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  1. @BigHunter that strike is about trade spamming, not about offensive language. On topic; we've checked the whole conversation, and, NgnKtn provoked Harunga. There won't be any strikes applied.
  2. Confirmed, let me know when you're online. Edit: resolved.
  3. open Server.ini file and change ExtendedVisibility=1 to ExtendedVisibility=0
  4. Our new GM's are: GM_Ares (MY/ENG) and GM_Thanos (TR/ENG).
  5. _Hate_ is temporarily banned because he refused to give RoF to GM. Case will be resolved after I talk with the clan leader, bozo77.
  6. I sent a message to the users who are potentially going to be GMs and they have 12 hours to respond.
  7. I want to thank you all for your continued dedication and support. Also, I want to let you know that we will never stop providing you the best gaming experience and most bug-free content that is possible. We are no longer in need of Game Masters, thank you all for applying. We are going to review all the applications. 2x new GMs will be selected and will be announced tomorrow.
  8. Just for the record this is a hwid issue. If it wasn't fixed with 2020/03/13 patch then PM me with Teamviewer info and I'll fix it for you.
  9. Just as I thought.. there isn't anything we can do about it
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