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    I asked JohnnyMcFly to run Teamviewer. It takes 5 minutes maximum to do this but I've been waiting for more than 30 minutes instead. GM_Observer spoke with you and I told him to ask you for teamviewer access, 24 hours passed and we didn't hear back from you. P.S. Your clan is a bunch of cheaters and no, your clan was not number 1.
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    şey mi ? the clanından en çok NP kasan Gamblers üyesi kimdir desek herhalde farklı olurdu sonuçlar
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    Well,i left because Sinister said "you have cs and is not enough","you are mad because you wont get the iron belt",and the last funny thing "you are in the clan for items". Everyone clearly knows that i was doing a lot for the clan,thats why i i had tons of pms after leaving: -Organizing isiloon parties -Camping eslant like a mofo for nothing,cause the only thing i got from clan in 1 month or more was a Rogue Earring,and well,i found the HQ. -I was advicing him stuff to do,suggested to give the IB to an active priest,then he became retard mode and the rest you know it. At first clan was really fine,but it suddenly changed,he started to speak to me like if i was a shit,and in not tolerating that from anybody,so he got what he deserves,people leaving the clan and it became really a non trustable clan. GL with it tho,had much fun in there.
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    Voted no. Personal weapon should stay that, personal.
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    He has been like this since he joined the server,he and his crew,they talk like that to everyone,besides they using macro,maybe ur lucky and they get muted or someth.
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    About RealNiggaRollCall. I have an half video of him vsing Brutality which is a good sin in 1v1+ he is well geared. RealNigga's gear should not be enough to even scratch Brutality. And yet in the video Nigga seems to be humiliating Brutality in a very suspicious way. I started filming when RealNigga was vsing Brutality fully naked, eventually he started putting his armor back on, when that happens he seems to be magically raising his HP to more than half... which theortically isnt even possible even if he started vsing with full armor on. This is the last phase of the vs where the sins that are vsing are mostly running out of MP. Not RealNigga tho ! As an experienced sin myself, no matter how good of a sin you are in 1v1's, sometimes theres nothing you can do against a well geared assasin. Not to mention Brutality which is more than that. I have another video of me vsing him right after Brutality, since I realized something was really off... in the video you can see me getting humiliated even tho I have much better daggers, elemental rings which he doesnt even use and a perfect vs combo-wise. 100% cheats. here are the videos so you can watch and judge for yourself. hopefully they would help somehow. Vs Brutality: Vsing me:
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    He said "by GB or KC" Not "BUY"... He means he sells/buy only with those 2 currencies
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    me making Hell breaking to +7 its not so special just was bored and film that
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    ok this is funny . hahaha how u can vs ? everytime vs and u reach 50% hp and u will use mage for tp ur self ? hahaha funny sin
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    Blood is recruiting! As the title says we're currently in the process of recruiting new members for the main Blood clan. Blood is a mix of active players from all over the world, who communicate in English and are actively using Discord as a way for fast and solid communication during PK, farming or just having a good laugh with eachother. We consider ourselves a dedicated clan with dedicated members willing to push themselves during PK, and helping out clan members whenever we can. As long as you put in the effort that shows us you are trying and willing to participate in PK, farming, waiting for boss spawns et cetera we will definitely see to it that whenever you need some help, we will be there for you. We strive to help clan members out as equally as we can, this goes for boss drops aswell. What we are looking for in new members is the following: - English speaking, having a mic is a big plus but not required, as long as you can listen in and understand what is being said during PK. - You're a teamplayer, you help out your fellow clan members when you can and you play with the focus of helping out the clan and yourself. This goes for PK, farming and doing Eslant bosses. - You're an active player, this speaks for itself. - You have decent gear, we dont expect full iron sets but we expect you to carry your own weight in PK. So do you think you have what it takes to join us and be apart of a dedicated, friendly and active community in KO then do not hesitate to PM myself, SinisterWar of Relvie. We can answer any question that you still might have and you're always free to join us on Discord for a chat and ask questions there. Discord link click here! If you think you dont quite yet meet the requirements for the main clan, then dont worry! We have plenty of room in the sub clan, we actively talk in Ally chat and we farm and PK quite often with those in the ally clan whenever there is a slot available. Its a pretty decent community right now and we hope you will be apart of it to make it even bigger! If you have any questions, feel free to Pm SinisterWar, Starl1ght or myself ingame!
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    @SKEL you should stop falsely accusing other players. If you got something to say with evidence, please start a new topic in the right section, thank you!
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    Daha farklı bir soru ile daha fazla oy alabilirsiniz aslında
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    A little warning about these guys, played with them since server start. They claim to be Bloods from old diez but that not true. After many drop issues and people leaving all the time for it, that people leaving had always same truth. Took me only 2 month to figure it out However one action is worth to mention and defenetly not fair at all. We dropped iron belt from chaos stone, with non clan priest. Without any leader in party, mostly rogues. First deal was to pay non clan priest then deal with it our own ... First lie, priest is gone. Couple days calm, they announced they will pm everyone in that party if they agree they can choose one player in our clan. Day or 2 calm as well. Everyone is curious what will happend? Days goes and goes until the result is: They didnt ask anybody. Vindictive kept this ib a whole time when 4 people at minimum, didnt agree. When i pmed guys clan and non, nobody never asked. They lied every person who asked about it, untill i was probably last who were still asking. When i start to ask again i been told that i agreed already and other people didnt want to share. When i tell him exactly how they screwed us all and that all people who left were true, He suddenly confess that he will pay 8.5 gb to everyone. However... Then following some bla "you are all greedy and jelous".... banned from clan, blocked pms... Special thanks to Vindictive. Is it worth? You cannot freighten me silly boy. Yo Sinister. edit: sorry to everyone who did read it all...
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    @nikos32 Ragnar is very disrespectful telling people lies and insulting them this should never be tolerated
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    i wish these were my daily problems you are all funny !
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    I have never got any drops..And I dont care..that's not what motivates me to stick with a clan.If that's what takes to BUY your LOYALTY..Kick fricken rocks.Your not worth a s$%# anyway..
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    ahh again new drama go NT and fuck them bro . easy dont take it serius and keep enjoy bro
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    everyone know u and everyone agree u just talk trash and no skill. bye mal
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    running multiple clients is bad idea
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    u must add one more option like tp to bowl
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    Why even start such a poll.. you can just move the characters around every five minutes so what is the point. That you’re frustrated with something that’s allowed shouldn’t result in a change of rules. There’s lots who multiclient and lots who use multiple pc’s. It is something you’ll have to deal with. Somehow most KO players nowadays can only whine and cry cause they dont step their game up, cant keep up with the way people play or aren’t good enough in a 1vs1 and report the player. Its just dumb behaviour... grow up and play the game.. its 2019 not 2002.. technology has changed a ton and there’s not a lot you can do about it.
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    WalterWhite seems legit Tuke might be using macro but there is not enough proof yet We'll also keep an eye on Akslepios
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    Exactly, the number was recently changed to " +306981981599 " to mislead us, until then " +306981891599 " was used as seen on the cache image that I posted, which matches with the number that you've written to Leeroy in-game on 12/07/2019. This is proof enough to confirm that indeed the guy on that site is the same as MrCombo in-game and you were doing sales that's forbidden. This is your 2nd strike and you've been banned. Case closed.
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    some time u have to change spot . dont make video only 1spot lol . bad video .............................................
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    I'm honest, this kinda looks like witch-hunting to me As nikos said, we need proofs from our forum or in game. We'd like to be sure before banning someone. Looking forward for them, meanwhile closing this.
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    There is a possibility that someone voted before you refresh the page ? I've just vote-tested it and I see both Snowden and Shady having 32 votes each. So there's nothing wrong about it. I'm removing my vote by the way since this was just a testing so votes remains as 32 for Snowden and 31 for Shady. P.S. You're so touchy about everything mate.
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    Increased the NP required for registering to BDW from 1000 to 5000. Changed the NP reduction for being AFK in BDW from -500 to -1000. Added NP requirement (5000) for registering to FT. Added NP reduction (-500) for being AFK in FT. Added 50x Medals of Courage as an extra reward for winning the FT. Capture the Flag now spawns Chaotic Talos, Chaotic Snake Queen, Chaotic Troll King, Chaotic Harpy Queen, OBL, Lupus, Kekurikekukaka, Barkirra and Lesath. Collection Race rewards have been updated. Some security / anti cheat updates ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- BDW Etkinliğine kayıt olmak için gerekli olan NP 1000'den 5000'e yükseltildi. BDW Etkinliğinde AFK olanların kaybettiğini NP -500'den -1000'e değiştirildi. Artık FT Etkinliğine kayıt olmak için 5000 NP gerekli. FT Etkinliğide AFK olanlar -500 NP kaybedecektir. FT Etkinliğini kazananlar artık extra olarak 50x Medal of Courage alacaktır. Capture the Flag artık Chaotic Talos, Chaotic Snake Queen, Chaotic Troll King, Chaotic Harpy Queen, OBL, Lupus, Kekurikekukaka, Barkirra ve Leasth bosslarını atacaktır. Collection Race etkinlik ödülleri güncellendi. Bazı güvenlik güncellemeri. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Se aumentó los NPS requerido para registrarse en BDW de 1000 a 5000. Se a modificado la reducción de NPS estando AFK en BDW de -500 a -1000. Se añadido el requerimiento de NPS (5000) para registrarse en FT. Se añadido la reducción de NPS (-500) por estar AFK en FT. Se añadido 50x Medallas como recompensa por ganar el FT. El Flag ahora Sumon / Saldra - Chaotic Talos, Chaotic Snake Queen, Chaotic Troll King, Chaotic Harpy Queen, OBL, Lupus, Kekurikekukaka, Barkirra and Lesath Se a Actualizado las Recompensas del CR ( Mejores Drops ). Actualizaciones de Seguridad / Anti cheats ( Stop Capslocks , Programs ilegales , TBL , Macro in general )
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    He says he lost his shell+7 warrior boots,he thought he sold to npc with other items but it wasnt this,and today his warrior lost +7 chitin aswell,he claims to be lost 2.5 GBS.He requests for help. Name: Mandela
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    Can you PM me with Teamviewer info ?
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    I didnt listen that then,and i went back with Arkadio to our discord channel since pk was over,lol,stop spreading fucking lies over me,and let me tell you someth,what if i fucking heared him asking for it?it was mine,if i dont want to give it whats ur fucking problem?You are really funny,give away your iron belt so someone else can use,we will see your answer,moron. Cant believe i ever enjoyed playing with you,ur another ego player that only care for himself. Since i left ive only got pms of members asking what happened,and some of them already left you,why? Maybe start looking at your own mistakes instead of someone's else,cause the problem here is you,and you can see how clan has gone since i left xD. I was one of the most active/helpful members you had in every aspect,next time treat people as they deserve,dont try to be someone you cant be.
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    so now no more LOYALTY ? and Dank change name to 0000000000 ?🤣🤣 #POPCORN . UP !!
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    poor kid your words like a child's tears you can only see a priest and its called little_hunter and he is using that on laptop. again im telling to you is there any proof? ofc we will deny your lame thoughts cuz you dont have any proofs. if you have KSC or SS send us and lets see that. ah i remember now why you are so mad, we steal 2x bosses from you LMAO do you know why? only a "shit" pleb player plays with 170 DEX stats :)))))))))))))))) grow up pathetic kid.
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    LMFAO, haven't I say he was trouble from day 1 lol
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    everyone knows what did you mean about your post. sahinbey? LMAO, dude seriously...GROW UP. stop whining about that issue please, or you look like a silly boy. nvm lets end this. or we can talk in game.
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    Andate conchetumare.. eres manco y tienes 3 dedos como los chanchos , dices que tu clan es el mejor del servidor... tienes caca en los ojos? o el negro del wassap te rompio las córneas con la pichula ...dices que aca en el servidor no hay latinos .. y el rey es mi amor zerochema .. es el 100% peruano(por el ano) y mi amigo astion es el mejor priest que aya visto .. el si tiene dedos .. y juega hasta con la nutria ... y nada que decir mi mexicanito bandage .. el si mete cc no como tu webada de xtianMDF .. que en vez de tirar cc grupal da uno por uno .. buenas noches don cerdo .. cuidate .. y operate los dedos .. PD: deja de andar hablando webadas de mi pastor zerOchema con el "el minor nunca me faltara" PD2: deja de hablar de mi pastor astion con el "el heal nunca me faltara" PD3: deja de mentir a tu gente que eres el mejor PD4: ahiii gm......banea chazon hace bug visual banealo PD5: el clan WeAreOne tiene hack banealos papi ghost..... manco conchatumadre buenas noches don pechan cuidate ... y nos vemos .. amen
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