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  1. Your account will be unbanned tonight at 19:00 Server Time but on one condition; I need a person to vouch for you.
  2. If this was a clan party we would ask you to give drop to the clan leader and let him decide if and how to be shared. A party of 7 members from 3 different clans is not a clan party.
  3. But you also said that you're leaving on 06/12 so what changed your mind ?
  4. Ain't you tired for being wrong about everything during all this months mate.
  5. They didn't try to enter by running through the gate though. Anyways they showed to me how they did it and it will be blocked on next server maintenance.
  6. I can send you patch to test it for a couple of days and if there's no issues to release it with next server updates.
  7. after 7 hours of non-stop and countless tests @JrAcura: https://ibb.co/rFPp5zf 😴
  8. The characters/players listed in this topic are 1) macro users (with strikes applied or banned) 2) bot users (already banned) and 3) users with suspicious activity (not enough proof for strikes or ban yet). There is a chance of some users being wrongfully accused.
  9. Events will be re-scheduled (especially the ones taking place during Peru's timezone), so if you're a malay feel free to suggest when events should be taking place during your timezone. After this re-schedule, the issue about some of the CR events not starting will be fixed. Also latins will have their own Last Nation Standing (there will be a POLL about this one) & Lunar War.
  10. @thefnl can you upload a screenshot of the issue ? @Old Professional open server.ini and make these changes in order to see anvil effects and wings: VisibleWings=0 ExtendedVisibility=1 to VisibleWings=1 ExtendedVisibility=0
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