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    For about a week now, many people have been contacting us (the staff), about a relaunch (by all means). First of all I want to thank you for your interest guys but there are no plans of relaunching at this moment. No one can deny that activity dramatically decreased during the past 2 weeks, but there's still a great number of active players to play with and have some fun. We keep on working to provide the best gaming experience to our players, of course thanks to your support, especially the ones who have been following us for years We'll keep updating the beginners gear every 2 weeks or so, BDW rings (+1) are about to be released, CZ ranking table is almost complete (that way you'll have a clear picture of who wins the award by earning the most NP, that means ranking will reset every 4 hours) and some other features that we mentioned before, like cypher ring and monster stones. So, even if server runs out of active users (we hope not to and we'll do our best to keep it going) we'll have to complete these features before we even think about a relaunch. https://ibb.co/SRYWPq0
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    Few points can resurect a server : 1 ) Newcommers shall be able to pk in the first min they enter server, yes this is a myko based server but we run on 2020 and if u want come a server where players advantage you more than 6 months you need have a chance to pk to have fun after work etc. ( flame rings etc +0 , bdw set +0 Shells +7 ) old players will keep his advantage but newcommers can run on cz with those. 2) Farm for big groups: Actually the best way to farm here is soloing and it reduces the chance of a full clan to come and get geared toghether. Dark mares shall drop gold bars not silver bars for example. 3) Mages nikos mages mages, they kill a lot die a lot , they keep the pk alive. I know mages its a delicate theme with those rings u adding. But the true is nova dmg is ridiculous and staff 72 too high( on ice mages 72 staff never shall slow btw) 4) Npc to spend nps and get cap items, chitin shield, iron set, chd,hb etc. It has doble positive effect, players got a funny way to get items and newcommers wont see 25 players near 1m nps. 5) Add real game masters dude My 2 cents are given, ill be somewhere else patiently waiting such as a lot more that i talk with they daily.
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    true, i understand what you said bro, but we are not the 1's that killed the pk - the opposite is right, i was playing with both sides so i have a very good perspective of blood and GamblerS, and i can tell you, if a clan leader of a clan im playing on with, will allways show the clan members "oh we cant do shit against them" "they are too strong" "they are too organized" how do you expect your clan to have faith ? if your own clan leader is turning you down ??? im sorry bro i dont think we are the side that makes drama or cry, we are just trying to have fun ! thats it ! you know it, everytime we pk against eachother dosent metter what was the result (you win, we win) i told you "thanks for coming to pk, it was very fun!" im trying to treat everyone with respect ! and not to make drama or cry about something.
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    @nikos32 put a npc that rent itens like: HB+7 = 50k nps per week CHD+6/DV+7/Sherion+7 = 50k nps per week With this people will have a way to pk, they will keep pking to rent again, untill they can buy the item for themselves. Also put iron neck for sell, like: Iron neck = 500k nps Iron belt = 500k nps With this the old players will have to farm nps, so they can get the itens they still missing to get. With something like this, the server may have a chance to stay alive. People that are geared will need to pk to get iron set's. New players will have to pk, to rent a iten that will help alot on the pk/farm. I really believe that only something like this will make the server live again. Peace Out.
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    He wish u a merry christmas to you and your relatives.
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    We are gavat players. You don't need to any gear or np. U must be gavat in game. U can feel relax pm to king of gavat 'vay_gavat_vay' or 'gavaty' in game. ­čÖä
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    RESPECT FOR KING GROWMASTER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GROWMASTER IS NOT A EXHAUST BRAND !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Also im agree with @Queen that felankors fault also.
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    ye ye for sure wake up bro. greedy selfish users fucked up your clan
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    Personally, not seeing people using K0xp/ macro(I guess?) in this server is one of the biggest reasons for me. Rather than playing with 500 people in a server full of cheat, I chose running with 4 people in this server. Also there are really cool people in Blood/Legion makes it fun, fyi.
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    And trust me sculpy, csw has always and will always be my favorite event on any server. I have done probably over 1000 of them in my time. It really disappoints me that no clan here or even group of allies can get enough active players on for the csw to take it from empire.
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    What items really ?! since i joined there isi dorps nothing but Gold bars. we keep that castle for competition .. try to find another excuse to come and have some fun pk. even some of your clannies think the same.
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    The real question should be WHY has the server gone dead....Also as i stated before on another topic no new people will come when a single OK item cost 100gbs that's retarded! Your minority is now your majority might want to start listening to suggestion. I won't add any as multiple posts have talked about main issues and ignored!
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    @nikos32 We need a larger chat box or something to let us enlarge it. Settings ingame about sound, visual effects ect ect.
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    bumpooooo still we cant drop it
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    More votes required in this poll but it might be applied on next server's maintenance.
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    kirmizi marlboro yollarim
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    aight all wing issues, including this one, have been patched. patches will be applied on 02/01/2020. Edit: patch applied, fixed.
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    SELLING everything: Rouge Black Pauldron+8 Flame Ring+1 UP today (17/12/2019) Flame Ring+1 SOLD 203 GBs Toto Spear+8 SOLD 46 GBs 4x Personal+7 ROL+1 Legionnaire Band+1 Wings Of Hero ( On Hold) 2_ Hand Light Giga Axe+7 Dread shield+6 Warrior Black Set+7 Rouge Black Set+7 Imir+1 >>2x Imir +0 2x Shio Elixer Staff+8 Skeleton Belt FT Neck 2x Warrior earring 1Hand Giantic Axe Ice+7 2x Elf Metal Howling Rooster Rouge Shell Set+7 Priest Red Helmet+7, Chitin/Shell part+7 43x Weapons/Shells+7 BUYING: Glass Belt Iron Belt Iron Neck Mage Black Set+7 Scorching+7
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    Everyone need to 2nd chance. Unban him please.
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    Nice ban, Majesty. Banning a man for saying weird eye but looking through fingers of other players for saying 100x worser things on a daily basis First strike for offensive language is 1 DAY MUTE so there should be no ban and also this guy should be also muted for saying "shit" which is offensive language, ain't it? + he's using macro on bf fragments, you should also look that shit up. And racist clan? We got spanish, turkish members etc... https://ibb.co/dbkLZSx Learn the rules, mate.
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    Ok, i will check it
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    You're not that good bro Please stop patronizing. So wait, you wanted to help orc side with flankors to gear themselves in order to have proper pk, but you agree with huckle that pk doesn't have to do with gear at the same time? Which one is it? Why did you 'help' orcs if really gear doesn't matter? The truth is, gear does matter. I don't think anyone really believes here that it doesn't. If you want to do a run down comparison of gear orcs vs humans it can validate that one side is (with the recent felankor drops) vastly overpowered. This is (at least) one of the reasons people decide to go there.
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    thats what ive tried to say the whole time no one listen to me, well said bro.
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    asfgdhajkll┼čd┼časi yok art─▒k mk
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    It was Sky who did this and after your report he helped us to fix it.
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    bir kar┼č─▒ darbe olarak gavatizm... contragerillalar─▒ g├Âreve davet ediyorum.
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    i dont know realy i like you best things for me killed your mage in orc town
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    any room for a priest
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    Bro i am not your enemy(i say this for apple) btw i will say something. I killed you 5 times when you were full+full assassin and leeroy killed you then you said you are cheater i am not cheater , all people say this to me who killed by me(its about ego i guess...). Somepeople kill me for exampe ohyesohno is a bp and he killed me twice ; i dont know he is but he plays good. Btw i gave my iron neck to blackpride and black killed you 2 times... you can kill me with dd helmet and talia. For example leeroy is hard for me i respect him yeah he has babashop items but he is good player. Its game you can kill or die. I can say 3 players can kill me. Geek ,oxijean(nitricoxide) and huckle. Yea i kill them sometimes but they are better than me. We know play , we just know how to save your mana in versus thats it. Also i have 7297 hp with 2k and lion sc how can anyone kill me easily?
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    Earlier today Harsh was jailed for being naked in cz while pking / CTF event. After asking why he was jailed he got banned. It seems Nikos interpreted his actions as NPT. IT WAS NOT! He was pking all day (and getting kills) naked / with armor... Silly ? yes! Bannable ? Hell no! Does this seem fair to any1 ??? Nikos unban him. This is way too much... and i┬┤m sure you know you made a mistake by banning him by now Be fair and undo it. Cheers
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    Case is under review.
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    Wow Leeyoy really? Died on purpose really? Helping orc? Something is seriously wrong with you. I died twice and My friend once. After that me and my friend remained in town so it will be impossible for anyone to kill us again. You want to have me banned for dying twice? Are you retarded or you were just born stupid? Lost lns coupon? What you are crying 70m worth of coupon? PM me ingame I'll give u 70m. Foolish KID
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    unban him please @nikos32
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    Ill speak for my self here. I change nation constantly only looking for the best pk wich fits my horary. Sadly your ppl are a bunch of dikheads only capable to z kill and only syndrome downs can enjoy playing around ya. This morning 3 humans took a complete party of your clan even before they notice there were humans around. You cry about humans items since im back to server, but now I see u just find excuses to dont accept the fact that u did not learn to play a game wich is longer than 15 years.
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    English translation/resumen: He asks for disable control minor since its a bug wich has been forbidden on many server. He also asks to do a test period of it of 1 week to see how many rogues use it and if nothing really changes ( tbh its what I think ) just leave it as it was.
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    Same... the problem im my opinion wasnt the fact that mages are tanky, only how slow affects rogues and destroys their light feet. Other than that, i think theres no problem in letting mages use 1h staff.
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    Did that now and it helped. You may close this.
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    Its a mid farming server in order to be ready for pk. To get cap items u will need spend more time. Level up aint a problem honestly. We got pk on eu/latin time and there are few speaking english clans who use to be beginner friendly. And nikos its not going to close server on january to spend his holydays on canc├║n so....
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    Loot and Auto Loot systems used to be 2 different systems and we merged them on 18/11/2019 in order to fix several loot-bugs. This caused Jackpot system to be triggered twice (and for some reason no one of you ever reported that it had become more frequent ). So, this issue was fixed on 20/12/2019 when we updated the Jackpot system. We cannot reveal the rates but Premium users are having the same rate as before. Non-premium rate is lower.
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