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    Sup everyone? Second PK movie is finally out! Hope you guys enjoy, feel free to comment
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    Hello everyone, Some guy posted photo here forum before. About BLOOD clan. South Afrika guy use 93 char now. Care next king election RememberMe clan wkwkwk XDXD ­čśé­čśé Sory bad english..
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    @Old Professional sen ne kadar b├╝y├╝k bir i┼čssiz la her┼čeye hikaye yaz─▒yorsun
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    i would suggest something like a mini colection race inside the ft, (example kill 1 deru 1 fallen angel 1 dm) or something like that, with an average but worthwhile reward that might keep the guys from afking with 3 or 4 acounts and actually put some effort to win the cr inside the ft,
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    Stats of vice-commandant Guard have been boosted. Stats and item drops of Ultima have been boosted, it shall now drop 2x uniques with 100% drop rate (there cannot be two in/ib/gb in a loot-box). Bravery Awards have been added in the Border Defense War, 10x Bravery Awards in victory and 5x Bravery Awards in defeat. The king elections have started. Halloween event will start on 18/10/2019. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- vice-commandant guard yarat─▒─č─▒n─▒n statlar─▒ art─▒r─▒ld─▒. Ultima bossunun statlar─▒ ve droplar─▒ art─▒r─▒ld─▒. %100 drop ┼čans─▒ ile 2x uniq item d├╝┼čecektir. (ayn─▒ kutuda iki adet in/in/gb olmayacak) Bravery Awards Border Defense War etkinli─čine eklendi. Kazanan taraf 10x, kaybeden taraf 5x Bravery Award kazanacakt─▒r. Krall─▒k se├žimi ba┼člad─▒ Cad─▒lar Bayram─▒ etkinli─či 18/10/2019 da ba┼člayacakt─▒r. -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- --------------- Se han aumentado los stats del vice-commandant. Se han aumentado los stats y drops de Ultima, ahora dejar├í caer 2x ├║niq item del 100% (no puede haber dos in / ib / gb en una drop ). Se han agregado los Premios Bravery en la BDW, 10x Bravery Awards para los ganadores y 5x Bravery Awards en los que pierdan. Las elecciones del rey han comenzado. El evento de Halloween comenzar├í el 18/10/2019.
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    i have one advice for you, break your pc and get a life kid:)
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    It's part of this freaking game: YOU GET KS ANYTIME (at pk, boss time, farm time, you name it) and even U$KO and most servers keep this feature. I don't like to be KSed too, but it's what it is. GL at boss hunt mate, cheers.
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    1) Patch g├╝ncellendi ve giri┼č problemleri d├╝zeltildi. 2) Clan War etkinli─činde ayn─▒ ─▒rktan birbirini kesen kullan─▒c─▒lara gelen ve giden NP hatas─▒ d├╝zeltildi. 3) Krall─▒k se├žimleri ba┼člad─▒. crazy_boy secret mate ­čľÉ´ŞĆ
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    if you really think there is more karus then humans then i tell u what to do loggin more often to the server not only when u want then u see how many humans
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    1000x talos sq no drop only ske belt :D
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    Buff the drop rate as soon as possible.Most of the items are either overpriced or very difficult to find.10%-20% buff to the drop rate should do the trick.
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    His characters : Hityoulikeatruck and TheJudge i think he has also 1 mage but i dont remember his nickname.He also has multiple forum accounts.Always supporting himself.Dont mind him just ignore
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    Hi gm @nikos32 @Majesty @Fluvius @Observer , ISILOON bug again , we killed the isiloon and the box could not be opened.. WE need help. https://ibb.co/8sPn67s
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    my question is help me, my contry Bolivia Need Flag
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    Make sure that you've downloaded all the client patches. You're probably missing the goku patch.
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    senin i├žin T├╝rk├že ├ževiri yapt─▒m
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    did you literally take ss of every single item and posted here, rather than giving the link of the char? you are weird bro.
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    dont make an excuses when u lose a battle hahaha
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    This bug was fixed on 02/10/2019.
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    I think B, and it could be 15 for the winner, excellent idea Fluvius.
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    WHy not???? insane???? play with adventage is not the way to prove that you are good player.
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    Hello, you can't run KO directly via mac OS but you can do it via https://www.parallels.com/products/desktop/ or https://www.winehq.org/
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    Hello guys and dear Gm and Admins, I didnt play Ko for 11 years but i wanted to came back.I wanna launch it on macbook air but couldt make it happen .So What Should I do? I cannot Buy New pc By the way its not an option:d Sevgili arkadaslar merhaba ko ya geri donme karari aldim ama Mac Kullaniyorum Acaba Nasil Yukleyebilirim Yardimci Olursaniz Sevinirim
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    I know , It was at the time of today, that passes the moments of no pk, the imbalance was almost 1pt of human but it was regulated with the minutes, until the clan gamblers , they retired little by little and I am more than balanced. Anyway I invite you to connect at 06:00 server time, The beginning of the FT will arrive and after that continue the hard pk in bowl ­čĺ¬ accompanied with the cr pk ­čśČ
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    What time? at nigth time there are 3 clans orcs: Blood, RememberMe, 7DeadlySins
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    Hi Guys, Sry for taking your time again.From beginning of the server probably most player was lived same situations.Some hungry guys was use Teleport Scrolls to you for stealing your Boss. They are just killing the community.If you have enough friends at online it will be no problem but if you dont have enough they will steal your boss.Your drops.And your time for searching boss Actually I talked Majesty about that too many times but nothing was changed. Now I Have a suggestion like that.For restricting to TP scrolls in Eslant Zone only to Clan Members.Or if it can be applied both of the players should be add each other as a friend(Doesn't need clan Member)For Ex. I am From Gamblers Clan and I have Friends from SuicideSquad.If we can both already add each other as a friend.We can tp to each in Eslant Zone.For Wartime nothing like that need. I Created a poll.And I am not sure if the poll will be succesfull how can it be applied.Probably @nikos32 can find solution which one of them more useful. Merhabalar, ├ľncelikle de─čerli vaktinizi ald─▒─č─▒m i├žin kusura bakmay─▒n.Server─▒n ba┼č─▒ndan beri eminim sizde benzer durumlar ya┼čam─▒┼čs─▒n─▒zd─▒r. Ne Yaz─▒kki baz─▒ item a├ž─▒ insanlar sizi friend listesine alarak boss ├žalmak i├žin TP sc kullanmaktan ├žekinmiyorlar.Hali ile oyunun tad─▒n─▒ ka├ž─▒r─▒yor. Clanda yada arkada┼č ├ževrenizde online birileri var ve beraber turluyosan─▒z s─▒k─▒nt─▒ yok ama yeteri kadar online ki┼či yoksa saatlerce boss bulmak i├žin harcad─▒─č─▒n─▒z zaman─▒n i├žine ediyorlar. @Majesty ile daha ├Ânce konu┼čtum benzer ┼čeyleri ama hi├ž bir┼čey de─či┼čmedi. O y├╝zden ┼č├Âyle bir ├Ânerim var. Tp Sc'ler ile Eslantta iken sadece clan ├╝yelerine TP olabilelim.Yada e─čer uygulanabiliyosa birine tp olmak i├žin iki ki┼čininde birbirini arkada┼č olarak ekleme zorunlu─ču olsun.Mesela ben Gamblers clan─▒ndan─▒m ve SuiceSquad clan─▒ndan bi arkada┼č─▒m var.E─čer ikimiz birbirimizi arkada┼č olarak eklemi┼čsek Eslantta birbirimize tp olal─▒m.Eklemediysek olamayal─▒m. Sava┼č zaman─▒ Lufer yada Emc bask─▒nlar─▒nda b├Âyle bir ┼čeye gerek yok.Herkes herkese TP olabilmeli G├Ârd├╝─č├╝n├╝z ├╝zere bi oylama ba┼člatt─▒m.Oylama sonucu ba┼čar─▒l─▒ olurmu emin de─čilim yada bu ├Ânerilerden hangisi uygulanabilir bilmiyorum. Umuyorum nikos hangisi yararl─▒ olacaksa birini uygulayacakt─▒r
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    I have your SS to crying to me to many times.Please dont attack me.Please dont kill me.I couldnt play game bcz of you.And you are still talking here bullshit. I already said but you have brain damage probably.That day i am not playing with priest.I already on cz with warrior.How can i play 2 char in cz bowl same time?
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    all right nikos thank you, now we know and we'll be ready
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    @Old Professional, i stated my playing time above. Last 2 weeks, maybe i total up not even 2hours at ego while used up around 3 pack of each scrol (hp and ac) at bowl. During my playing time, it is lucky if you see 1 full party for each nation. Those that pk during my time (mainly chill, just4fun clan, from human side, and maybe some individual like Mira, Tuke, from orc side) can confirm this situation. I would rather not argue as our play time confirm is totally different. Again my main concern is helping GMs in suggesting ideas especially on this topic of server balance as during my PM with observer the other day (when i am asking a question about clan war timing), we just bump into a topic about some complains in the forum and they need some input about maintaining balance. Hence the 2 topics that i brought up. Hope GM can consider the suggestion i mentioned
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    "each" item "each" action has a set range of probabilities. 80% does NOT mean 8/10 succeed. no amount of burning or timing affects these "set" values. However; in certain situations and certain activities the coder/owner may set value of probability to "random." good luck. anvil is evil.
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    Muted already thanks for reporting (Strike 1 applied).
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    Thank you brother. I love your server btw. thank you for setting it up and keeping it going. You guys are doing a great job! Just wish I could afford to donate more.
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    A new system of items with expiration date should be ready within the next 1-2 server restarts too. If anyone of you played on USKO where players could rent chitins or shells, then you know what I'm talking about.
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    bro u crying or what ? everyday u make topic about player lol .... go make ur own KO if u want play alone bro .
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    TheLast asked for NT 2 days ago but sadly when I'm online they're AFK and vice versa. CZ is well balanced during 5-9 AM server time with ~3 human parties vs ~3 orc parties though. Mostly there's a full party from ALLSTARS, 7DeadlySins clans on humans side and from Blood, RememberMe clans on orc side with a couple members of TheLast, TheTitans and Chill clans too. I don't know how's the balance at 8-12 PM server time. Is there anyone playing on a timezone when nations are unbalanced ? if so, is there anyone willing to NT ?
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    drop rate is fine. If you increase drop rates than theres nothing to do in server since no one is pking. farming is legitly the only thing you can do rn.
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    What you want? As a mage want to kill warrior and Sins solo?Before the patch it was like that.It was hard to kill lr mage at vs.Because every hit means stun.Now it is perfect
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    would be great if it was just a 5 min fix and could be done next update. dont forget premium for the idea when implemented :)
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    It seems that the system you made is reading the logs file of dead monsters and sending commands via game server's UI, all I did was call the RNGesus (0~100%) directly in loot process. The result is pretty much the same but there's no reason to overcomplicate it with 3rd party tools that would increase CPU's usage and risk server's stability I like the idea of making higher jackpots available only to premium users. What others think about it ? x1000 isn't too high if it's only 0.1 - 1% chance per coin loot.
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    Kings' cape is now tagged/censored in Deathmatch event zone. Deathmatch skills are now TBL protected. Applied patch to prevent LR hack. Level 72 Ice Staff skill can now slow enemies down. Stun rates have been lowered (players' test & feedback required). The king elections have started. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Deathmatch etkinlik alan─▒nda Kral Pelerini art─▒k g├Âz├╝kmeyecek Deathmatch skiller art─▒k TBL korumal─▒d─▒r LR hack ├Ânlemek i├žin yama uyguland─▒ Level 72 Ice Staff art─▒k d├╝┼čman oyuncular─▒ yava┼člatacak Stun oranlar─▒ d├╝┼č├╝r├╝ld├╝. (Test ve geri d├Ân├╝┼č gerekmektedir.) Krall─▒k se├žimleri ba┼člad─▒. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- La capa de los Reyes ahora est├í etiquetada / censurada en la zona de eventos Deathmatch. Las habilidades en Deathmatch ahora tambien est├ín protegidas por TBL. ( todas las zonas ) Se agregado un Parche aplicado para evitar la pirater├şa de LR. El skill 72 Ice ( Baston ) ahora puede ralentizar a los enemigos. Se han reducido las tasas de aturdimiento ( STUN ) (se requieren pruebas y comentarios de los jugadores). Las elecciones del rey han comenzado.
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    anvil sucks burned 3 shards in a row to +4 and many many other items.to make +7 need to blowjob some1
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    same to me, ppl mek +7 +8 i cant heaven make +6 wdf everytime all my stuff fail just rediculous when you see so much ppl having shell+7 or +8 raptor or shard or selfname+8 dont tell me is just about luck fuck off srsly 1 months im farming everyday and i make 2 +7 on one months and i see ppl +8 and full+7 wdf is this shit heaven my team cant make +7 so yeah something wrong with some ppl in server i saw shinley 3 day after i start and him strded 3 day after me the server full+7 ft neck ft belt dual roc but that guys now is banned but why got that items so fast take 3 day got this iitems can talk about others players to just not him so yeah got big probleme about upgrading srsly 1 months im farming and i dont have 10gb on my inn the drop rate about dm is just fucked up yesterday i kill 25 dm before one drop we kill it 12 time again one drop hey suposed more drop of that, rediculous we see the drop rate so low and so much ppl having +7 +8 shell shard or rapy cant undertand why is so hard if i want that hard like that i will go play usko but im not cuz cost fucking 6000$ to have good account and so much hacker there just wasthing money
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    lol u always trade and lure me 1st,i never do this with another ppl,see ur self.This is a last waring stop do it
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    Merhaba birader ho┼čgeldin,bir Mac sahibi olarak k├Ât├╝ bir haberim var bu imkans─▒z.Daha ├Ânce bende denedim,KO'yu ├žal─▒┼čt─▒rmas─▒ i├žin sanal i┼čletim sistemi y├╝kledim yine de olmad─▒.
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