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    Hi knights ! I gues its time to see which clan goes to human or orc side: Elmorad: - KingsNeverDie (Melee team) - HighClass (Melee team) Karus: - NoName (Melee Team) Comment which side ur clan go and i will add it to the list.
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    Lol they are not originally mage items proven they are too op for melees they are turned into mage items later. Also those are only elemental rings in the server there are no ring of ice, ring of poison etc. Also if he makes it only mage those rings will worth literally nothing.
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    An update regarding some bugs that players found during BETA so far;1) Players can no longer join in Deathmatch event while using Swift buffs2) Top scorer's notice in Deathmatch event has been fixed3) Reward for the top 5 players in Deathmatch event has been fixed4) Fixed 500 R damage in Deathmatch event has been fixed (requires client patch)5) Juraid Mountain weapons' +6 glowing effect has been fixed (requires client patch)Client patch will be available 48-72 hours before the official launch.P.S. The latest issue about outgoing mails in our forums has been addressed and it is now fully fixed. P.P.S BETA will be over tomorrow.
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    If we start we will be human as a TURK MAGES
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    Maybe make shio, flame, imir mage restricted and add 3 other rings. All 4 same stats as fovering, just the elemntal being diffrend. Either 5 poison, 5 light, 5 flame or 5 glacier. And keep the imir, flame, shio like they are now with 30 elemental *mages only*. If you want to make the look diffrend Fov with poison Green, Fov with light Yellow, Fov with glacier Blue, Fov with flame Red. Dont know how much work this is editing, but to me it sounds the most fair and interressting.
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    Mini bosses should remove from farm spots , it should be only way to get those items turn bowl
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    Well i wont go in as much detail as Satan but, as archer the dmg was noticable. Personal bow + 2 imir rings: 280-390dmg (Thats with each arrows and you shoot 5 o.O) Personal bow + 2 rols: 80-220dmg (A missed arrow still does 80 dmg, but with elemental rings it almost never misses) Its extreemly OP to be spamming 1400-2000 dmg with 1 skill not duffed. I didnt even use the Helenid, wich will porbally add an extra 50 dmg or more. I would like to see someone test diffrend weapons as a warrior. Cause if Elemental is this important, weapons might not make much of a diffrence. Seeing all sins with CHD and Shio, is already a red flag for me, even if its hard to get. Voted for mages only for now.
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    voted no cuz alot ppl will go hp build and still hit same so mages will be useless.
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    WU’dan alin KC’leri 40tl daha ucuz kankiler 5000kc alimlarinda.
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    Adding random spawn points for mobs outside of bowl is not possible but the respawn time of each mini isn't the same and it's much longer than before so it should not be that easy for players to figure out the respawn time for each of them. We can also change respawn time every week or so but if players don't want minis outside of bowl we can simply remove them.
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    Senin olduğun yerde her zaman heyecan vardir
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    ..:: Basic information ::.. Version: 1298 Type: MYKO Light Farm/PK Level Cap: 70 Classes: Balanced (Also, the starting stats have been fixed for each class *males and females as well as human priest & orc priest*) Starting Level: 1 Starting Gear: Low Class Goblin Armors & Beginner Accessories Master: [Guide] Master Quest Level 62 Master Skill: [Guide] Master 62 Level Skill Quest Level 70 Skill: [Guide] 70 Level Skill Quest ..:: Skills information ::.. Warrior: All up to 70 level Archer: All up to 70 level (except ice & lightning shot skills) Assasin: All up to 70 level Mage: All up to 70 level Priest: All up to 70 level ..:: Zones Information ::.. Luferson & El Morad Castle (latest USKO version) Karus & El Morad Eslant Moradon (old with grass) Delos Dungeon & Hell Abyss Private & Battle Arena Colony Zone (old with castle) ..:: Events/Wars Information ::.. Forgotten Temple Border Defense War Bifrost Juraid Mountain Deathmatch Last Nation Standing Capture The Flag Bounty Kill-Gift Collection Race Clan War Snow War Lunar War Castle Siege War KEY-Gift NP Bonus EXP Bonus Santa ..:: EXP Quests Information ::.. Guardian of the 7 keys ( Guardian of the 7 keys Quest ) Fallen Angel ( Fallen Angel Quest ) Invade Enemy Nation ( Invade Enemy Nation Quest ) Reconnaissance Report ( Reconnaissance Report Quest ) ..:: Custom Quest/Store NPC Information ::.. [Exchange] PK Stones (Moradon 319, 370) [Exchange] KC Vouchers (Moradon 334, 356) [Exchange] BDW Coupons (Moradon 339, 406) [Exchange] Medals of Courage (Moradon 334, 400) [Registration] Events Manager (Moradon 311, 340) FT Coupons Manager (Moradon 351, 401) Selith [Special Store] (Moradon 307, 344) Chaotic Generator (Moradon 340, 433) Treasure Chests (Moradon 318, 378) Scrolls National Enchanter (Moradon 327, 365) [Private Arena] Manager (Moradon 313, 383) [EXP Quests] (LUF 452, 1671 | EMC 1593, 410) ..:: Power Up Store Information ::.. 2000 HP & 350 AC Buff Scrolls Weapon & Armor Enchant Scrolls Power of Lion Scrolls Teleport Scrolls Duration Items Wings of Donation Trina's Piece HP & MP Potions Redistribution Item Weight Increase Scrolls NP Increase Item Resurrection Scrolls Mount & Ascent Scrolls Country Flags 100/350/700/1000 KC Vouchers Bronze/Silver/Gold Premium Services Bronze/Silver/Gold Premium Vouchers Name/Nation/Class/Gender Change Scrolls Hera/Menissiah/Patrick/Cougar Transformation Scrolls ..:: Important Gameplay Information ::.. All Resolutions Support /town is blocked in War's Prison, BDW, JM and when a max-leveled character with 3,000+ NP is in a PK zone and enemies in short distance away No Understanding between Karus and El Morad in War|PK Zones No NP loss in Events Characters below level 30 cannot use Trade or Merchant Characters below level 20 cannot use Chat Merchant & Trade allowed in all zones Character Lock after using ALT-TAB, ALT-CTRL-DEL Buff scrolls HP restore after cure(etc) works as it should (HP buff scrolls CD has been added to avoid abuses) Elemental damage increases the damage of your skills The weight capacity (even with Weight Increase Scrolls) is 3,276.7 Invaders can teleport to Doda/Raon Camps directly without having to capture the monuments Party list - HP bars have been fixed (no invisible bars during flame attacks etc) Teleportation skills have been disabled in Forgotten Temple, Bifrost's Lava Bridge, War's Prison and Warders' Barracks In-game "Select Character" & "Delete Character" options have been disabled Free restat/reskill for premium users, reduced by 25% cost (compared to original costs) for normal users HP/MP Potions weight & price have been reduced Resurrection scrolls cannot resurrect your dead character in PK zones Inn Hostess NPC added in Dungeon/Hell Abyss and in all events Potion NPC added in CZ, Lunar War, Eslant and in all events Sundries NPC added in Arena and in all events Buff NPC added in CZ and in all events Item Appearance Change (Hell Breaker, Smite Hammer, Enion Bow & Staffs) via Charon/Anvil NPC Ladder Points Exchange (3 LP per enemy kill) via Selith NPC to obtain Knight's, Royal Knight's or King's Medal. Ladder Points reset at the beginning of each month along with Monthly NP Hera, Cougar, Patrick & Menissiah Transformations (Archer's Combo fixed.) Rival System (You've 5 minutes to take revenge on your enemy) Seal System (You can seal your items through Panel CP) Colony Zone Monument Reward System (Blue Treasure Chest for the last hitter & +15 NP per kill for the nation that captures the monument) CZ Beasts/DK's/Blood Seekers have been replaced with Burning Skeletons (Only from the back side of the bases) Mini Bach, Duke & Bishop in CZ (They drop Old ROL, ROC & ROM with higher drop rate than normals. 3x Old = 1 Normal) Total & PK Activity: (You can check character's Total & PK Activity at Panel and it's counted in percentage. One of the reasons it could be useful: in case a clan leader wants to check how active a player is, in order to add him in clan) ..:: Make Money Information ::.. [CZ/Eslant] Dark Mare (drops Silver Bars) [CZ] Barons (drops Blessed scrolls) [CZ] Cardinals (drops Blessed scrolls & Asga Fruits/Cardinal Jewels) [CZ] Haungas (drops Blessed Upgrade Scrolls, 75% drop rate) [Eslant] Brahman (drops Blessed Upgrade Scrolls only) [EMC/LUF] Grells (drops Opal, Crystal, Crude Sapphire) [EMC/LUF] Lycan Families (drops Blessed Upgrade Scrolls only) [EMC/LUF] Goblins (drops 3,000-10,000 coins) ..:: Panel CP Features Information ::.. Block/Unblock Game Account From Logging In Add Character in Beginners Clan Change Clan Leader Item Seal/Unseal System Character Debug Change Password IP Logs Vote/Redeem Vote Points Character Delete ..:: Clan Grades ::.. Grade 1: 800,000 NP Grade 2: 500,000 NP Grade 3: 300,000 NP Grade 4: 100,000 NP ..:: Armor & Weapon Upgrade Rates ::.. ..:: Blessed Elemental Scroll ::.. 100% ..:: Blessed Upgrade Scroll ::.. +1 -> +2: 100% +2 -> +3: 100% +3 -> +4: 90% +4 -> +5: 60% +5 -> +6: 35% +6 -> +7: 15% +7 -> +8: 1% ..:: Blessed Upgrade Scroll + Trina ::.. +1 -> +2: 100% +2 -> +3: 100% +3 -> +4: 100% +4 -> +5: 80% +5 -> +6: 50% +6 -> +7: 25% +7 -> +8: 3% ..:: Accessories Upgrade Rates ::.. ..:: Compound Scroll (+9 accessories) ::.. +9 -> +10: 0% ..:: Compound Scroll (unique accessories) ::.. +0 -> +1: 0%
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    The announcement you’ve all been waiting for: ProfessionalKO's official launch will be on 21st of June at 21:00 Server Time (GMT+3)! There will be a BETA re-launch on 6th of June at 21:00 Server Time (GMT+3) and I really, really hope that you login on that day and help us to finalize our testing! There had been many changes since 2017 that is hard to note down as I was not keeping a list, so I will try to mention the major changes that comes to my mind at this moment; //website Poll has been implemented. Making game changes based on our players' suggestions and opinions is our #1 priority, for that reason we'll try to keep poll updated WEEKLY and at the end of each poll one random player who votes will be receiving a reward. You cannot vote more than once per account and the requirement is to have at least 1 character max-leveled in your account. Search feature has been added in both User & Monthly Rankings that allows you to search for characters by using keywords. Rules of Conduct, Account-Protection tips and several other documents have been updated. GM List has been remade and it's now updated dynamically. Each character now has an auto-generated signature image that contains some info (including your character's name), which you can download and use on any Forums you would like to, or, simply save it and keep it on your PC just to remember the time you spent playing on our server Quests list has been added and it contains information about quests that are automatically started/completed by killing monsters, players or by collecting items. Kings' election list has been added and you can now view what's the current state of the elections, the nominated players and the vote counts. Several visual issues have been fixed. //game Several bugs regarding Capture the Flag event have been fixed. Gelatinous Sire, Gilded Baron and Rainbow Goblin are now spawning in CZ automatically. Rainbow Goblin spawns inside bowl and the others on farming spots. BDW and JM events have /town function disabled, you are not losing any NPs upon death and party bug has been fixed. LNS event towns are now considered as safe-areas and as long as you don't pass through Guard Towers, enemies cannot kill you. There is enough time given for the participants to destroy the Chaos Stone twice and the winner nation gets NP bonus per enemy kill in CZ for 4 hours. Restat/reskill cost has been reduced by 25% (compared to original costs) and Premium Users will be able to restat/reskill their points for free, while there will also be a Redistribute Item for sale via PUS. Buff NPC now gives you buff that lasts for 30 minutes and there is a discount for Premium Users. Killing sprees now supports multikill. Bifrost event has teleportation skills disabled while passing through the lava-bridge and the Guard-Towers' damage is less compared to CZ ones. There is 1-minute spawn delay for remnants to give a fair amount of time for invaders to teleport the invading land. Invaders can teleport to doda/raon camps directly without having to capture the monuments. For that reason the invading monsters will start appearing outside of Elmorad/Luferson Castles once the invasion begins. You cannot use /town when you are in a PK zone and there are enemies close to you. We understand that this will be annoying for newbies/new-starters especially against Rogues, for that reason /town is disabled only to those who are max-leveled and having a specific amount of NPs earned. There will be a Poll about this, that's for sure. MANY visual & visual effect issues have been fixed. Merchant event will be active 24/7 and it will be rewarding characters in merchant mode with Merchant Event Tokens every 30 minutes, which will be exchangeable for BF Fragments, JM Gems and other miscellaneous items that makes this event identical with the fishing/mining features used in newer versions. Deathmatch event requires a Deathmatch Raptor in order to participate and each character has 10k HP, deals fixed 1000 damage with skill and 500 with R-attack. You can also use 1000 HP potion and Sprint skills. You cannot use /town when you are in Lunar War's prison or any teleportation skill around from the Warders' barracks. Delos has 4 different shortcut points where you can teleport by using the warp gates. You'll be able to attack allied clans and the CZ will remain closed till the end of CSW. There will be a Poll about this one as well. Chaos Stone will respawn in random coordinates inside bowl and there will not be any respawn notice. There will be notice only when Chaos Stone or Isiloon dies. Priests can craft any HP potion upto Water of Favors, depending on the skills they learnt. Players spamming the chat will be auto-muted for a limited time. We have developed it to get rid of spamming used with 3rd party tools so normal players should not be affected by this one. Players under level 30 cannot trade or merchant and players under level 20 cannot use the Chat. All the latest security updates including login-exploit fixes have been applied. Elemental damage now increases the damage of your skills too. The weight increase scrolls are now seperate from NP increase scrolls. You cannot use resurrection scroll in PK zones, Elmorad/Luferson zones are not considered as PK zones so expect them to be working in these zones. Ladder points will reset at the beginning of each month along with Monthly points for everyone including online users, automatically, so make sure you always exchange the points for Medals before the reset. Regarding Forgotten Temple event, we will be using the new one but there is a chance to keep using the old one too. The Snow War, Kill-Gift, Bounty and Top NP earn in CZ will remain the same from previous launches. Clan War, Capture the Area and Moradon Mash-Up events will be released as time passes. Sadly, there will not be a client-patch for those who downloaded the client back in January. As a patch would exceed 10MB, which is too large for a pre-official patch, we don't want to take a risk with people facing login issues on launch day. The latest client doesn't exceed 450MB and even with low internet speed it could be downloaded in just a few minutes :). For any questions please do not hesitate to contact me or post below!
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    why dont you make it similar to exit game procedure? like if you are damaged by player in 10 sec you cant town.
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    Forgotten Temple: N/A. Deathmatch: N/A. Border Defense War: N/A. Last Nation Standing: N/A. Capture the Flag: N/A. Collection Race: N/A. Snow War: N/A. Juraid Mountain: N/A. Bifrost: N/A. Castle Siege War: N/A. Lunar War: N/A. Server Time can be checked by: typing ".time" in-game visiting https://professionalko.com/
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