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  2. Hello, Since the population of the server is going down, I was thinking of a way to make new-comers find it easier to farm. My suggestion is to add Gold Bars on Titans and Dark Mares. With this on their drops, will make it easier to get money and give the people who don't have the way of getting GBs get some. Thanks in advance, ExclusiveMurderer
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  4. bug ,hile ve speed hack kullanarak basıyor. banlanması lazım @nikos32
  5. @nikos32 Can you get brimstone ore from +7 shells ? Seems to be only silver ore.
  6. Only if we remove the flame effect, otherwise you tend to avoid attacking those monsters
  7. Last week
  8. Hello Community, I am a new player and my Commputer is blocked do I have to activate something or something?
  9. Game master probably playing on other servers too, hence the lack of response / zero activity
  10. Hello i also living same problem, i can't select and make character at first login
  11. How about 40th wave - Manticore 41th wave - Dark Mares 42st wave - Dread Mare 43nd wave - Beast 44rd wave - Falcon 45th wave - Fallen Angel
  12. well, the bracket that I will be mentioning below should be separated. it will be helpful for current users. 40th wave - Dark Mares 41st wave - Dread Mare 42nd wave - Beast 43rd wave - Falcon 44th wave - Fallen Angel 45th wave - Manticore
  13. Hello, Forgotten Temple difficulty is way to hard for the population that plays on the server. I strongly suggest to adjust the difficulty of the event to the amount of people who are participating in it. I've been to more than 4 FTs since the lastest Patch and we've been screwed up at the end of the FT. Thanks in advacnce, ExclusiveMurderer.
  14. maybe put a reward upon joining an event, since nobody bothers right now or maybe add those ebony/brimstones/silver to frags/gems.
  15. Poison Ring +0's req materials are good tho. BDW (element) instead of Poison and FR/SHIO/IMIR instead of Foverin would do. Implementing different elemental versions is way enough imo.
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