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    Hello everyone, my name is Myrella (the actual king of humans). I try my best to make some events like pm's and many others to entertain human side. Everything I give is from my own personnal farm and i'm very happy to distribute them away! Now, I would like to make something new BUT to only new players THAT WILL not be in my clan. So at 00:30:00 Server time (17:00 pm Canada time (my time)) at Tuesday once again(my time) which will be Wednesday for the server. I will make a GB's event! Overall here is the following rule : 40 GBS overall will be distributed among new players to either help them to buy items on market or collect more money for various items in later dates. Once called ; every pm for a short time during the unblock pm OF EVERY USERS will be rewarded with GB'S shared on how many players pm'ing me. Don't forget!!!!!! My clan is not allowed to participate!!! ONLY NEW MEMBERS !!! WWWWOOOOWWWWW To participate in this event. You only need to log in during the event and pm at the right time! I know most of the players here and their alt chars! I will also check your info on the panel! I will also keep going with pus items pms! Stay tune! Few more events in mind ongoing!
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    Hello, you know we dominated server , noone come to Clanwars, csw and cz, for months. we dropped 80+ ring of felenkor AT OUR CLAN PARTIES. we gave to rof ppl as long as they play in clans. but they disband to clan and go other clans also they created clans. we want to rofs back. we voted at discord it. everyone say yes. dear gms, could you take rof from their chars for us? Best Wishes, Ngnktn
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    Who are you and what's your point about Rof? I'm willing to help newbies with some gbs to let them get some gear.
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    i dont care actualy he cant pm me bc i fuk his mouth alot time whatever good night
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    Hello everyone you all know me and how much i do hate scammers since we are small community just want everyone to know about this so here is our scammers for this year and last year 1. ChuckyMyDeath - Scammed a lighting rof from blood when he was running alone and we took him for pk - he couldnt kill it alone - we killed it he got the drop, quitted the party and change to human side - after all he joined Gamblers sold his daggers - and after he couldnt find new 1's he quitted the server - those days hes playing with Hate clan. 2. Martin - scammed an iron necklace from BraveHeart. couse them to quit the server cuz of it, those days hes not playing the server - the shame of what he done couse him to do it. 3. _Hate_ - trying to be look like a poor lil guy that trying to struggle on the server, not true - when he was in the human side he was in my clan tried to pk with us he was pretty decent at the beginning but then he started to grief our pk parties got kicked, then he changed to the orc side joined Hate clan was there for almost 1 month, then a Fire rof was dropped and he got it, Refuse to give to the clan leaders then left the clan - those days hes playing on GamblerS Guys im not trying to flame or make drama - i just want justice - and im not expecting any of the GM's or the admin to ban them - i just want you my lovely friends to beware of greedy and scammers people like those - watch it. im here for you allways - Sculpy ÔŁĄ´ŞĆ
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    ─░lk uyar─▒m. Hangi ─▒rk olursa olsun ┼ču ┼čekilde konu┼čamazs─▒n─▒z. Herhangi bir ─▒rka dair nefret s├Âyleminizi tekrar g├Âr├╝rsem uyar─▒dan ziyade yapt─▒r─▒ma gidece─čim. Bu konuyu burada kilitliyorum, ├Âzel mesaj yoluyla bahsetti─čim gibi konuyu tekrar a├ž─▒n, elimizden geldi─čince ilgilenmeye ├žal─▒┼čal─▒m. Sayg─▒lar─▒mla.
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    Our new GM's are: GM_Ares (MY/ENG) and GM_Thanos (TR/ENG).
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    Arabs vs jews...7/10 dramalar.
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    Whats up with people and items in this server? It looks like so many past clans in this server were trying to enslave their members so hard that it finallly exploded in their faces. Blood were stupid enough to believe all the items in the clan are theirs and if some1 decided to leave the clan, all the items he obtained should be returned back. That's a foolish, greedy, and selfish act! it only makes your clannies feel like minions and slaves, nothing more. Now Ngn's topic is making gamblers look just as bad as Blood. Get it out of your system guys! If a clan decided to give a certain item to a player, it's because he earned it at that certain point in time. in other words, he earned it fair and square. He fulfilled his role as a player in the clan, proving he is a good person, helpful, caring or whatever it is, and so he deserves to keep that item for himself. He is not borrowing the item, he earned it, its his item from now on. Whether he quits the clan or stays, that's his decision. We are all human beings, free to do whatever we like. Items shouldn't bind us to a certain clan. that's just not how things should work. If you dont trust a single clannie, or you dont think he deserves to get any item in the first place, just dont give him one. But if you decide to give him an item, it belongs to him and not the clan anymore. Yes, it's that simple. Look at TheReal/High Landers, do you have any idea how many valueable items were given away to clannies in the past few months? You can take a look in the panel for yourself. Any member from our clan is safe to do whatever he wants, if he wishes to leave then so be it, its his choice and we will respect that. Sculpy and High Lander's leaders never demanded and will never demand items returned to the the clan from leaving members, because they earned it. Some of Hate's clan members came from the TheReal and received most of their gear from it. You don't see us reaching to them and asking for the items back, even when sometimes differences and arguements ocurr, asking their items back is just not an option, because it's no longer the clan's items and so it's no longer our right to ask for it back. Anyway, What Sculpy is trying to say in this post, is that these players are not trustworthy anymore, their actions prove it. You can do whatever you want with that information. Enough with the Drama, Play and let play.
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    Dear Knights, You can always discuss about everything that you want. However, while doing this, PLEASE pay attention to be polite. And PLEASE pay attention not to be insulting, and rude. Best Regards. De─čerli ┼×ovalyeler, Forumda istedi─činiz her konuda tart─▒┼čabilirsiniz. Fakat bunu yaparken L├ťTFEN kibar olmaya ├Ânem g├Âsteriniz. Ve L├ťTFEN k─▒r─▒c─▒ ve kaba bir dil kullanmamaya ├Âzen g├Âsteriniz. Sayg─▒lar─▒mla.
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    @ChuckyMyDeath It doesn matter if a GM told you to keep the ├ştem I dont give a f***, you know inside of you (if there's conscience there) that this ROF is not yours, you just acted like these jerks Yavsakpriest and Jacklight from AYRINTI clan trying to KS our drops every fucking day since last week. So for me, you're not TRUSTABLE.
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    Im i dreaming or what? I totally lost the 1% respect left for you Gamblers. You are perhaps good players, but one thing is sure you are brainless. When you help a player with gear, this does not make him your slave, we also geared players that chose to leave the clan later, they are free to do so because they earned those items by helping the clan at that moment.
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    U r not Sheitan, you are just a fat guy who cant even cum for sure­čśé
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    Best king in the server so far! Great guy overall with good intentions, and the fact he destribues his own items says it all.
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    you guys deserve to not get shit from felankors - you guys trying to ks and lure our felankors - duchbags.. and what him beein a king has to do with ingame bugs ?!?! how brainless you are ???
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    You and Sculpy = ÔŁĄ´ŞĆ ÔŁĄ´ŞĆ
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    Myrella is a good king. he is the one who knows how to share. he helped me much when i was orc king. he gave me many rol, roc, ce, re, kc items ...he just told me. give this items to newbies.
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    Chucky you and your SORRY ASS scammed a blood party for a ROF (call it whatver you want it was a clan party AND YOU KNOW IT ), that I was a part of, after which you NTed and joined gamblers. Now your SORRY ASS is coming and crying all over forums about someone scamming you. Just sad. So so sad. Not even talking about respecting other people- you clearly don't respect yourself and are just making yourself look bad. Just one word- KARMA.
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    Hello, this post went far more then it should be. issue has been solved MrTank got banned. OrpHeuS items has been restored to him.
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    its impossible. hes like a little kid dont listen bro im sorry for his rudeness people in my clan are respectful
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    Tank , it is not probably you but it was your cousin Wachio. He was planning on coming back in the server.
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    @nikos32 knows absolutely nothing about the subject, I assure you, I only gave a name that he exchanged with Niko without fixing the date.
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    You got hacked by MrTank187.
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    King Election ha comenzado. El rey electo de una naci├│n ya no puede usar Nation Transfer. Ahora puede convertir 150x MoC, 200x MoC o 250x MoC para un cup├│n BDW, LNS o FT respectivamente. Butterfly Wings se han lanzado y se pueden obtener matando a la princesa Lilian el unicornio en Goblins 'Cave. Tenga en cuenta que la probabilidad de que la Princesa Lilian sea convocada tras la muerte de Rainbow Goblin es baja (si es necesario, aumentar├í en el pr├│ximo mantenimiento del servidor). Se han solucionado varios problemas menores (principalmente efectos). Disminuy├│ el HP del Monumento Bifrost a la mitad. -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ---------------------- Krall─▒k se├žimleri ba┼člad─▒ Kral se├žilen oyuncu art─▒k NT kullanamayacak 150x, 200x veya 250x Moc itemlerini BDW, LNS veya FT kupon i├žin de─či┼čtirebilirsiniz Butterfly Wings duyuruldu ve Princess Lilian yarat─▒─č─▒n─▒ Goblin ma─čaras─▒nda ├Âld├╝rd├╝─č├╝n├╝zde elde edebileceksiniz. Princesa Lilian yarat─▒─č─▒n─▒n Rainbow Goblin yarat─▒─č─▒n─▒n ├Âl├╝m├╝ ├╝zerine gelmesinin ┼čans─▒ d├╝┼č├╝k oldu─čunu unutmay─▒n. (E─čer gerekli olursa gelecek sunucu bak─▒m─▒nda bu oran y├╝kseltilebilir) Bir ka├ž sorun d├╝zeltildi. (├žo─čunlukta efektler) Monumento Bifrost HP si d├╝┼č├╝r├╝ld├╝. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ King Election ha comenzado. El rey electo de una naci├│n ya no puede usar Nation Transfer. Ahora puede convertir 150x MoC, 200x MoC o 250x MoC para un cup├│n BDW, LNS o FT respectivamente. Butterfly Wings se han lanzado y se pueden obtener matando a la princesa Lilian el unicornio en Goblins 'Cave. Tenga en cuenta que la probabilidad de que la Princesa Lilian sea convocada tras la muerte de Rainbow Goblin es baja (si es necesario, aumentar├í en el pr├│ximo mantenimiento del servidor). Se han solucionado varios problemas menores (principalmente efectos). Disminuy├│ el HP del Monumento Bifrost a la mitad.
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    @TerminatoR Busted Ôťî´ŞĆÔťî´ŞĆÔťî´ŞĆÔťî´ŞĆÔťî´ŞĆÔťî´ŞĆÔťî´ŞĆ You cannot escape justice! Good riddance TerminatoR, I hope next time you cheat, do it smarter.
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    Hello guys, Hey nikos ! I see that the game is starting to come back with a good action, But I have two thoughts, and if you like it, you can give me your voice. First : I see a lot of players have rings of Felankors ( Flame / Light / Glacier ) , But why not add new Felankors differently but be poison damage This would be good for many players who have poison weapons and don't use them , When they own this ring, they will use all poison weapons . The second : (Event of last man standing) I see everyone entering this event just to kill the mini illislon But we can add in this map {Atross Riote} Or any good-looking monster who can kill a maximum of 5 people and be Drop A maximum of 100 Cash Knight . ­čĹî By Chucky Hope you'r Guys Liked it
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    Stfu u carry the weirdest face ever seen
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    95% of assassins are using some sort of cheat. how can a sin, fully debuffed , tank a full str bp with just minor heal without curing? just plain impossible. i won't start name calling, we all know who the cheaters are, they're only fooling themselves.
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    I lived in Perth for years, no one talks like this. Maybe if you live in a shithole neighborhood.... oh well. You may be an atheist, but you mentioned Khaybar with the intention of relying on others people ignorance to fly this under the radar. Why do you put people in a situation where they need to choose whether to go down to your level or not? Do you think derogatory ethnic slurs exist only one way? We already know you're a cheater in game, but you can't have a bit of class out of it? ban this guy for being a pussy in game and an asshole out of it.
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    Sculpy you can mute me for this no problem I will take it. dominator not only you are a horrible cheater that makes it super obvious (I mean, at least do this properly), not only from what iv'e heard no one here likes you (except the people that benefit from your cheats or you bribe them), you are also an islamic supermacist even if its just for the troll of it, which still doesn't make it okay in the slightest. Basically, you suck, no one likes you in the game and to top it all off you are a shitty person. You have won the ultimate jackpot of shitty qualities. Congratulations. p.s Nikos or whoever is in charge please ban this prick so he can go back to his miserable life outside of this server.
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    Trust me, they are not the only one, but some cheaters are smarter than others, in some cases its just too obvious. But you said it all, they can only fool themselves. ­čśë
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    100% clear cheating. No place for this on the server.
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    you can download Ui and Ui_us from this 2 links and you put in folders professionalko Ui : https://easyupload.io/x1eqy6 Ui _ US : https://ufile.io/w1dckb07 you Can download Skin from here if you got error with first links . Ui : https://ufile.io/947uvs7x Ui _ US : https://ufile.io/w1dckb07 photo for skin <<< https://imgur.com/czrnuEi This link also for all effect you need :
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    why you are talking what server need? first be active.
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    Well he made some mistakes and talked shit to many players (including me) but we are human beings, and we live through an endless learning process, so I think this break made him think about all his behaviours towards people. I say give him a second chance and unban him.
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    U didn't Scamme blood clan on( IN ANDIB)? And u went to gamblers
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    Than why did you send that one? I am completely done about that subject.Everybody see here who is lying or who is talking right. Who is right or who is wrong. All i see When we take a leave from server there are too many dishonest player produced. All i see in game or in forum derelict dogs are Barking
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    this is by far the funniest post i've ever read on this forum. lmfao!!
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    guys give that kid some attention he really wants it.
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    Do you have poop in ur brain? We are talking about clan drop, not chucky here
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    30 tane ROF CIKARMISLAR Double char dizeninden tut +1 deneyenlerden bu adama s─▒ra gelmemi┼č. zaten gelmez de Adams─▒n 'hate' iyi yapm─▒┼č┼č─▒n. Zaten foto─čraflarda da clan party oldu─ču anla┼č─▒lm─▒yor. Bunlar anla┼čmal─▒ oynuyorlar. Ge├žen g├╝n biz felankor keserken gelip 15 adam yan─▒m─▒zda oturdular bilerek karuslara dalmad─▒lar. Yasaklanacak bir davran─▒┼č oldu─čunu d├╝┼č├╝nm├╝yorum.
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    Hes our friend,hes our member now,we dont care about rof like morons,open him we took rof for him too
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    Death, why no up movie of our vs? :D, but nice movie bro gj.!
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