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  2. first of all nice video mix with the 300 Movies, but i gotta say you guy's won CSW not because your PRO but because you all using Bug abuse to get the Monument and sitting outside like an AFK CHAR not to fight us till the last 2minutes. which is fair enough on how your tactics to play the game, we all don't care who win or who lose but problems is problems GM_Nikos need to Solve , he just won't fix the Buggs and HP monument which is totally wasting real game fun and people frustrations on playing it clean. not by mentioning your 60/60 priest skill Bar is retarded and party cure standing still like a statue of liberty" doing nothing but pressing 1 skill. and surely you guy's are using the wrong clan name, disrespecting the maturity of the actual movie" should change it to (Persian) when you guys only fight with nothing but (NUMBERS) so good luck to all of you on dreaming what so call SKILLS have fun
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  4. All I will say is that last csw I made 40k nps do the maths 300 clan won 3 times and made pk video Imagine how many videos we have keeping it for months PS: You should also record when you guys relog on orc assasins to try and get the bosses
  5. Aferin boyle ol, sende o IP yi atip karsima dikilecek malzeme yok. Bunu ben biliyordum ama foruma da tekrar hakli oldugumu kanitladin, simdi seni malum isten sonra saga sola firlatilan lastik gibi kenara atip yoluma bakiyorum DEVAMKE.
  6. @Oxijean Dikkat çekmek için yaptıgın her hareketi seviyorum ya . Tam sen benim aradığım ekurimsin ilgi manyağı en sevdigim
  7. lol It's just prove me again that you guys are bad winners . You guys are calling people noob and some other words that i wont use here when you win . You're not even able to say good fight or it was a nice CSW . Who cares who wins . I've never seen Smileagain clan saying s"hit" to people when we had like the castle for like 3 months in a row . The last csws in clan chat we were all happy that we had great times and they were some good fight even if we lost or win . But you guys act like you win the world cup or anything trophys . and btw im a noob player and you guys are the one that keep killing me when i try to farm so saying people killing the little ones apply to your clan too . ** thats my opinion from a guy that plays for the last 6-7 months . but i still love u all .
  8. There are two types of people, those who think they are better at crushing the little ones and others like the 300, who love the shaking that occurs in the forum when the old ones fall at the hands of beginners.
  9. Last week
  10. Maybe it's because they come now with the beginner gear so you cant trade them
  11. Recently i found 2 old foverin in a char and i want to put them on merchnat but i can not. Also i can not trade them too And that happening only with my foverin. @nikos32 can you check it? thanks alot
  12. If you are currently experiencing crashing issues you can try the following steps. 1) Right click the Windows Start menu/logo. 2) Click Settings. 3) Click Update and Security. 4) Click Windows Security. 5) Click Open Windows Security. 6) Click Virus & threat protection. 7) Click "Manage settings" under "Virus & threat protection settings". 8)Scroll down until you locate "Exclusions". 9) Click "Add or remove exclusions". 10) Click "Add an exclusion" click "Folder" Locate your KO folder and add it to exclusion list. If this doesn't work. When you click "Manage settings" under "Virus & threat protection settings" you can disable "Real-time protection".
  13. Opuyorum o sesin solun cikmayan girtlagindan. Yarin gece gelde birkac daha girtlak yap, ozlettin.
  14. I didnot see Palstine flag at the country flags ... IF u guys can add it in country flags will be grats @nikos32@GM_Thanos
  15. Hello, We had changed our town coordinates since there were 500+ people in moradon map for the first 2 months from relaunch. Of course it is possible to bring it back to stairs; however, I am not sure about technically if it conflicts to another issue.
  16. Heya, Nothing too much here, Just since the amount of players ain't the same as it was before, Is it possible to change "Town" command location back near Magic Anvil? Thanks in advance
  17. What to do then if happens again? Its been happening me on random moments and tends to get solved by it selfs or reinstalling
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