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  1. All the required items have to be in your inventory, so if you are wearing any of the 3 pendants then move it to your inventory. Also, please open the Skills window (K) and tell me if you see all skill pages unlocked or only the basic ? What is the message that you see when you try to complete the mastery quest ?
  2. @abettcrafting Wings of War @ 9:25 , crafting BDW rings @ 15:17 , Reforge @ 15:45. Monster Stones' drop more often from stronger monsters like Titan (including bosses).
  3. Vice-commandant Guards will be added in CZ bowl. They will drop JM gems. Every CZ monster will drop Monster Stones. You'll be able to obtain [OLD] Accessories, Premium PUS items and Bravery Awards from the nests. F/G/L/P BDW Rings will be released. You'll have to complete the quest to obtain them. Some crafting materials may change, the complete list will be shared in the patch notes. Reforge options will be available too. Wings of War will be released. Some bug-fixes and suggestions/improvements reported during February m
  4. It's not about network, we'll have to replace the ssd. It shall be done during March. However you shouldn't be lagging that much atm.
  5. There is nothing wrong with the Trina's Pieces. The success rate is higher when using them.
  6. If you want to start drama, do it elsewhere. Unrelated posts have been deleted. @NotSoBad has been banned for 72 hours due to false allegations and repeated insults. @GLaDiaToR888 and @Barbarossa have been banned for 48 hours due to insults.
  7. @BigHunter has been banned from forums for 72 hours due to false allegations. @zeiez what's your ign ?
  8. You've asked a dozen times and I told you to start a topic in Suggestions & Feedback section and we'll add it. I never said that we won't.
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