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  2. I admit fully that I used KOXP, i will not make up some silly story that it was my little brother who used my account. All I hope for is that you can forgive me and unban my computer/ip and i promise to never use them again. Thank you for your time.
  3. @nikos32 When u find time, let me know if shouting somewhere can cause more problems than benefits .
  4. offer @Queen, yap @Death kinda pissed me off...
  5. Today
  6. Poor Tuke, his chitin set +8 all for nothing
  7. I believe the other big thing you guys should work on to make CZ a lot more croweded is going for NP Reward System with very good rewards. This will motivate new and old players to become even more active in CZ, because as for now, NPs have no actuall meaning. I'm talking about rewards like Iron neck, belt, CS, glass belt etc. @nikos32
  8. Buying --> - Chaotic Staff+7 , LE+7 - 2x Imir Rings+0 / +1 - Chitin Shield Selling ---> - Hell Breaker+7 - 12Str / 1Hp earrings (2x) - Pe+1 / 2x +0 - Warrior Chitin Set+8 ( not from retarded npc) Catch me better from here atm. also sometimes ingame "Tuke"
  9. Bump. Im still looking for shard +8
  10. Awesome job @nikos32 . Now nikos let me know if we are strong enought against ddos to start advertising everywhere. Players : videos are a must ¡¡ share it on youtube, let the rest know the big change happened, this is the first pk server of a myko version im sure a lot of ppl would like to take a look. I will be on game tomorrow to rape your azzes again mmmmmdfks.
  11. Yesterday
  12. Still wont bring people back, but its a start. good job.
  13. Good update. Hopefully its enough
  14. edit. cmon guys, somebody has to have these things im searching for ^^
  15. r.i.p tuke´s ( Only one o.l.d s.c.h.o.o.l sexy chitin set +8 wtf..
  16. Awesome work guys !!! keep up the good job!
  17. Dont see how this helps this topic. But yes, we had other things to do, we are here for the long run bro.
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