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    please vote guys
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    the noah jackpot chances seem worse now. I think you meant that non premium users have lower chances now. can we have the exact rates of jackpots, old and new? looted coins in a party get split between members, and now the multiplier only applies for that small fraction of coins. the old behavior was better, the looter received the big jackpot. now any party member may receive a much smaller jackpot. also, the math on the multiplier is bad. can you please fix it? thank you! these changes only hurt the beginner farmers who are trying to catch up with the top clans that constantly get gold/platinum bar drops.
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    @nikos32 bro it really effect us negatively. The old appraoch was much more better. If you just fix it as old version i think we all agree. even i have gold premium i cannot reach a gold bar in an hour. waste of auto loots and time.
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    Same... the problem im my opinion wasnt the fact that mages are tanky, only how slow affects rogues and destroys their light feet. Other than that, i think theres no problem in letting mages use 1h staff.
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    i feel you brother - but as im guessing this feature wasent suppose to be implemented from the first place, but for my opinion if its gonna keep mages play with that setup - mind aswell keep it like it was before - cuz i cant see many mages in cz which create more challenge to the pk itself so i can agree with you
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    Exactly yes, jackpot is worse than ever now. I used to farm about 2.5gbs or 3 gbs in an hour, now I'm farmıng 120 max. Am I going to spend whole my life on for buying remarkable drops? Are u kidding us? I don't know why are you playing with the positive working dynamics of the server? Can u enhance and regulate the jackpot problem again? @nikos32
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    It should have never happened in a myko server, too much op. And yes I play mage.
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    Archers are fine since elemental dmg here is the key to max your dmg, so you can run with a 188 dex archer and u will hit like a truck anyway. Best combinations are those Sooperdoop told ya. Anyway at time of pk they are not as effective as should be because everybody here got way too much hp and mana so it makes your styx and ur 5x3 a lil bit "useless". About gb's Lets say a minimun decent gear could cost ya around 150 gb ( no longer than a week farming, usd transactions are forbidden here) And well dont expect a full geared warrior or assasin to tank you in vs, this server is a disco and everybody will want to dance around u
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