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  2. Remove Ip banned of DeathCantBeKilled let him play and if you think his a problem in the server, you can always Ip banned him no problem with that, the poor guy was on holiday when he got Ip banned because Terminator was logging his account for bosses and stuff like that as he said so if you could help him do so thanks buddy.
  3. @Raato I tell you why gamblers don't want that kind of thing to happen in sever because they full geared charaters plus even there 2nd character is full geared that's why don't want others to get cs drop and etc gl fll geared but still slow xd
  4. I think mages need to buff bit. They need to more power. especially paper mages. I support them. Note: int priest.
  5. Ben magelerin damagelerinden hiç bir zaman memnun olmadım,resmen saçmalık olduğunu hep söyledim.Ben bu clana mage açtırırsam melee halimizle karşımızda duramayanlar czye çıkamazlar,benlik bir sorun yok.
  6. Bir ay önce ben bunu söylediğimde herkes magelerden memnundu.. Nedense karuslarda mageler artınca farkedildi.. Bence mage açın çok keyifli.
  7. No need for that, it just needs to be more rewarding thats all. It aint fun grinding these mobs with only getting coins most of the time. People arent even trying anymore...
  8. 2) reason people doesn't kill is because is stupid to kill something that doesn't even drop like normal Rate, when is way to OP to even try kill it. it puts everyone off, I already mentioned before they should've made it response in every 5mins, and not just on 1 spot but it Pops up randomly in Bowl, then they wouldn't have to change to Stat from it.
  9. 1) Perhaps Bravery Awards, I think there should be more ways of acquiring these. 2) I understand that, I can tell you only from my perspective that its a bit annoying killing a monster that isn't that easy to kill without getting a drop most of the time. I know it spawns faster etc... it's still frustrating... I see less and less people touch these mobs since their buff. Thats just my opinion... maybe im wrong.
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  11. I have 35 gbs sitting in my stash knowing I hate playing assassin rogue but can play Archer. I have actually : 1x Legio band 1x Warrior pendant Character lvl 72 with master : Priest (int) Mage Warrior Rogue (Archer) Need thoughts on how you will build one of these characters for a low budget considering server is overpriced.
  12. i would suggest something like a mini colection race inside the ft, (example kill 1 deru 1 fallen angel 1 dm) or something like that, with an average but worthwhile reward that might keep the guys from afking with 3 or 4 acounts and actually put some effort to win the cr inside the ft,
  13. Hi. im new... i got an error " This is an outdated version please install new client" when i try to log to server is there any file that I miss?
  14. 1k vurduğum mageyi donmaktan,kitlenmekten kesemiyorum!Amacınız ne hepimiz mage mi olalım?33'ten 72'ye her ice ve light skill donduruyor,kitliyor.Hepimiz mage olalım karşıda adam mı kalmasın istiyorsunuz? @majesty @nikos32
  15. Adding CS drop to Lesath would be a good idea. But also it should be very very rare drop. It s a boss practically anyone running in CZ can solo easy.
  16. Dragon Tooth has always dropped Skeleton Belt, in a extreme low Rate, also Bronze Belt if i remember
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