff skills have been implemented. Inventory space is important and this will help you to get rid of almost every buff scroll package. You need Runes of Ultima to use the buff skills, you can buy the vouchers fro
  3. Monster Stones have been released and they can be found from most monsters in Colony Zone, from every boss, from monsters in Bifrost, from Servants of Isiloon in Hell Abyss etc. You can obtain Nest Scraps, Premium Service Vouchers (7 days) and Old Accessories from the Laonbelisks and Bravery Awards from the monsters in the Monster Nests. You can craft a normal accessory by upgrading 3x Old accessories using a Nest Scrap. The success rate is: 30%. Wars in-game poll system has been implemented. The poll starts 5 minutes before the wars begin
  4. 8. you'll need fire/ice/lightning/poison elemental essences, which can be obtained by melting down rings that contain elemental damage bonuses, in order to craft the BDW rings.
  5. I am back home since yesterday, everything's fine, thank you guys for your understanding & support. I'm getting stuff together right now and unless something unexpected happens (again), we'll finally restart and push updates tomorrow. Some additional information: 1. the bosses in monster nests will also drop Nest Scraps which can be used in Anvil to upgrade 3x Old accessories into normal one. 2. nereids island and oreads war maps along with a war poll system will be implemented, you will be able to select the war map by voting in game 5 minutes before the war begins. NPC
  6. There was an unexpected surgery to a member of my family and I had to take care of all this shit, I'm still not back home but expected to return in a couple of days and then we'll push the updates and resolve any of the latest issues asap.
  7. All the required items have to be in your inventory, so if you are wearing any of the 3 pendants then move it to your inventory. Also, please open the Skills window (K) and tell me if you see all skill pages unlocked or only the basic ? What is the message that you see when you try to complete the mastery quest ?
  8. @abettcrafting Wings of War @ 9:25 , crafting BDW rings @ 15:17 , Reforge @ 15:45. Monster Stones' drop more often from stronger monsters like Titan (including bosses).
  9. Vice-commandant Guards will be added in CZ bowl. They will drop JM gems. Every CZ monster will drop Monster Stones. You'll be able to obtain [OLD] Accessories, Premium PUS items and Bravery Awards from the nests. F/G/L/P BDW Rings will be released. You'll have to complete the quest to obtain them. Some crafting materials may change, the complete list will be shared in the patch notes. Reforge options will be available too. Wings of War will be released. Some bug-fixes and suggestions/improvements reported during February m
  10. It's not about network, we'll have to replace the ssd. It shall be done during March. However you shouldn't be lagging that much atm.
  11. There is nothing wrong with the Trina's Pieces. The success rate is higher when using them.
  12. If you want to start drama, do it elsewhere. Unrelated posts have been deleted. @NotSoBad has been banned for 72 hours due to false allegations and repeated insults. @GLaDiaToR888 and @Barbarossa have been banned for 48 hours due to insults.
  13. @BigHunter has been banned from forums for 72 hours due to false allegations. @zeiez what's your ign ?
  14. You've asked a dozen times and I told you to start a topic in Suggestions & Feedback section and we'll add it. I never said that we won't.
  15. On topic; Yes, some gamblers clan members passed through the 2nd gate (left one) during the previous csw and 3 of them were jailed. I don't know why you claim that it was just a visual bug, the gates were closed and warriors used Descent skill (or was it the lBarbarossal mage ? this one I can't tell for sure) to pass through them, also atm I forget the priest's name who run in the walls to distract the defenders who couldn't use any skills other than basic attack (R) on him.
  16. It has been repeatedly mentioned from my side that GMs have no authority to jail players in FT zone, considering this is not a PvP zone. This will be completely patched with the next server maintenance. But the question is, why did GM_Majesty and GM_Zeus sent players to jail zone. I would like to apologize on their behalf for this behavior to the players who have been jailed. All the GMs are now removed and I'll review all the cases. The players who were sent to the jail zone by a GM, while being in FT, will receive their FT rewards within the next 36 hours.
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