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    oyuna girerken de 250 merchant token verelim bence
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    Pm Email or STUNBlTCH ingame only elite gamers all boss drops are for me
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    Additional +50% XP event has started and it will be running until 24/07/2020. All the weapon and armor upgrade rates (WARNING: not the accessory upgrade rates) will be boosted by 3% until 24/07/2020. The rewards of the FT, BDW, JM, DM, LNS events and Merchant Tokens will be doubled until 24/07/2020. All the registered game accounts have been awarded with premium service, free-of-charge! Non-premium users have been awarded with 21 days of Bronze Premium Service. Users with active Bronze/Silver/Gold Premium Service got their Premium Service extended for another 30 days. You can refund the Premium Service for a 75% KC refund if you wish, via the Control Panel on our website. The spawn rate of Princess Lilian has been increased. Dragon Bones have been added on bosses. Leather and Ebony Ingots have been added on Cavalries. Refined Brimstones have been added as a FT reward. 3x for winning. Ebony Ingots have been added as a BDW reward. 3x for the winning team, 1x for the losing team. Silver Ingots have been added as a JM reward. 3x for the winning team, 1x for the losing team. 24.07.2020'ye kadar geçerli olacak ekstra %50 exp event aktif edildi. Tüm silah ve zırh upgradeleri 24.07.2020'ye kadar %3 oranında arttırıldı. (Takı upgradeleri hariç) FT, BDW, JM, DM, LNS etkinlikleri ile Merchant Token ödülleri 24.07.2020'ye kadar iki katı olarak verilecek. Tüm hesaplara ücretsiz olarak premium eklendi. Buna göre; Premiumu olmayan hesaplara 21 günlük Bronze Premium eklendi. Bronze, Silver, Gold Premiumu olan kullanıcıların premiumlarına 30 gün premium eklendi Dilerseniz bu eklenen 30 günlük premiumu panel üzerinden (Premium Cash Miktarı x 0,75 olarak) KC'ye çevirebilirsiniz. Princess Lilian bossunun çıkma şansı arttırıldı. Bosslara Dragon Bone eklendi. Leather ve Ebony Ingotlar Cavalry mobuna eklendi. Refined brimstonelar FT ödülü olarak eklendi. FT kazanıldığında artık 3x Refined Brimstone alacaksınız. Ebony Ingotlar BDW ödülü olarak eklendi. Kazanan ırka 3x, kaybeden ırka 1x. Silver Ingotlar JM ödülü olarak eklendi. Kazanan ırka 3x, kaybeden ırka 1x. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Se ha iniciado un evento adicional de + 50% de XP y se ejecutará hasta el 24/07/2020. Todas las actualización de armas y armaduras (ADVERTENCIA: no las actualización de accesorios) se incrementarán en un 3% hasta el 24/07/2020. Las recompensas de los eventos FT, BDW, JM, DM, LNS y Merchant Tokens se duplicarán hasta el 24/07/2020. ¡Todas las cuentas de juego registradas han sido premiadas con un servicio premium, sin cargo! Los usuarios no premium han sido premiados con 21 días de servicio Premium de bronce. Los usuarios con el Servicio Premium Bronce / Plata / Oro activo extendieron su Servicio Premium por otros 30 días. Si lo desea, puede reembolsar el Servicio Premium para obtener un reembolso del 75% de KC a través del Panel de control en nuestro sitio web. Se ha aumentado spawn de la princesa Lilian. Se han agregado huesos de dragón a los jefes. Se han añadido lingotes de cuero y ébano a las caballerías. Brimstones refinados se han agregado como una recompensa FT. 3x por ganar. Se han añadido lingotes de ébano como recompensa BDW. 3x para el equipo ganador, 1x para el equipo perdedor. Se han agregado lingotes de plata como recompensa de JM. 3x para el equipo ganador, 1x para el equipo perdedor.
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    Hello, Since the lastest patch, farming materials for the Valkyrie parts is redicilously hard. Getting Leather, Ebony and Brimstone is undoubtly harder than it should be. I suggest to change / add drops to certain mobs and bosses to make it yet hard but a bit smoother. First, I think Cavalries are no longer desired, therefore they should be dropping Leather and not just Red or Black Chitins. Second, most of the bosses ingame aren't as exciting as they used to be due to the fact that Master items are barely needed and Bach, Duke and Bishop are a waste of durability since the server is based on Elemental Damage. therefore, all the bosses should be added with Ingots (Silver, Ebony and Brimstone) to their drops. Hopefuly it makes sense, Thanks in advance, ExclusiveMurderer.
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    Sounds good! Would make people join events again too, great for new players as well
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    Bone Dragon is far one of easiest one among new mats. Besides we're capable of killing Felankors as a big clan, any individual player is also able to farm it inside JM. The only improvement we need for individual players is making it a flat drop or flat event reward instead of luck dependency with autoloot system in JM. In this case, if you're an unlucky person, there is a possibility you don't obtain any Dragon Bone in JM because of 'loot' and 'autoloot' system. Lowering drops inside Bone Dragons from 3 to 1 and putting an event win reward like ' JM winner side might get 1 or 2 dragon bones, flat' would be better for individuals. Also Brimstone and Ebony Ingot mats are another bottleneck in this mats list. Like Tomato recommended, they can be added to Cavalry drops with a rate. It would make Cavalries valuable again and allow Valkyrie to be crafted easier. We craft +1 at the end, it might even burn to +5 with Trina So making things extremely hard in an approximately ~45 online PVP server isn't something that 45 would be happy with, since there's less competition with current user population.
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    Isn't it harder getting dragon bones than leather ? I mean you'll have plenty time farming leather in the Bifrost zone. Maybe leather should be added on cavalries and dragon bones on bosses & BDW/JM/FT rewards ?
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    @GM_Thanos https://ibb.co/TWMd42C
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    A substantial update, Really looking forward to it, good job guys!
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    Iam really decided to leave but i see fortitude call me to back and that is an honor for me ofc And iam really recpect them + iam not fll back to the server only for some fun 👌
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    hmm OK then I'm looking for another server
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    Then u are a potential koxper. 🥰
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    Hello, Ever since starting the new version of this server, Ladder points were kinda useless, even now. After reaching enough Ladder points and purchasing one of the Medals that Selith has to offer, (Knight Medal - 2,500 | Royal Medal - 3,750 | King's Medal - 5,000), I've been getting nothing but some useless items. My suggestion is to increase the price of the medals and give a chance to obtain much better items. Here is my idea for the new prices of the Medals: - Knight - 5,000 - Royal - 7,500 - King - 10,000 Here are some items that I believe will make the medals more thrilling to get: - Random Valkyrie Part +1 - Random RC / BC +7 - War / Invasion Voucher - Random Selfname +1 - Hell Breaker +1 - Cold - Hearted Dagger+1 - Rhodium Of course that the percentage of getting a Valkyrie piece is the lowest, but should be higher enough on King's Medal. The goal behind it is to encourage people who don't like to farm, PK more often and have a chance to get items in PK too. I have no doubt that PK will become active and crowded as it used to be before with those available. Hopefully that makes sense, Thanks in advance, ExclusiveMurderer
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    I don't drop things upon death, don't kill me
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    I believe that adding Dragon Bones to bosses will just make it too easy. I am happy with the way they are right now. Leather on Cavalries is perfect, About events, I believe that if you'll put Ebony + Brimstone on every event as a reward it will be much better and will make people want to register. I believe that for 1 Ingot people won't waste 30 minutes of their time.
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    How about... Dragon Bones on bosses Leather on Cavalries Ebony as BDW reward Brimstone as FT reward
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    King Election has started. Trina's Piece has been added to the Vote rewards for 5 vote points each. Castle Siege War, Clan War, and Bifrost events have been rescheduled: CSW from Sunday 21:00 to Sunday 17:00, CW from Sunday 23:30 to Sunday 16:00, Bifrost from Saturday/Sunday 22:30 to Saturday/Sunday 19:00. Capture the Castle event has been added to the events' schedule, every Friday and Monday at 22:10. A new pair of wings, named Wings of War, has been added. Apart from the stats shown in-game, it also gives +5 NP per enemy kill. Certificates of War can be found on Warders and Keepers. Certificates of Invasion can be found on some NPCs of the invaded land. Valkyrie armor has been released. (screenshot of the stats will be posted later) Dragon Bones can be obtained from Felankors and Bone Dragons in JM. Leather Strips can be obtained from [CZ] Ego. Leather can be obtained from BF and JM monsters apart from Bone Dragons in JM. Ore and Ingots can be obtained by melting down Red/Black Chitin and Chitin Shell armor. 3 new necklaces named Ares's necklace, Thanos's necklace and Observer's necklace have been added. The necklaces can be upgraded to (+1). Melting/Smelting system has been added, which is necessary in order to craft some of the new items mentioned above. Melting down Red/Black Chitin or Chitin Shell armor +6/+7/+8 will award you with a random amount of Ore and Ingots. Smelting 5x Ore produces 1x Ingot. Las Elecciones del Rey ha comenzado. Trina's Piece se ha agregado al sistema Vote-Rewards por 5 puntos de voto cada uno. Los eventos de Castle Siege War, Clan War y Bifrost se han reprogramado: CSW de domingo 21:00 a domingo 17:00, CW de domingo 23:30 a domingo 16:00, Bifrost de sábado / domingo 22:30 a sábado / domingo 19:00. El evento Capture the Castle se ha agregado al horario, todos los viernes y lunes a las 22:10. Se ha agregado un nuevo par de alas, llamado Wings of War. La armadura Valkyrie ha sido liberada. (la captura de pantalla con estadísticas se publicará más adelante) Se han añadido 3 nuevos collares, collar de Ares, collar de Thanos y collar de observador Se agregó el sistema Melt / Smelt, que es necesario para crear algunos de los nuevos elementos previamente mencionados. * Dragon Bones se puede obtener de Felankor y Bone Dragon en JM. * Las tiras de cuero se pueden obtener de [CZ] Ego. * Se puede obtener cuero de los monstruos BF y JM aparte de Bone Dragon en JM. * El mineral y los lingotes se pueden obtener fundiendo armadura de caparazón rojo / negro y con quitina. * La fundición de minerales produce lingotes. Krallık seçimi başladı. Panel üzerindeki vote sisteminden 5 puntos de votación ile Trina alınabilmesi aktif edildi. Kale Savaşı, Clan War ve Bifrost etkinlikleri yeniden planlandı: Kale Savaşı Pazar günü 21: 00'dan aynı gün 17: 00'a, Clan War Pazar günü 23: 30'dan 16: 00'a Bifrost Cumartesi / Pazar 22: 30'dan aynı günlerde 19: 00'a alındı. Kale Ele Geçirme Etkinliği sabit olarak her Cuma ve Pazartesi günleri 22:10 olarak planlandı. Wings of War isimli yeni kanat eklendi. Oyun içerisinde görülen özelliklerinden ayrı olarak her kill başına +5 NP bonus özelliği var. Certificate of War savaş alanındaki Warder'lardan ve Keeperlardan elde edilebilir. Certificate of Invansion savaşı kaybeden ırkın NPC'lerinden elde edilebilir. Valkrie zırhları eklendi. (Zırhların fotoğrafları daha sonra paylaşılacak.) Dragon Bone materyali Felankor ve Juraid içerisindeki Bone Dragon'dan elde edilebilir. Leather Strips materyali CZ Ego moblarından elde edilebilir. Leather materyali BF mobları ile Bone Dragon hariç diğer Juraid Moblarından elde edilebilir. Ore ve Ingot materyalleri Shell, Black/Red Chitin kırdırılmasıyla elde edilebilir. (Kırdırılacak itemler +6, +7, ve +8 olmalıdır.) Ares's Neck, Thanos's Neck ve Observer's Neck isimli 3 adet yeni kolye eklendi. Bu yeni kolyeler +1'e yükseltilebilir. Aşağıda bahsedilen eşyaları elde etmede kullanılacak olan materyaller için parçalama/yeniden birleştirme sistemi eklendi. Red/Black Chitin (+6, +7, +8) veya Shell (+6, +7, +8) zırhlar parçalandığında rastgele bir miktarda Ore ve Ingot elde edilir. 5 adet Ore tekrar birleştiridiğinde 1 adet Ingot elde edilebilir.
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    I dont want to see you like that.If you float orcs will be complain "human mages are floating in the air"
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    Hi, I discovered a bug with red crimson armors today. Ever since i stopped wearing the red crimson robe, my knees are missing. Can't run without knees https://imgur.com/a/f1HlDWl thanks.
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    Thank you. Check current amount of Butterfly Wing's in game and considering its releasing date, it's very rare to find a Rainbow Goblin, even we find it, there's mostly no Wing drop inside
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    Dragon Bone is very hard to farm.It should be more easy.How can solo players do it easily.And also we are getting +1 walkyrie it is hard to upgrade.Then change upgrade rate also
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    Rather see my boots disappear too, would love to float
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    Gigadan önce kol alman lazım kardeş.
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    I cannot the the image. Please upload it here: https://imgbb.com/
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    I think now i can say bye bye profilessional ko 😢💔 Really was the best server i played on See u my friends in new server Really idk if i will back but maybe i back again if server wake up Bye bye ❤❤
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    You don't have to be sorry bro, your opinion doesn't matter at all. 👍
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    Thanks for the notification. Definitely happy to have Recone back and in Fortitude. And don't forget, Fortitude is recruiting.
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    My suggestion is adding Trinas for 5 Vote Points each. It will bring more new comers into the server and players have something to vote for other then Hera scrolls.
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    When you see BiG_HUNTER character automatically teleporting to town(just for opposite nation)
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    You can see current rewards at Redeem Vote Points once u logged in on panel
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    Panel -> Login with your infos -> Vote for us section and then Go back to panel and click on Redeem Vote Points. You can get 5 vote points daily
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    thanks nikos32, you are the best.
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    That's my boy , stay out of this kanka!!!
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    Good Bye my first clan leader at profko
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    edit butonu var dostum düzeltmek istesem tıklardım. Sana mı tıkladım noldu?
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    item yapmak istiyorsanız clan kurun arkadaşlar daha iyi bir farm şekli yok. çiftlik bak tosuncukları sizi!!
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    Ekrem başkan'a başarılar...
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    Game master probably playing on other servers too, hence the lack of response / zero activity
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    your clan application has been declined
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    since nobody seem to have money to buy stuff from merchants anymore, maybe just make vote points for platbar or goldbar
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    is this Mr Recone? if so, NOES !!!!!!!!!!!! you can't go, we can't loose another priest... but GL in RL my friend
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    I will definitely miss you bro good luck 🧡
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