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  1. Yes, adding the client folder in the exclusions list of your Windows Security will temporarily solve this issue. Added now, I forgot about it. For giving a chance to all players to kill the bosses, other than those who last killed them.
  2. Sorry for the confusion caused but cz quests and cr are not available in bifrost, I've edited the main post with the rest of the features which are included.
  3. We've tested all the weapons' damage before releasing this patch (patch release was delayed by 2 weeks for this reason), however if you think that there are weapons which deal less damage compared to the old ones (other than garges dagger) then please make a list so we can check them all during this weekend.
  4. This is an emergency maintenance in order to fix the following: Fixed an issue with the daily quests which first occurred on 14/09 and forced every daily quest to reset on every monster kill. Additionally, you still won't be able to complete it more than once within a day, but your progress will no longer reset at midnight. However, as it has been previously mentioned, we're generally improving/cleaning up our system and most of it is done on the fly. So, some of these changes will also be applied during this emergency maintenance but I am unable to list them all because none of them have been noted. If I remember anything else I will update this topic. The XP amount and items' reward amount is now included in automatic quests' description Beyond GODLIKE kill-streak's cap is now removed. You will continue getting it until someone finally kills you. 3x Blue Shards have been added to BDW and JM as a reward for the winning groups. Double Rewards event is still active so you actually receive 6x Blue Shards. Updated the Anti-Macro Captcha. Added a Border Defense War Lobby where all participants will be automatically teleported 1 minute before the match begins. If you are stuck in the lobby for whatever reason, you can use the char debug option at our website. A Collection Race will start in Bifrost when there is a draw or as soon as the gates are open to both nations. Stone(s) of PK, Blue Shards, kill-gift, cz rank, rival system, cz monument's NP bonus, LNS np bonus, kill-streaks will now be available in Bifrost too. A notice will appear at the top of your screen when a boss located in Moradon, EMC/LFC, Eslant respawn. P.S. Bifrost event will be started manually when the server is back online. Aşağıda bahsedilenleri düzeltmek üzere hesapta olmayan olağan dışı bir bakımdır. İlk olarak 14.09 tarihinde meydana gelen ve her yaratık öldürüldüğünde görevi sıfırlamaya zorlayan bir hata düzeltildi. Ek olarak; halen gün içerisinde birden fazla defa görevi tamamlayamayacaksınız ama gece yarısında sayılarınız sıfırlanmayacak. Fakat, daha önce de bahsedildiği üzere halen sistemimizi iyileştirmeye/temizlemeye çalışıyoruz. Yani bir takım değişiklikler uygulandı fakat hiçbirisini not etmediğim için şuanda yayınlayamıyorum. Aklıma geldikçe bu gönderiye ekleyeceğim. Otomatik görev açıklamalarında artık alınan EXP miktarı ve eşya miktarı bilgisi de görülebilecek. Beyond GODLIKE kill-becerisi kaldırıldı. Rakip tarafından öldürülüne kadar almaya devam edeceksiniz. Anti-Makro koruma sistemi güncellendi. BDW ve JM kazanan taraflarına ödül olarak 3x Blue Shard eklendi. Şuanda 2x ödül sistemi aktif olduğu için BDW veya JM kazanmanız durumunda 6x Blue Shard alacaksınız. Tüm katılımcıların BDW etkinliği başlamadan 1 dakika önce ışınlandığı Border Defence War Lobisi eklendi. Berabere kalma veya katılımın her iki ırk için de açıldığı zamanda başlayacak olan yeni bir Bifrost CR'si eklendi. Stone(s) of PK, Blue shards, kill-gift, intikam sistemi gibi CZ'de aktif olan tüm diğer özellikler artık Bifrost için de eklendi. Hatırlatma: Bifrost Etkinliği sunucu tekrar aktif edildiğinde elle açılacaktır.
  5. Actually, it was you who asked @Ajax for his items despite the fact that you knew he had hacked @Senmori, because... "it 'd be unfair for such good items to be lost in case you get banned".
  6. Perhaps because you suggested something whilst this one was a bug report
  7. @elProfessorGladiator888 told me about the drain abuse which I wasn't aware of (or I totally forgot about it) until yesterday, will see if we can find a proper way to fix this 'cause I really hate adding more of these monuments.
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