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  1. Only if we remove the flame effect, otherwise you tend to avoid attacking those monsters
  2. +5 -> +6: 53% +6 -> +7: 28% +7 -> +8: 6% confirmed.
  3. Additional +50% XP event has started and it will be running until 24/07/2020. All the weapon and armor upgrade rates (WARNING: not the accessory upgrade rates) will be boosted by 3% until 24/07/2020. The rewards of the FT, BDW, JM, DM, LNS events and Merchant Tokens will be doubled until 24/07/2020. All the registered game accounts have been awarded with premium service, free-of-charge! Non-premium users have been awarded with 21 days of Bronze Premium Service. Users with active Bronze/Silver/Gold Premium Service got their Premium Service extended for another 30 days. You can refund the Premium Service for a 75% KC refund if you wish, via the Control Panel on our website. The spawn rate of Princess Lilian has been increased. Dragon Bones have been added on bosses. Leather and Ebony Ingots have been added on Cavalries. Refined Brimstones have been added as a FT reward. 3x for winning. Ebony Ingots have been added as a BDW reward. 3x for the winning team, 1x for the losing team. Silver Ingots have been added as a JM reward. 3x for the winning team, 1x for the losing team. 24.07.2020'ye kadar geçerli olacak ekstra %50 exp event aktif edildi. Tüm silah ve zırh upgradeleri 24.07.2020'ye kadar %3 oranında arttırıldı. (Takı upgradeleri hariç) FT, BDW, JM, DM, LNS etkinlikleri ile Merchant Token ödülleri 24.07.2020'ye kadar iki katı olarak verilecek. Tüm hesaplara ücretsiz olarak premium eklendi. Buna göre; Premiumu olmayan hesaplara 21 günlük Bronze Premium eklendi. Bronze, Silver, Gold Premiumu olan kullanıcıların premiumlarına 30 gün premium eklendi Dilerseniz bu eklenen 30 günlük premiumu panel üzerinden (Premium Cash Miktarı x 0,75 olarak) KC'ye çevirebilirsiniz. Princess Lilian bossunun çıkma şansı arttırıldı. Bosslara Dragon Bone eklendi. Leather ve Ebony Ingotlar Cavalry mobuna eklendi. Refined brimstonelar FT ödülü olarak eklendi. FT kazanıldığında artık 3x Refined Brimstone alacaksınız. Ebony Ingotlar BDW ödülü olarak eklendi. Kazanan ırka 3x, kaybeden ırka 1x. Silver Ingotlar JM ödülü olarak eklendi. Kazanan ırka 3x, kaybeden ırka 1x. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Se ha iniciado un evento adicional de + 50% de XP y se ejecutará hasta el 24/07/2020. Todas las actualización de armas y armaduras (ADVERTENCIA: no las actualización de accesorios) se incrementarán en un 3% hasta el 24/07/2020. Las recompensas de los eventos FT, BDW, JM, DM, LNS y Merchant Tokens se duplicarán hasta el 24/07/2020. ¡Todas las cuentas de juego registradas han sido premiadas con un servicio premium, sin cargo! Los usuarios no premium han sido premiados con 21 días de servicio Premium de bronce. Los usuarios con el Servicio Premium Bronce / Plata / Oro activo extendieron su Servicio Premium por otros 30 días. Si lo desea, puede reembolsar el Servicio Premium para obtener un reembolso del 75% de KC a través del Panel de control en nuestro sitio web. Se ha aumentado spawn de la princesa Lilian. Se han agregado huesos de dragón a los jefes. Se han añadido lingotes de cuero y ébano a las caballerías. Brimstones refinados se han agregado como una recompensa FT. 3x por ganar. Se han añadido lingotes de ébano como recompensa BDW. 3x para el equipo ganador, 1x para el equipo perdedor. Se han agregado lingotes de plata como recompensa de JM. 3x para el equipo ganador, 1x para el equipo perdedor.
  4. That's why I'm not willing to add Ingots on cavalries, because drops' count will be limited between 1 and 3. We were eventually going to add Dragon Bones on bosses anyway, but gotta do this sooner due to some complaints, especially from *cough* BiG_Hunter *cough*, for not getting any Dragon Bones during a JM instance. 3 Ingots for winning an event sounds fair ?
  5. How about... Dragon Bones on bosses Leather on Cavalries Ebony as BDW reward Brimstone as FT reward
  6. Isn't it harder getting dragon bones than leather ? I mean you'll have plenty time farming leather in the Bifrost zone. Maybe leather should be added on cavalries and dragon bones on bosses & BDW/JM/FT rewards ?
  7. Limited, not hard. Anyone who joins JM can kill the bone dragons. You get it wrong if you think that you're supposed to make +8 within a month, this is not the goal. If it's necessary we will, on next maintenance.
  8. There isn't suspicious activity on your account. Whoever logged in with your account had access to your computer.
  9. Hello, an e-mail with your account ID has been sent to your registered e-mail address.
  10. PM me in-game anytime between 15:00 - 21:00 Server Time. Edit: I can't be online until 20:00 tonight.
  11. This was mentioned once before but it didn't happen when we tested it, if I remember correctly. Was there any chat or chat-box message during your attempt to attack them ?
  12. It's not for solo-use, it needs at least 8 melee chars to destroy it. @johnb03 yeah, you just select the buff but then Spirit of Logos disappears, so only 1 player can get this buff. you can abuse the quest UI but you know, most players are greedy.
  13. We will start the item restoration on Saturday. Please be more specific about the date (within a 7-day range).
  14. We are not going to open another server.
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