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  2. If you're talking about real money trading, that's correct. Selling of Knight Cash, Accounts, and all out-of-game transfers Warning, 1 day mute Permanent Ban (in all accounts belonging to the seller)
  3. if you are asking about ingame rules, you can find it here : https://professionalko.com/?page=rules_of_conduct
  4. Last week
  5. Forum rules can be found here Game rules can be found here https://professionalko.com/?page=rules_of_conduct Keep in mind that we'll be updating it soon to make it clear about some more cases, for example: 1. clan drops 2. macro farm/xp 3. offensive language about family/religion/racism
  6. Mr Email and myself are thinking of Sharing (sharing is caring) as we don't have as much time this time around but Good Job Mr Nikos32 by far the best server I have played on in many years, felt like old USKO Diez days.
  7. Where are the rules ?I heard bad things about the rules.Is there someone to show me the rules?
  8. Please delete codes of red-black chitins and elemental rings 😏
  9. Nation transfers done after the release of the statues will not be taken into consideration.
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