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  2. while people vs or fight more then 1 solo, most players in server use this TS only so they could hide with what they wearing, so if anyone ever record a vs video or record themselves = GG ­čśé
  3. hahahaha that's true man, theTM also uses Transformation Scrolls and VS me with DD + talia 50 DD Nicks? here we go = halilHARAS, TheBiladerrr. ­čśü­čśü
  4. Well it's time to squeeze more lemon juice into the wound :v To be very honest with yall IT'S WAY IMPOSSIBLE TO BEAT A GOOD GEARED + SKILLED PLAYER even if you're a PRO ASSASSIN. This makes me suspicious since he didn't use Flame rings or any elemental rings, he used only dual ROL. And chavetero you always with mage TP and that sucks dude.
  5. Yesterday
  6. i did +7 personal weapon in the 1st week play after that i burned x2 to +7 right now y stay with 1 personal +7 and secondary +6 no more trys for now what is hard for me to belive is this rogue with a bow personal +8 hard strike luck ever.... easy for that guy win the lottery for real
  7. Hello, players are barley register to FT, ft coupon worth almost nothing mybe change the reward .. ? thanks in advance.
  8. 1st of all you only can do vs with me using sc transformation for hidding your fucking TALIA DD50, im smart so stop spam thing that isnt true. 2nd BIGHUNTER here we are speaking about cheaters , no about who is better...because you are noob for me so stop talk things that you dont know. 3er I am making a video from RealMacro for finish this topic.
  9. yes, it has also identified the game folder as trusted by the virus program.
  10. they use DD in vs , this is the only server I see Rouge put DD on in a vs
  11. that's a different matter, NPC can be reasonable , sometimes putting the wrong item in NPC or get a glitch, also can happen. for that reason GM can help most of the time, depending if the item is wroth something. selling Merch with over 2999999999 is different, everyone knows it this has always been the same in all server, if you selling more then 21GB of course is a lost, that's a personal Mistake which course by own real action while you have all the time to remake the mistake. NPC cannot.
  12. i can fuck u easy bro . and u gonna cry to nikos check me check my pc HerryHere use cheat bla bla bla. idiot sin with mage
  13. There is always three mage in your party.To tp town, to tp close to 12 and last one tp to close to 6. Please dont take offence to the other players.Everybody knows you bro. ­čśé
  14. Yes he will use macro when nikos is online ( idiot), HerryHere noob assasin (talia player) go make priest like marv gl
  15. RealNiggaRollCall use my set +7 and my accesories bro . u can see at the photo . and pls stop cry bro . go log and go pk . ENJOY #POPCORN
  16. He beats harunga and huckleberryfinn(death),and they have much better items,just like me or close.
  17. I am not Surprised that he lost, he should lose to your items. it not compatible if both of you got skills, is not a chance he can beat your items.
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