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  1. @SKEL you should stop falsely accusing other players. If you got something to say with evidence, please start a new topic in the right section, thank you!
  2. thanks for your kind words and your feedback, sadly it's a socket issue that's gonna take a while to get it fixed. I understand that it's quite annoying but it only happens about 4 times a month and if you follow the instructions it doesn't take longer than 10 minutes to successfully log in to the game.
  3. You can try on monsters too, but scarecrows' stats are very high, you won't notice the difference.
  4. But those who insult you should grow up. Those who're trolling or insulting others should realize that they're not kids anymore and should not be reacting like this.
  5. Castle Siege War has been released and it will take place every Sunday, starting this Sunday 18/08/2019 at 21:00 server time! Winner of CSW clan members will get 300NP + Blue Chest for every online member. Newly created accounts will have 3 days of Bronze Premium Service for free. Flame, Glacier and Lightning Resistance has been added on Destruction armor. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Catle Siege War etkinliği başladı. 18/08/2019 Pazar günü server saat 21.00'da olacaktır. Her Pazar aynı saatte başlayacaktır. CSW etkinliğini kazanan online clan üyeleri 300NP + Blue Chest ile ödüllendirilecektir. Yeni oluşturulan hesaplara 3 günlük ücretsiz Bronze Premium verilecektir. Destruction armorlara Flame, Glacier ve Lightning Resistance eklenmiştir. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ¡Castle Siege War ha sido lanzada y tendrá lugar todos los domingos, comenzando este domingo 18/08/2019 a las 21:00 hora del servidor! El ganador de los miembros del clan CSW obtendrá 300NP + Blue Chest por cada miembro en línea. Las cuentas recién creadas tendrán 3 días de Bronze Premium Service gratis. Se ha agregado resistencias Fire , glaciar y light en las armaduras destrucción.
  6. Deleted the spam posts, please stick to the topic.
  7. @BigHunter , were you online when we tested it ? I just called people from your clan, you know. Why would your clannies lie to you ? Fair enough but this has nothing to do with the stun rate that @BigHunter claims to be high.
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