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    Those, who wonder how I change my gears during VS, can see at the following recording.. https://youtu.be/VzjiRuxR91M
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    I would agree with a 7 day ban for them for cheating. If they do it again perma ban.
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    7 days ban will make him learn his mistake and he wont do it again
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    evren aldirma moruk
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    Jana, this happened me this morning, be sure u got all stackable ítems at same pack. Npc recognizes 9+1 opals in my case and not. Stored them, picked again and I could master.
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    this is the reason i have an archer and don't use it. most people don't even know there is an archer combo. good luck on the jail appeals and i hope you get compensation for the unfair jailings....
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    lolz stop crying... if u want i can teach u, how to combo warrior.. just pm me
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    Hello @nikos32 @Majesty @Fluvius As you guys may have probably noticed, there is an issue with the balance between both nations atm. My suggestion to fix it, is transfer RememeberMe to humans, and ALLSTARS to orcs. Atm, ALLSTARS and Empire are too much for orc nation to handle since there aren't any active, good orc clans out there(Except for Blood, which isn't enough tbh). I think this will spice things up, strenghten the orcs enough to be able to compete with Empire. I really love this server, but as things look right now, orcs are getting frustated from each passing day. Just to clear things up, I have nothing against Empire(GamblerS), on the contray, I really like them, there are plenty of good guys there, its just that theyre far far ahead in terms of gear and skills than all the other clans, which can ruin the server eventually, if there won't be any solution to this case. Correct me if im wrong, open to suggestions ofcourse.
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    ROFL loved the apple sound xDDDD
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    i agree with just 7 days ban, sure, if its the first time that him use this abuse anyway, we need good humans and good orcs to have fun in any Knight, the orcs just need to be more organized ^^
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    He's using right click, why are you saying that he's not ?
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    i wasn't there, but my ppl really enjoyed it :3 GOOD JOB ALL
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    most fun ever and it took quite a bit of planning but worth it!!
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    I was imprisoned on the grounds that I used a macro about a week ago. I don't use macros. I play the archer character well and I can combo in a good way. 3-5 combos is a nice combination known for archers. Sometimes there may be image bugs about it. For this reason, I request the examination of the two strikes I received. If you still have doubts about this, you can connect to my computer and investigate.
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    rip. orc side lost an iron neck. now they got +1 more excuse to blame us about having more items
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    Exactly. There is no rules specifically against what he did, but being ignored for being untrustworthy is worse than any sort of official punishment. I can only speak for myself but there is no way in hell I am adding this guy to any party, and I don't think any Blood members will as well. It's just too high of a risk knowing he is who he is.
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    Ashole actitude but nothing staff shall care of
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    Isn't it this one ? https://ibb.co/dr7FHgy
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    Password in website are case sensitive... there may be a capital letter somewhere
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    yeah.. this should be done on Monday, as everyone already hates Mondays
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    On patch1316 we applied an extended range of rendering patch, which fixes the issue I mentioned above. Due to FPS drop issue reported from players with low end PC's (especially from laptop users), that patch is now optional. On our upcoming patch1319 you'll be able to turn it off by changing ExtendedVisibility=1 to 0 (enabled by default) from Server.ini file. P.S. This also fixes anvil and item effects when area is crowded.
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    Firstly i am so sorry to my clanie use cheating tool. I wrote to nikos if he use hack tool pls ban him. I hate all cheater in my clan or not.
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    Malum şahısın akıl sağlığının yerinde olmadığını düşünüyorum. belki güzel bir cezayla bir daha böyle bir ruh haline girmesi engellenebilir. tabi böyle birşey mümkünse
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    @nikos32 If You can, please re-reduce them It was only for fun, but it comes with a bug, so.. +1 for us to know that I dont need that eq to be reduced, so please fix it to nonreduced in Your free time, thanks a lot
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    good clip bro. u are a good warrior. we know that.
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    moruk sende çok hızlı basmışşın acımadan bize bu acıyı yaşattığın için teşekkürlerimi sunarım...
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    fökörlörönü köndönö söklö bön hörşöyü bölöröm
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    O bölgede kimi tp yaparsa yapsın altta görünür. Tıpkı bowldaki kale gibi. aslında çektiği kişi kendi ekranında üst kısımda görünüyor. insanları karalamadan önce 2. kez düşün yetmiyorsa 3 4 5 ...kez daha düşünebilirsin..
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    sizin için problem değil. sahte forum hesaplarıyla oy verirsiniz burada da.
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    Server will remain offline for a couple of hours. Please be patient. We are sorry about that problem.
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    upgrade basic item for new player.
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    im from RememberMe and i think thats a good idea, we need to balance CZ with clans that have a similar time-zone u can check site, when have 30 humans have 10 orcs when have 10 humans have 30 orcs definitely unbalanced
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    LOL .... @JrAcura you have no shame? they unlocked you for crying as I would like the whole server to join and not play so that only your clan goes to colony. @nikos32 @Observer @Fluvius @Majesty TY FOR UNBAN CHEATERS...
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    I will give u 15 hours training sessions for that IN 😉😄
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    I think the rules are pretty clear on this... as its a team advantage in this case. 😊 Abusing bugs (including speed/wall glitching) for individual or team advantage
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    Yapılan eylem her şekilde kurallara aykırıdır. Burada ki asıl sorun. Yapılan eylemin clan olarak yapılıp, bir usere mal edilmesidir. Oyun davranış kurallarında bununla ilgili net bir cezalandırma yok. her ne olursa olsun bu yapılan eylemde süresiz yasaklamak doğru değildir. Daha önce buna en yakın benzeyen durum, 'NPT' yaparak 'CR' ödülü alan oyunculardı. Bunlara 3 gün yasaklama / Np lerinin silinmesi yada Hapis cezası verilmişti. Tekrarı durumunda sınırsız yasaklanma verildi. Bana göre bu yapılan eylemden elde edilen hiç bir şey olmadığı için yasaklamanın doğru olmadığını düşünüyorum. Bir yöneticinin böyle durumlarda verebileceği en doğru karar, Gamblers clanını'1' kereliğine Clan War' dan men etmesidir. Aynı eylemin tekrarlanması durumunda ilk verdiği kararı uygulayabilir.
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    o ankaraya gelıp bızzat zıyaret etcem la senı ısallah yolum duser bırgun valla cok merak edıyorum seni
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    ele deme abisi hem insan hemde delikanlıymış.
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    It possibly is doable
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    Bilader yazdığın bütün kurallara uygun 50 tane hesap açmayı denedim olmuyor. Çok mu uğraştınız bu kayıt sistemi ile. 500 tane pwp oynadım kayıt yaptım ilk defa böyle bi sıkıntı yaşıyorum
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    It was a mistake. He said sorry on what has happened. Please do consider this appeal. Not much of active friends i have here anymore.
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    24 hours was already over.But still no compensation.Say him to "nice job admin"
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    harbiden ayıp ediyorsunuz ben mage değil miyim hiç mi işe yaramıyorum? humanları temsil ettiğimi düşünüyordum. yazıklar olsun
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    valla moruk ben öyle birşey demedim ama taşın canı sıfırdayken gidip kesebilirdik siz kapısırken
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