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  1. and what about the mastery items ? by the way, you're a mage and you're using premium potion packs, that's why you don't need them.
  2. Well, you are not the first who purchase KC and then gets banned for using bot. However, it's you who started this topic by saying "as far as I know, kosp is allowed" and my reply above was based on that. It was a GM who banned you and indeed your character looks suspicious on that video, however we've never banned anyone without 100% proof before so I need some time to investigate your case.
  3. kosp is forbidden. https://professionalko.com/?page=rules_of_conduct
  4. As others said, upgrading old rol/roc/rom has 100% success rate and it costs 25m coins.
  5. You've been unbanned however you won't be able to take the ownership of SupremeTeam clan. You'll need to make another one.
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